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ok girls. here’s my “gifts for your grown up guys” 2015 list…

first let me start by saying…

yes, my husband would love a new Porsche, a rolex watch and a trip to every baseball field in the US.

but that’s just not going to happen this year.

what will happen?

something fun.  something that makes him think “i still got it”.  something that makes me remind him he’s a guys-guy and can hang with the best of them.  something for him (and not about me).

december6 bs button

let’s get this party started.  who doesn’t need a BS button.  when he’s sitting in his big chair, watching sports, sipping a beer and the kids are yelling and the solicitors are calling and the employees that work under him are texting… oh, and there’s me in the background too.  i’ll admit.  he could use this!  $8


the beverage dispenser.  i can totally see one of our guys walking around with this on.  filling up their friends… oh, and us ladies.  better put something girlie on one of the sides.  $43


i can’t believe we don’t own this game yet.  we’ve played it with our cousins at the beach.  very inappropriate for kids.  but i’m sure mine have probably seen it… even played it.  gotta pick our battles.  so, we would need the first edition. $10

ps. also available at Walmart.  who doesn’t love going to walmart this time of year.  so entertaining.  and fun.  to all those walmart haters… i say, “try it.  you’ll like it!”


oh yeah.  i might also want one of these.  a bottle opener AND a phone charger all in one.  $16.99


fitbit.  everyone has them.  not my husband.  and mine is missing.  hmmmm… maybe it should never have been taken off of my wrist.  isn’t that the point?  keep in on and keep walking!  i think it would be fun to have matching fitbits.  i know i said this wouldn’t be about me.  but this is romantic.  right?  hey, we’ve been married almost 23 years.  romance comes in many forms.  $79-$148.11  or at for a little bit more (but don’t have to ship… just have to drive 4 miles… and i can get laundry detergent and dishwashing soap there too).

december6get ripped

the isometric exercise trainer.  under the category of “get ripped”.  muscles.  yay.  i might get one of these for both of my men in my life (aka father and son).  $70 (although it said it’s on sale for a few days more for $49.99 on their site)


omG.  have you tried these?  steak burgers from kansas city steaks.  when mason was a baby and i was trying to nurse (oh, is that too much information???  let me tell you, he became a bottle fed baby in no time), i was sitting in front of the tv crying (because that’s what women do when they have a new born in their lap who is crying, a 3 year old running around, and they are sitting on the sofa and nothing fits and they have no gift for their husband for his birthday)… and i turned the station to qvc.  yes, the shopping channel.  no comments please.  admit it… you all stop on that channel from time to time.  anyway, i saw these steak burgers on sale. and i ordered them.  i truthfully at that moment in time did not care if they were good or not..

as if you couldn’t tell by the photo above, they were awesome!  i’m salivating just thinking of them.  note to self:  order more.  quick!  by the way, we ate the whole case in less than a month.  by that time i could fit into my stretchiest pants and get to the store for groceries.  haha.  $34.95-$109.95  or go to


monogrammed cocktail glasses.  double old fashioned ones.  these would look so awesome on our bar.  and very mad men looking.  cool guys serve spirits in cool glasses.  at least they do on tv.

oh, and if I get him 4, lined up they will say FFFF (for our family motto of fisher forced family fun).  $43 (on sale now for $29.99).  two in a set.


greg and I don’t ski.  after back surgery I hung up the skis.  but when we did, we had so much fun.  for the skier guy in your family, these would be fun.  especially if you made them yourself with old skis from the past.  oh, or maybe even water skis.  you could get a lot of wine bottles on a water ski… or a snow board ski.  now we’re talking.  $58


yes, a practical gift.  of course i would make it a little bit more personal with a fun disc that had his initials hanging from it.  your keys and screw driver all in one place.  great college grad gift too.  you could use the screw drivers as weapons in case you are mugged.  i wasn’t actually going there originally, but it is a good idea.  admit it.  $11.99


nba slam dunk mini hoop.  my husband has an office at his work.  although he’s usually out on the floor selling Harley Davidsons this time of year and not sitting in his chair shooting baskets.  but if he did have the time, this would be fabulous.  come to think of it, wouldn’t this be fun to put in your guest bathroom?  oh, maybe you have a fancy home.  but ours is perfect for this type of thing.  ok, maybe that’s weird.  $26.97-$62.44 (those are random prices.  just sayin)


season tickets to the Tacoma Rainiers 2016 baseball games.

