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let your light/life shine – just like glittery pink…


we met this girl the other day.  Kay Sera.  she calls herself “kitten”.

actually brooke met her while looking for a place to live.  seriously.  when they talked on the phone she asked if she’d mind a pink room.  didn’t say how much pink.  she came out to the gate in her pink hair and cute pink dress.  the only thing that wasn’t pink was her bright white smile.  she was so sweet.  she gives back to the community.  she cares.  she has lots of friends.  she’s a good person.  and has branded herself as the pink lady of hollywood.  she’s the real deal.  we only wished she lived closer to brookes college.  the drive was just too far.  and for those naysayers… It’s fun to meet new people and hear their stories.  pink rocks!  it’s a happy color that makes others happy!


pink dog.  pink walls.  pink carpet.  pink refrigerator. pink cupcakes. pink tv. pink guitar.  even pink vacuum.  yay, she vacuums!

and the sweetest, bubbly pink personality.


so, i say to you sweet daughter of mine…

dream big.  shine baby shine!

(oh, mason… don’t worry, we will find you a blue house when it’s your turn to move out.  after all, your mom is an artist and i think it’s just fine to live in color!)

happy thursday.


note: these photos came from google images.

laundry. it never ends. not even on vacation…


don’t hate.

this really isn’t a typical vacation at all.

this is the cutest laundry place i’ve ever seen.  $2.50 a load.  $1.75 to dry.  And i can sit in the front window and people watch.  this is actually very therapeutic. i’d love to find one of these back home… but what’s the point… we have a washer and dreyer… and it’s rainy back home… and of course there is no other place i can think of with a cute pink sign and a view of palm trees anywhere in washington state.

notes to self:  1. it would be okay to move here.. even if it’s just for the laundry place!  2.  buy new panties… hers  are so cute. i must treat myself more often!!


laundry tip… these fresh linen dreyer sheets are from target. they smell yummy!!  thought you might want to know that for your next trip to target.


brookie is in class.  Spending the day in santa monica on roomie interviews.  i dare you to find the right roommate for the right price in this big city!

i met a lady last night at a bar.  she was waiting for her husband to join her.  so we chatted.  i was picking up takeout.  what a sweet thing… she gave me her sons number, who apparently has 50 or more friends in that area… thanks angel lady.  then got a late night text from a friend… she’s got the feelers out.  and connections!!  thank you angel friend…  i’m making you an angel painting when i get home… the angel  will have a “pink Hollywood” heart on her (inside joke only you would understand).

i hadn’t mentioned this was a stressful process because my friends and family wouldn’t understand.  it’s harder than they know.  i’m her mom and want the best for her.  i’m supposed to protect her.  i’m supposed to be her cheerleader.

so, i’ve turned my scared, lonely, anxious attitude into…. Come on girl!! Don’t quit!! Just pretend you are on vacation!!

so i am,

on vacation.

in a pink door laundromat.

with David Bowie music blaring.

now doesn’t that sound better?

happy Wednesday!


yum yum bubble gum…


so, did you hear?

they sprayed down the iconic seattle bubble gum wall this week.

not sure why.  just know they did.  and while we were having our girls weekend away last weekend, i snuck away and took a photo in front of a section of the wall.  blurry.  why?  because we went to bed at 4am the night before.  long story.  no asking.  that’s why the makeup and hair and eyes and smile are somehow faded.  i was tired.  very tired.  but not tired enough to snap this photo.  yay me.

bubble gum was something special when i was a kid.  my dad was a dentist.  he considered sugar free trident gum to be a treat.  it wasn’t.  just sayin.  we were friends with the wrigley family…. yes, wrigley chewing gum.  and they gave us tons of it when we visited.  as much as we could hide from our parents when it was time to leave.  good memories.  steve, if you are reading this… thank you.  i loved your parents and had a lot of fun there as a kid.

in honor of bubble gum, here are a few ways i can see myself enjoying it as an adult (as i chew my trident gum, which i like now).


voodoo doughnuts in Portland.

i always add one of these to our dozen just because they are so cute.


how cute is this?  i want one for my next birthday.  in march.  hint hint, kids.


in the meantime, i might just buy one of these for our home.  love it.  of course i will fill it with pink bubble gum balls.  or turquoise.  or green.  maybe i’ll buy 3.


and today.  oh how i wish today was sunny and i could go get some vanilla ice cream (or chocolate vanilla swirl) and make these.  do the calories count if it is a craft project?  i didn’t think so.

happy tuesday.

remember, you are never too old for bubble gum.


monday. blah…



husband left for one day trip to colorado (on his day off).  had to wake up at 4:30am and pretend i’m chipper.  slept 3 total hours since i decided to watch a lifetime movie from 1-3am (i hate how they suck you in and you swear you won’t watch it).  then fell asleep the last 10 minutes and never saw if the mom got her kid back from the crazy people who were holding her hostage.  drove carpool to school (since our kid goes out of district… sounded like a good plan last summer when we switched… not as good idea this morning).  actually dressed up.  thought i’d run tons of errands and get inspired at stores for the holidays.  thought maybe i’d call a friend for coffee.  maybe go to the mall and get a new shirt for thanksgiving.  all great ideas on my day to myself.  this day was intentionally supposed to by MY day and be easy and fun.  went to trader joes hoping to find something yummy and out of the ordinary.  had half of my groceries in my cart (since i was told yesterday “there’s no good food in our house”).  got a call from the school within 2 hours of dropping him off.  picked up the sick kid.  been with sick kid ever since.  thank goodness he just gagged and didn’t actually throw up.  paid bills.  lots of bills.  i hate bills.  watched the rain outside.  that stupid rain.  i hate the rain.  yep, that’s about it.  it’s 5:15 pm and i’m still dressed up.  maybe i should go somewhere.  haha.  who am i kidding.  i think i’ll just put on my pajamas.  haha.

can’t wait for tomorrow.  tuesday.  should be a good day.

happy Monday.


