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this sunday is packed with fun.

sunday funday. seahawks sunday. wear comfy navy and lime green clothes. anything with sugar is good for you if it contains blue and green.  yes, I think that’s how it goes.

we have four hours of traveling to do during the day.  the first of our four family Christmas events.  but back home in time for the seahawks game with friends.  sounds exhausting?  nope.  we do it every year… for 20 years.  that’s how it is.

so, i am baking some treats.  for family and friends.  and what better treat than my favorite cheerio-M&M-peanut butter bars.  easy.  everyone loves them.  and seahawks colors!


3 Tblsp. butter

6 c. mini marshmallows

1/2 c. creamy peanut butter (I use Jif)

5 c. cheerios

1/2-1 c. M&M’s (the more the better according to my kids)

in microwave, heat butter and marshmallows until puffy and butter is melted.  about 3 minutes.  remove and stir in peanut butter.  then mix in cheerios and M&M’s.  press into lightly greased pan.  when cooled, cut into large pieces.  place in cute plastic bags and tie with navy and lime green ribbon (available at any craft store).  the original recipe calls for dropping them onto waxed paper.  you can do that too.  the bars are just easier.  and in my house… easier is better.

yes, this recipe is in my cookbook.  i will have more for sale in january if you are interested.  until then, you can find some of the recipes right here.

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happy Thursday.


8 Christmas ideas within my $50 limit…

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hint hint greg and kids!

years ago my husband and i made a deal that when Christmas came we would only spend $50 on each other.  but the deal is… you have to buy at least two things and one of them should be somewhat sentimental (meaning not all joke items).

Christmas gets too commercial.  now, don’t get me wrong… i’d LOVE to have expensive gifts under the tree waiting for me.  But i’d rather spend our money on the occasional vacation and our kids’ sports (oh boy, that’s a whole different topic all together).  in the end, it make us have to be aware of the money we spend this time of year.  and it is kind of a fun tradition.  we’ve had many friends tell us they wish they could do this.  try it.  it’s fun!  i dare you to try to buy two gifts (or more) for under $50 for your spouse.  it takes some thought and a little time.  and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

1. JAR OF LOVE NOTES.  free!  we have old mason jars in the garage.  i have lots of ribbon and paper somewhere in my studio.  this would probably be my #1 choice of a gift from my family this year.

2. ALEX AND ANI BRACELETS.  i love these.  i actually own a few.  i got the gold “good luck 4 leaf clover” from my friends for my 50th.  and greg and the kids bought me the same one in silver to match my amazing watch (okay, so we don’t have a $50 limit for birthdays… especially 50th).  i like the birthstone and initial ones.  available online ( or at nordstrom (

3. CONVERSE TENNIES.  in tiffany blue.  or turquoise.  whatever you want to name the color… i love them.  fresh.  cute.  reminds me of spring.  perfect for some rolled up jeans and a new white tee.  this is probably what i will receive since my daughter has decided that her size 9 foot fits perfect in my 9.5 shoes (if she ties them tight).  available everywhere at our local mall.  trust me.  i’ve seen them and have tried so hard not to buy them… in hopes i will get some (remember, size 9.5) for Christmas or my bday in march.

4. A GOLDFISH NAMED SHIRLEY.  I spent the night in Seattle a few weeks back with some friends.  We stayed at Hotel Monaco (  Loved it.  A kitsy, fun, funky hotel.  And our room came with a pet.  Her name was Shirley.  She was the biggest goldfish I’ve ever seen.  In a Lucite bowl.  I was so sad when I had to give her back upon checkout.  I am sure you can find one at Petco.

5.  COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS PILLOW.  i’ve been wanting this pillow ever since it came out.  my fav designers of all times, the novogratz family (  I think the words say it all!

6.  AMAZING GRACE.  i love love love this perfume, cologne, whatever it is.  fresh.  soft.  girly.  flirty.  i love it.  i ask for it every year and they get it for me.  i sooooo hope they remember again because i am almost out.  it’s only $10 at sephora at our local mall.

7.  WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE book by oprah winfrey.  who doesn’t love oprah?  she is so inspiring.  for years i subscribed to her magazine and the first thing i did when opening up the mailbox was turn to the last page and read the article, “what i know for sure”.  ironically, it almost always was “right on” for what i was going through in life.  available at amazon (

8.  INITIAL NOTE CARDS.  i have a slight obsession with kate spade products.  do you know it’s the first store (followed close behind by anthropologie and francesca’s) I run to on el oaseo when we arrive in Palm desert every year.  i was so excited to see these are only $25.  i’d want the “T” cards, of course.  available at

well, this got me thinking.  i’d better get to my shopping.  i have a $50 bill to spend on greg.

happy wednesday.


yay. i’m back…



Fisher Forced Family fun.

i thought it was only appropriate to start my new blog with a photo of our family.   my happy place.  my most prized possession.

you see, i had a blog for YEARS.  i paid every few months when they reminded me.  that’s how i roll.  yes, i am unorganized.  but i figure i have a lot of other great qualities about me, so this one tiny thing is not a big deal.  at least to me.  anyway, a few month go my father got sick.  long story.  i will introduce you to his memory later.  i sat with him.  i listened to hours upon hours of great stories.  i learned the importance of “time”.  he passed.  i grieved.  i am still sad.  but my website did not know.  and they canceled my blog.  the one that had years of photos and memories and stories.  i cried for that too.

then i realized… the memories are in my head.  i have photos on my phone and in my computer.  i can tell the stories to my kids as i remember them.  and i kind of like that!

we traveled to CA this past thanksgiving.  the 4 of us.  and celebrated my dad’s life with some of his family.  oh boy, do i have some great stories now.  and funny how their dad had different scenarios than his brother, my dad.  we laughed.  we celebrated.  we shed a tear.  then we gave thanks for family.


my husband and kids know i’ll never force them.  i don’t have to.  FFFF is just part of us now.

can’t wait for our next FFFF adventure.

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happy tuesday.