or even one game.

it’s our local team.  the seattle mariners move players up from this club.  it’s really cool to watch the new talent.  and it’s like old school baseball we used to go to.  hot dogs and a pop (or beer).  a new cap (things are actually affordable at the team shop).  outdoor fun.  and it’s only 7 minutes away from our home.

gotta support local. for more info.

december6shower squid

and these.  shower squids.  love them.  need to buy as gifts for other people too this year.  i’m so darn tires of all of the crap (sorry for the bad word) in our shower.  there’s stuff everywhere.  little bottles that are free gifts.  big bottles that are actually empty (doesn’t anyone other than me notice that?).  razors that fall on the ground when the water is turned on.

omG.  i need to just get this.  not for a Christmas gift.  a gift for me (the cleaning lady).


of course i had to add one sappy gift.  i want my kids to write in this while their writing still looks like them.  not adult like yet.  i wish i didn’t have to admit that, but they never really write.  they text.  they do everything with voice or touch.  and i know greg would love it.  $12


that’s it for now.

so many cool, fun things that i wanted to show you.  but you have google.  just type in 2015 best men’s Christmas gifts.

this week i will be posting teen gifts.  how fun is that?

until then, go enjoy your sunday.

yay, the seahawks won!!!!!


my 2015 Christmas list. each item under $50…

you probably already know this about our family, but greg and i have had a deal for 18 years.  it started when brooke was born.  suddenly it was more fun to buy gifts for the baby.  the rule is this… each Christmas we have to buy each other at least two gifts.  we can’t go over $50 total.  and they can’t just be goofy gifts.  we have to put a little thought into it.  it’s just what “we” do.  the kids are a whole different story.  but still, we are not a family of massive gift buying.

  i always felt sorry for our kids but then again we have a fun quirky side of our family that i think the kids like more.  for instance, one year we needed a new toilet seat.  greg and i went to target.  wrapped a few rolls of tp around it until it was big and puffy.  then wrapped it in Christmas wrap and a big bow.  the kids could barely handle it.  for two weeks it sat under the tree with their names on it.  they could not figure out what it was.  imagine their surprise when they unwrapped this special gift.  hahahaha.  still laugh about that.

last year i posted some things i like.  and i think brookie peeked.  and told the boys.  because i got a few of those items.

and they said it made gift buying for me a lot easier.

well, in case anyone is “peeking” at my blog, here you go…


i mean really.  doesn’t this just say it all? (also saw at our local ace hardware store in gig harbor)  $12

december5card book

are you like me and have a ton of gift cards, rebate certificates, business cards, etc. in the bottom of your purse and in the ash tray of your car?  well, why didn’t i think of this idea myself?  love it. especially in pink.  $14.66 (it’s on sale… yay)


i love love love this tee.  and it’s from one of my favorite websites.  since i was born in CA., i think i need this.  in size xl.  big and baggy.  $27.95


have you seen my white converse lately?  they are a mess.  dirty (yes, washed 100 times).  worn out.  love them, but need a new pair.  last year greg and the kids got me turquoise ones.  love them.  but this year i’d like a new pair of white.  size 9.5 please.  low top.  they would go great with my CA tee.  hint hint.  $49.95

december5 timex watchdecember5alex and ani

i’ve been talking about getting a timex watch.  love the nostalgia.  and my gold and brown watch broke.  insert very sad face.  it was a tortoise Michael kors watch greg bought me for my 45th bday.  i saw this one as i was ordering my kids a Christmas gift on amazon.  it would look so cute with my gold ALEX and ANI bracelets i wear.  by the way, those bracelets are at nordstrom and under $50.  or this new pineapple one was on pinterest, but i don’t know where to get it.  maybe their website?  ok, i’ll post the photo next to the watch just in case.  $45.55 (watch)  and  $? (bracelet)


well, since we are talking about one of my favorite things… the pineapple.  i love this candle.  as a matter of fact i love anything lauren Conrad suggests.  do you know she like timex watches too?  and she’s from laguna beach?  we could so be friends.