5 things i need to get me through the 12th…


since i have said yes to painting for an event on nov.12, i think i will need a few things…

this tee.

love it.

gotta get it.

it says it all… NOPE!

i’m not taking any personal orders until after the 12th.

and yes, i will be able to have a few pieces finished by Christmas for those who are waiting.

just email me at with your request.

i’ll let you know if the answer is “yes” or “nope”.

remember i am just one person.

(photo from pinterest.)


these necklaces will surely help with my prayers for time management.

(photo from pinterest)


i broke my favorite watch the other day.

the one greg gave me years ago for my birthday.

i loved it.  tortoise shell.  funky.  nobody i knew had one like it.  individual.  like me.  insert tears.

so, time for a new watch.

how about a timex for my next piece.

i love bringing back the old school stuff.

and i think this one is adorable.

( website provided this photo…. love love love her site)


i will need some new note cards.

these will be to write all of my thank you’s to friends who will be driving my kid around for me.

no, I have not asked you.  yet.

you will get a text or a call.

i will sound frantic.  then you will know.


i do promise to trade you for some home baked cookies though.  mason has requested i still bake cookies during this crazy time.  ok son… for you… of course.



then i will proceed to do what this mug says.

love it.



wish me luck!

oh, and YES… i will post art for sale after the 12th on this site.

and will also answer my emails regarding special orders at that time also.

happy wednesday.


beer bread is what’s for dinner tonight…

beer bread

i’m making brooke a little hand made cookbook to take to college with her.  she has a few fav recipes and i figured i’d share some of them on my site these next few days.

only 2 more weeks until she leaves.

so much to do…

and that’s when i find myself baking.

beer bread.

one of our family favorites!

yep, i’m a carb person.  so, if i’m going to eat it… it better be delicious!!!


4 c. bisquick

1/3 c. sugar

2 Tblsp. melted butter

1 12 oz. beer (i usually use coors light because that’s what greg drinks and it’s usually somewhere in our refrigerator… last time i looked it was in the vegetable drawer…haha)

preheat oven to 375.  grease bottom of loaf pan.  in bowl, mix bisquick, sugar and butter.  add beer and mix until gloppy (i love that word).  pour into greased pan.  bake for 45 min, or until toothpick comes out clean.  then, when it’s about half way done, i drizzle with a little bit of honey and bake for remaining time.  trust me… it’s soooooo good!

our family loves it with a salmon dinner.  i promise to post that recipe soon.

happy wednesday.



prom. baseball. now time for nap (pretty please with sugar on top).


prom 2015.

couldn’t have asked for better date…. and weather!


the girls.


yes, the boys are handsome too… just didn’t take a photo of their whole group.  oops.

lots of stories and history.

most of them she’s known her whole life.

and i love all of their parents.  two of the dads were actually in my own graduating class.  funny.

brooke’s prom and her date’s prom were on the same night so they went to his prom.  he chose everything.  the total gentleman.  “let me take care of it all…. dinner, friends, rides, picking her up, etc…. you just get the perfect dress.”  wow.

the dress.

oh the dress… didn’t we just spend an arm and a leg on another “the dress” for a different prom only a few weeks ago?  so, she found this one.  and bought it.  the only one she tried on.  the one she loved.  and i admit, she took our breath away.  what happened to our little baby?


this group was so much fun.

good kids.

she had the best evening ever.


she stayed out til 5:00am.  yep.  we were okay with that.

she wanted to stay out “all night”.

um, isn’t 5:00am ALL NIGHT???

no later than 5:00!


because she had to be in seattle at 9:00am the next morning for a model assignment.  don’t worry.  she got to nap when she got home.  one of life’s lessons… how to manage fun and work.  she will need to know how to do these things next year in college.

oh, and i forgot to mention her date is on some all district/state/something like that lacrosse team (aka… awesome lacrosse player) and he had a game the next day.  hahahaha.  i truly felt for the two.

but the fun of the night was worth it they said.


as brooke was getting ready for prom, mason came home from his second game of the day.

he was so happy.  had to tell us all about the game… or at least the last inning.

he was so excited that he forgot he hates posing for photos!

they were down by two points going in to final inning.

two outs.

mason up to bat.

he hit a single…

and scored two runs!!!


and they went on to actually win the game and place second in the tournament the next day.  they would have placed first but one bad inning did them in.  as greg says… “that’s baseball!”.

baseball blaze 2ndplace

he loves his team.

he’s the new kid.

the team has been playing for a few years.  they brought on 3 new players this year.  mason being one of them.

and he proved himself this weekend.  that’s for sure.

so, you wonder why i’m tired and need a nap…

but no.

no nap.

i’m painting.

because i’m behind on email.  way behind.  and missed some jobs that i shouldn’t have.  and i’m sorry.  but i love being a mom.  and if you are a mom you will understand.  sometimes our kids just get in the way of life…

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

oh, gotta run…

off to seattle to get brooke from her job (so she has a carpool rider in rush hour… my gift to her).

i hope i can have a nap later this week.  i think i deserve it.

happy monday.