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the best clam dip ever. thank you lois fisher (aka grandma lois)…


it’s the holiday season.

and i am feeling nostalgic.

i miss greg’s mom, lois.

lois LOVED Christmas.  it was her favorite time of year.  she made sure everyone’s gift was perfect.  she shopped for months.  she called many many many times.  she wrapped them all early (not like me who wraps them after church on Christmas eve praying each kid has an equal amount… and that i can find the scotch tape… all while trying not to tip over my glass of wine that i desperately need).  she even had matching bows, ribbons and tags on all of them (i started off with bows years ago… now just wrap and throw under tree).  she would ask early on what we all wanted.  of course we’d say… “oh, lois… you don’t have to do anything for us.”.  but she did.  and she always bought the perfect gifts.  it was never about the money or making sure everyone had the same amount.  she just made sure each person knew she personally chose that gift as theirs.  every year she gave me a big box of socks.  she collected them all year long.  when i say socks, i mean a lot of socks.  work out socks.  knee high socks.  warm winter socks.  toe socks.  trouser fancy socks.  and always at least one pair of socks that had cocktails or something funny printed on them.  i just ran across the box she gave me last year.  it still has two pair of socks in it i have not worn.  it still has the tag, to: tracy  love: lois.  i just can’t make myself wear the last two pair.  because i know there won’t be any more boxes of socks.

the Lord took lois to heaven quite unexpectedly this year.  we all grieved very hard.

Christmas will not be the same without her.

so, when i was having a craving for a dip the other day, i grabbed my little cookbook and turned to page 5 and there is was…



1 can chopped clams, drained

1 can minced clams, drained (but set aside 1-2 Tblsp. of liquid)

2 8oz. pkg of philadelphia brand cream cheese

1 tsp. garlic salt

1 tsp. garlic powder

mix all ingredients in a bowl.  add the liquid to smooth and make dippable.  you do not want to break your chips while dipping.  that’s important, you know.  feel free to add less or more of the garlic salt and powder to your liking per lois.  i just follow the recipe exactly how she told me and believe me, i’ve never been disappointed.

important note:  must be served with ruffles plain potato chips!  that’s what she said.  lets not tell her i like it with baked lays too.

lois, i know you are watching over us this year.  we promise to keep family strong.  and yes, we will make the dip on Christmas eve.  just like you like it.  and i promise to make greg your spritz cookies he loves.  hugs and kisses to you!!!

so, when i hear people complain about stores putting out Christmas decorations too early, all i can say is… do it!  lois would have loved that!!

happy wednesday.


ps.. i just ordered more cookbooks.  they should be here next week.  email me at if you want one.  $15 each.

5 things i need to get me through the 12th…


since i have said yes to painting for an event on nov.12, i think i will need a few things…

this tee.

love it.

gotta get it.

it says it all… NOPE!

i’m not taking any personal orders until after the 12th.

and yes, i will be able to have a few pieces finished by Christmas for those who are waiting.

just email me at with your request.

i’ll let you know if the answer is “yes” or “nope”.

remember i am just one person.

(photo from pinterest.)


these necklaces will surely help with my prayers for time management.

(photo from pinterest)


i broke my favorite watch the other day.

the one greg gave me years ago for my birthday.

i loved it.  tortoise shell.  funky.  nobody i knew had one like it.  individual.  like me.  insert tears.

so, time for a new watch.

how about a timex for my next piece.

i love bringing back the old school stuff.

and i think this one is adorable.

( website provided this photo…. love love love her site)


i will need some new note cards.

these will be to write all of my thank you’s to friends who will be driving my kid around for me.

no, I have not asked you.  yet.

you will get a text or a call.

i will sound frantic.  then you will know.


i do promise to trade you for some home baked cookies though.  mason has requested i still bake cookies during this crazy time.  ok son… for you… of course.



then i will proceed to do what this mug says.

love it.



wish me luck!

oh, and YES… i will post art for sale after the 12th on this site.

and will also answer my emails regarding special orders at that time also.

happy wednesday.


vacation plans made. i love the desert…

october19palm desertg

palm desert here i come.

can’t wait to see my brookie baby.

just a few more weeks.

when i looked for new fun palm springs art, this popped up.  it was for a show a few years back that donated proceeds of the evening to a the artists cause.  and that is a great thing in itself.  barbie was featured all over the springs.  loved it.  wish i’d been there.  hilarious.  tongue and cheek art is lost these days.  everyone is afraid to paint humor.  afraid of what others say.  hey, people  use the “f” word all of the time.  people need to lighten up.  art is art.  if you don’t like it, that’s okay.  if you like it, then buy it and help support your local artist.

october19palm desertcoctober19palm desertboctober19palm desertc

this year i want to buy a fun blow up toy for the pool.

so many fun choices. and

october19palm desert kate spade

then i’m going to walk the strip.  okay, that sounds bad.  what i meant to say is… take my walk down el paseo and daydream about all of the fancy things i want to buy one day.

if i won lotto, i swear i would still like the same quirky things.

might just have to see how much these kate spade polka dot glasses are.  and

october19palm deserta

then there is cocktail time by the pool with my friends.

best part of these friends, is that i am the youngest one at the table by at least 20 years.

way to bring back my youth.

and i always try out a new recipe on the crew.

this year… lobster rolls!

cute, little ones.  bite size.  adorable.


well, that’s it.

enough about dreaming of my trip.

time to take mason to baseball practice.

and i’d better get painting.

i have an art show at bellarmine high school (ladies night) on thursday, november 12.

yes, i will post art on line too.

happy tuesday.


tshirts… yes. no. yes?


years ago i had a tshirt line.

(oh, and i was younger and had dark brown hair.. haha)

it was a line of inspirational sayings for college girls.

i loved it.  it was my third child.

but things happened along the way.

always wished it could have worked out the way i imagined.

i believed in it.

a company in florida said yes (start designing).


yes. they wanted it.

how about maternity.



jan 11 its a coug baby

amazon said yes.

thank you


and girls wore them.  (thank you model lauren smith.)

they said yes.

thanks girls.

but then one day it was no.

just no.

no to all of it?


i worked so hard.

i was so proud.

i said yes.  why couldn’t they keep saying yes?

so, i just went back to painting.  what i knew.

because i did not know the tshirt business.

or so i thought.

creative differences i would call it.


i just got a call.

YES.  maybe?


someone new took over the college line.

and they want to talk.  maybe.  hopefully.

i hear they say timing is everything.

and oprah always says success is when preparation meets opportunity.

i’m prepared this time.

and i think there is an opportunity.

go figure.

can you see me jumping up and down.  and laughing.  and cheering it on?

now i’m older.

and wiser.

and riskier.

and quicker.

and certainly more ready to roll!

stay tuned.

you just might see the T.FISHER tee’s in your college campus stores soon.

oh, by the way… how convenient.  perfect timing.  maybe God was waiting for me to have a college kid to wear one!


since this is the last time brooke modeled one for me.

note: braces on teeth.  yep, years have flown by.

can’t wait to see what the next step is in this journey of mine.

happy tuesday.




well said…


i love to quote people in my artwork.

of course i have a few of my own quotes.

but not all are appropriate…haha.

as i wait for our daughter to finish her last few weeks of high school, i was inspired to paint a few pieces that had sayings i would like to say to her.

most sold at my art party the other day.

but at least i can have this photo to give her.

happy thursday.