i’d like the pineapple, tuberose or laguna beach scent if i had to choose.  just sayin.  $24

december5cake plate

oh how i love cake plates.  one day i want a big white kitchen with gray marble and lots of cake plates holding cupcakes and fruit.  notice my priority?  cupcakes first.  haha.  we have a home goods store by our house.  let’s just say it is very dangerous for me to enter.  and they have tons of cute cake plate.  ahhhhhh.  $oops, can’t find the price.

december5piggy bank

and a piggy bank.  as cute as this.  so i can save all of the money i find laying around the house, and in the washing machine.  i swear i would save more if i had something cute to put it in.  hey, i might even buy one for each of my kids.  it’s that cute.  $14.66 (not sure i believe this price…. way too cute… should be over $50)


that’s my list.

get shopping family.

oh, that’s right, you can only spend $50.  darn.

happy saturday.


i’m dreaming of a fisher Christmas…


‘dreaming’ is the key word here.

a fisher Christmas consists of whatever i happen to do to make it festive at the time.

each year it is different.

one year we had a hula hoop tree with lights hanging from the ceiling (thought it was a good idea at the time… should have just bought a tree).

most years we have fresh cut trees. we buy from our friends tree lot.  i like to support local families.  and to be honest with you, i feel sorry for the trees that are already cut down.  they need a home.  i don’t like to think of the ones that don’t get chosen by a family.  makes me sad.  every tree deserves a happy home.

last year someone gave us a fake tree they didn’t want anymore.  apparently they wanted a bigger one.  well, we live in a ranch style home.  not much room for a huge tree.  so we said yes, thank you.  yep, that’s the one we are using this year.

but i thought i’d do a little dreaming… just for fun… of what i’d like to see in my home one day.

just one Christmas morning i’d like to wake up with a decorated kitchen… instead of dishes in the sink from the casserole i insisted on making at midnight on Christmas eve after wrapping all of the presents.

thanks for the idea


i’ve always wanted a deer head, or big blue marlin, on my mantel.

i think it’s cool.

no animal would be hurt in making it though.

thanks for the idea


just once i’d like to make cookies that looked like these.  and tasted delicious.

thanks for the idea


but I know i could make these.  it appears all i have to do is go to the store and buy oreos, candy canes and white chocolate.

I could so handle that project.

thanks for the recipe


and why can’t my gifts look like this?

although i do have to admit, i buy really cute wrapping paper.  but then neglect the ribbon because a) it’s so expensive and b) it’s usually past midnight on Christmas eve when i am wrapping.  so what’s the point?  unless you are photographing your home for a magazine.  and that probably won’t be happening here this year.  haha

thanks for the pretty gift ideas  and


i know this is random.  and i’m not really sure what i would do with it.  but i think this garland of pom pom’s are so much fun.  they remind me of when i was a kid.  we actually put tinsel on our tree.  along with strung popcorn.  that we did ourselves.  and pricked our fingers on the needles.  and actually popped our own popcorn.  the microwave was not invented yet.  i loved our family trees.  we all had our own ornaments as kids.  we loved opening that box every year.  well, at least i did.

thanks for the fun idea


i want. i want. i want.

a big fireplace like my grandpa and grandma had.

and someone to come over and hang something fabulous like this.

thanks for the dream



oh ya.

peppermint cheesecake cake.

need i say more?

thanks for the photo and recipe

now, can someone make this for me and bring it over.  with a bottle of champagne.


any way you look at Christmas, it’s truly a time of giving thanks to God.  and remembering those you love.  and loving those you are with.  and finding meaning in the simple things.

happy thursday.


the 2015 thanksgiving torch has been passed to us…

are you ready, dolly???

i just found out last night that my aunt and mom have passed the torch to the next generation.

how come i suddenly fell like i am 15 and can’t live up to their expectations.  they are the ultimate hostesses with the mostess.  they have flair.  and don’t sweat.  and don’t get grumpy.  and for some reason can get an entire dinner onto the buffet at the same time and nothing is cold.  how do they do that?

hmmm.  not sure it’s fair.

there are only 2 of us girls.  and our 3 daughters.

the rest are all boys (men).

and let’s be honest, the men are not quite ready yet to make a feast of anything other that dip and chips, salsa and chips, yep… anything with chips.  and maybe a little spray cheese on crackers (by the way, my kids introduced me to that stuff recently… yum.  seriously.)

hey, maybe they could do the dishes.  YES!

it’s up to us, dolly and girls.

we can do it.

and here are a few ideas…


if it were up to me, i’d decorate the table in all white and shades of tan.  gorgeous.  thank goodness it’s not at my house this year.  i’d have a hard enough time finding 15 plates that weren’t chipped or had some foreign spot on them.  and forget about silverware.  it wouldn’t match at all.  thank goodness my aunt is hosting.  in her wonderful home in so cali.  she has everything.

thanks for the idea


i would love to put something like this on the table.  i’m curious what each generation would say.

thanks for the idea


how awesome is this table.  i mean really, would we even need nice plates and utensils?  they are already drawn in.  i think you could use fancy disposable chinette and those silver throw away cutlery… and plastic cups.  you know the kind… with the fake crystal details.  oh, so my kind of table.  why?  do you need to ask?  no dishes to wash!!  but then what would our kids do?

thanks for the idea


and there is pink.  i just love pink.  it makes me happy.  not sure we could pull this off for thanksgiving… but hey, Christmas is right around the corner.  hot pink and lime green.   yep.  that’s it.  ok, who am i kidding.  we will be eating in front of the tv, watching football and holiday shows, on our chipped plates i talked about earlier.

thanks for the idea for my own personal Christmas table

november23feast mode teenovember23fatpants

can you imagine if dolly and i wore these tee’s as we were cooking?  with waist aprons on?  i wonder if i could get them overnighted to us.  really tracy?  don’t you have 8 santa paintings to finish tonight?  how about next year?

love all of your tees

november23 tobin james winenovember23 tobin james winenovember23 tobin james winenovember23 tobin james winenovember23 tobin james wine

there will be wine.  i do know that for sure.  there always is.  the best part?  the two grandpas have wine cellars.  and their taste in wine is so much better than mine.  my palate is that of a 1987 Washington Statue University college grad.  $10 bottles of wine are fine with me.  to be honest with you i usually choose my wine for the label.  the label tells the story.  but if you have a chance, join us in giving thanks with a bottle of Tobin James.  it’s always poured at our table on this special day.  for some reason it became tradition.  we even named our appetizer in the form of a turkey “tobin the turkey”… then ate him.

must needed site for favorites if you drink wine

november23 table topics

i love this game.  hoping to find it on our drive  up the coast wednesday.  best questions ever.  and it beats hours of football!

thanks to my fav site for quick ordering and shipping


just a few more days.

this year i am so very grateful.

as we will be missing a few very important family members who are smiling down from heaven, and a few who could not join us, and to the new baby born into our other side of the family, we raise a toast to family and love.

happy monday.


what is beanboozled…


it’s a game.

and i just ordered it from for mason for Christmas.


spin the wheel.

land on a color.

pick one of that color and you will either get a fabulous flavor… or one that will make you want to puke.  okay, maybe i’m being a little dramatic, but when i saw a video of two girls playing the game with their dad i nearly fell over laughing while being disgusted at the same time.  i knew then i had to get this for mason.  and i’m sure he will try to convince greg to play along with  him.  and i’m fairly certain brooke and i will say no thank you.  but we will watch for sure!

now you get our family humor.

ya, we got some.

happy wednesday.


yum yum bubble gum…


so, did you hear?

they sprayed down the iconic seattle bubble gum wall this week.

not sure why.  just know they did.  and while we were having our girls weekend away last weekend, i snuck away and took a photo in front of a section of the wall.  blurry.  why?  because we went to bed at 4am the night before.  long story.  no asking.  that’s why the makeup and hair and eyes and smile are somehow faded.  i was tired.  very tired.  but not tired enough to snap this photo.  yay me.

bubble gum was something special when i was a kid.  my dad was a dentist.  he considered sugar free trident gum to be a treat.  it wasn’t.  just sayin.  we were friends with the wrigley family…. yes, wrigley chewing gum.  and they gave us tons of it when we visited.  as much as we could hide from our parents when it was time to leave.  good memories.  steve, if you are reading this… thank you.  i loved your parents and had a lot of fun there as a kid.

in honor of bubble gum, here are a few ways i can see myself enjoying it as an adult (as i chew my trident gum, which i like now).


voodoo doughnuts in Portland.

i always add one of these to our dozen just because they are so cute.


how cute is this?  i want one for my next birthday.  in march.  hint hint, kids.


in the meantime, i might just buy one of these for our home.  love it.  of course i will fill it with pink bubble gum balls.  or turquoise.  or green.  maybe i’ll buy 3.


and today.  oh how i wish today was sunny and i could go get some vanilla ice cream (or chocolate vanilla swirl) and make these.  do the calories count if it is a craft project?  i didn’t think so.

happy tuesday.

remember, you are never too old for bubble gum.


girls weekend in seattle starts in 18 hours…


finally.  the end of the week.  been waiting all year for this weekend.

girls weekend starts in less than 18 hours by the time i post this.

i go away every year with 4 other girls.  sometimes it’s 3 of us.  sometimes it’s all 5 of us.

we’ve done this weekend trip for years.  and we’ve got some stories, i tell ya.

we’ve had lots of people hint they’d like to join us, but we’ve been doing it so long that nobody else would even understand our awkward traditions.  they took years to develop.

this year it’s just 4 of us because 1 is in florida at an expense paid trip to Kenny chesney.  we all agreed we’d be there too.  we will send her photos.

our only rule is we go somewhere we have never stayed before.  roll the dice.  pick a hotel.  hope it’s nice. bring pajamas and something to drink for wee hours when stores are closed.  we learned early on that we do not need to bring food.  one year we had to take two trips from the car to the room for all of our luggage, food, drinks, gifts and yes, a crockpot.  no valet.  one person in the group did not want to tip a valet when “we could do it ourselves”.  as we almost passed out doing so, we agreed, no more food.  seattle has lots of places to get food.  haha.  lesson learned.  oh boy, i wish i could tell you the lessons we’ve learned.  but sworn to secrecy of all “girls weekends away”.  pinky swear!

as usual i am unprepared.

well, maybe more prepared than last year though.

i did buy new pajamas and i got cash and i have my crown royal and diet coke all ready to go.  and got someone to drive my kid around in case he needs help.  and the husband will be home by evening to have guy time all weekend.

here’s my list….

of things i wish i’d bought.  but didn’t.

oh well.  maybe next year.


cutest charger ever.  my phone dies every year.  you’d think i’d learn.


money.  wish i’d saved a little bit more.  ha.  every year i say this.  i need to buy myself a cute little piggy bank for our weekend away and cash it in at the end of the year.  glad the atm was invented.  girls best friend in seattle!


november7where chefs eat

i saw this book at anthropologie in palm desert a year ago.  almost bought it.  thought it would be fun to find some of these old school places on my travels.  note to self… look for the book again.  and buy it this time.


i want!!!  i am a picture taking fanatic.  according to my family.  somewhere


the cutest weekender bag.  the girl in the photo looks so happy.  she must be on a vacation.  and not in seattle.  her outfit is certainly for the more sunny areas of the world.


forecast is rain.  all weekend long.  crap.


in case of rain.  and believe me it does every year.  hmmm… maybe we should try these weekend away trips in the summer.  make note of that for next year.  my crown and diet is packed.  i take no responsibility for my actions.  just kidding, kids.  i’m a good girl.  m hm.  trust me.  actually, funny thing is we spend more time in our pajamas, drinking wine and talking all night than anything else.  we just like to pretend we are gangster!  that is why i always pack warm cozy socks.  and how cute are these? +


coffee.  that is exactly what i will need when i wake up.

hot coffee.  one stevia.  a little cream.

and quiet everyone while i take a sip or two…

… then i’ m ready to roll for day 2 in the city.

can’t wait to get this weekend started!


happy Friday.


7 things i need for my house NOW…


this piece of art. (my fav artist)

Assignment ID: 30104690A Great Homes Brussles - Home / Watertower in Belgium Photo by Andreas Meichsner NYTCREDIT: Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

kitty litter box hider.


omg… want and need in FISHER or FFFF for my kitchen. (don’t understand her language, but LOVE her site)


this gigantic mirror… and white flowers of course.


the sweetest bath mat.  at one of my favorite stores.

november3bathroom photos

awesome photos of our life in one room.  the “thinking room” as my dad used to call it.

i can do this project myself.

november3jackdanielsvase november3chandellier

sure, why not throw in the gorgeous chandelier while i’m at it.

love! (fun website)


can i please just win lotto?????

happy tuesday.


sunday. funday. time to chill…



thank God it’s sunday.

i think i’m gonna chill for a little bit.  well deserved.  trust me.

raining outside.  thunder and lightning.  seahawks on tv.

if only i wish i had these few things to help me…


( + +

too bad mason and i have to hop in the car this evening and drive 2 hours for dinner tonight.  but i did hear there will be cake.

mmmmm.  cake.

better get chillin.  the clock is ticking.

happy sunday.


it’s halloween in 2 days? nobody told me…


and it’s also mason’s 15th bday.

we used to have huge parties at our house.  lots of people came.  opened our doors every halloween for over 10 years.  sandwiches, chips, pop & adult bevies… and a cake made of anything other than cake mix.  one year donuts.  one year twinkies.  one year swiss rolls.  one year oreos.  never real cake.  now he has grown up.  he’s a man.  not really… still my baby.

holy cow.  where did time go?

i do know one thing…

everyone in our family gets a donut on their birthday.


whether i have to go to the store in the pouring down rain the night before to choose from the ones that were left, or if i can get my act together and get up at 5:00am and go get a fresh one, they will get woken up with a donut and a lit candle on top.

and yes, i do sing to them.  whether they like it or not.  i think they secretly love it.

it’s my one tradition i never forget.

(thank you for reminding me)


omg.  yes.  gotta make some of these.  way cool.



if they are lucky i will make these too.  yummo.



just noticed we don’t have one pumpkin on the porch this year.

what is my problem?

with brooke in college, greg working 2 hours away, and mason having a big social life… do i really need to carve a pumpkin?

i might just carve a pineapple.



swamp juice.  this one’s for me.

( for recipe)

i love gummy worms.  i love lime.  the only thing i’d do differently is i’d add just a tad (or more) of frozen vodka.



that’s it.

not a very crazy halloween around here this year.

we were invited to a party but greg has to work this weekend.  and he got asked by his old high school buddies to go to the UW football game.  um, i’m a WSU cougar so i don’t usually attend them.  and really, to be honest with you, a rainy, cold college football game with 4 old HS friends really doesn’t sound like my best night ever… so i said no to the couples costume party.  i mean really… who goes to a halloween party alone?  do they?  should i?  i don’t know.  got an offer from a friend to whoop it up somewhere local.  hmmm.

decisions.  decisions.

speaking of decisions.  so proud of my stud kid.  he was invited to a party at his new school by some girls.  he was really excited.  then got invited to another party at his old school also by some girls.  HEY, what’s with the girls???  his friends bailed on him to go to the second party.  and he said he’d already told the first party he’d show up.  wow, didn’t know he had that in him.  stuck with his guns.  i even told him i’d pick him up and drive him to the other party which is in the neighborhood next door.  maybe.  but he said he made a commitment.  and my answer to him was… good boy… you are true to your word… that is one of his strongest traits to be honest with you… and he would have done the same if he were invited to the other party first.   i told  him this is where really cool things happen… like you meet the girl of your dreams… or you make some fun friends… or something… it’s just fun to see what is in store.  have fun. oh, my sweet halloween birthday boy.  i love you.

probably should tell these new girls.  gotta find out who they are first.  haha.

and brooke… our sweet brooke.  called the other night needing costume ideas for a few guy friends of hers.  we searched pinterest and chatted for an hour.  ok, i searched pinterest while she talked and did her thing on the other side of the screen.  i love facetime.  best invention ever!  can’t wait to see what they all wear.

hope your halloween is fun and happy.

when my family is happy, i’m happy.

so, looks like it’s going to be a good one this year.

gotta run… getting ingredients for the swamp juice.  if nothing else, that’s what i’m doing for halloween.

happy thursday.