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someone bring me some champagne…


champs.  i need champs.

i’m hot.  i’m tired.  and my back hurts.

we are moving my office today.  yes, it was supposed to be done weeks ago but you know us…. save it until the last minute.  jeez.  why do i do this to myself.  but the cool thing is, we are working on it together.  and laughing at what we are finding.

things i discovered this week while packing up the home for our move…

let me start off my saying do NOT get a manicure if you are moving.  and don’t wear flip flops.  i did both.  not a good idea.  trust me.

14 years worth of memories take a lot of time to go through.

i want to save everything.  but know i can’t.  taking photos instead.  kind of cool.

i just found the piece of paper i was looking for.  been looking for two months.  it’s worth a vacation.  and that means a trip to see my baby girl.  and guess what, it expired last week.  of course it did.  thank goodness for kind people that are looking into making it happen.  i love kind people.  i try to be one.  and i love when i find other that are the same.  fingers crossed.  wouldn’t it be amazing if i found free airfare too?

our doors are dirty.  every one of them.  magic eraser to the rescue.

do not look above the cupboards in your kitchen.  save that one for the new owners to look at.  haha.  sorry.

just found the bin of all of my kids art.  love it.  love it so much.  i’m going to glue it to a huge canvas and paint around it and make it into a giant piece of art.  i’ll post a photo when i finish that one.

i wish i’d moved my office/studio to another place (besides the den of our home) years ago.  i forgot this room was a real room.  my husband and son could have had a man cave.  or better yet, i could have turned it into a reality tv room.  they would have never entered.

our windows needed cleaning really bad.  i need to have them cleaned more often.  just makes you say ahhhhhh and smile.

found around 50 broken pens and  pencils.  i need to start throwing them away at the exact moment i realize they don’t work.  imagine that.

just because you keep things in bins does not mean you are organized.  i found summer clothes in a bin that was marked “Halloween”.  can’t wait to see what’s in the Christmas bin.  i hope it’s a big bag of cash.

lots of coins add up to lots of dollars.  i just have to take them to coinstar now and see how much we’ve been storing under our beds, sofas and desks.

no matter what, rootbeer and red kool aid do not come out of the carpet.  even though i thought the spots were clean, once furniture gets removed, the spots look even bigger.

and last but not least…

in 14 years of living here i never went out and got myself a cool doorbell like the one above.

bucket list #57.  get a cool doorbell sometime in my life.

now, gotta get back to packing.  can’t wait to see what else i find.

happy monday.


lessons from the dinner table…


when i was a kid our family actually ate around the bar table in our kitchen.

the dinner table was in the dining room.  only used for special occasions.  and we used wood handled silverware at that table.  it had to be washed by hand.  and i was the “dishes” girl.  i liked eating at the kitchen bar, on the bar stools, with the regular silverware that you could just throw into the dishwasher.

and on occasion… really special occasions (like fondue night) we got to eat at the coffee table in front of the tv.  i don’t even remember what we watched.  i am sure though that it was our parents choice.  but it was so much fun eating in front of the tv that we did not care as kids.

so, last night i went to the store.  bought ribs, salad makings and rolls.

and made the ribs just like my dad’s friend fred taught us (garlic salt, kosher salt and pepper… bbq slow).  and i made a yummy salad of romaine, goat cheese, craisins, toasted walnuts and newmans own raspberry walnut dressing.  along side, i served fresh from the bakery sour dough rolls.

and we ate in front of the tv.  like we always do.  because my art is all over our kitchen table.  i loved it.  the boys watched baseball.  not my first choice.  but it made me smile.  we talked about end of the year school, last weekends guys trip and baseball highlights, moving and how we wished we lived in the condos now because it was 90 degrees outside and the condo has a pool and we do not have one here in our hot hot house, what’s ahead for this week, schedules and planning… and our upcoming trip to see brookie.  i loved every minute of it.  until the bachelorette called my name and there was no way of convincing the boys to turn the channel.

note to self… always have a coffee table in the family room where we can gather and eat in front of the tv.  priceless moments and many lessons to learn… for sure.

happy tuesday.


art friday turned into art saturday. for this week, at least…


fun IS good for you.

i’m trying to pretend that balancing driving to school, back from school, to school again, trying to find him a ride home from school the second time of the day, to baseball 45 minutes away with no carpooling options, trying to paint in the parking lot of a baseball field with the wind blowing and occasional rain showers….

my daily routine.  you get it if you are a mom.

especially if you work from your own home.  yes, i am supposed to be moving into my studio garage in tacoma. i keep saying any day now.  but reality says it will be two more weeks.  all i know if we move in 60 days and i cannot have a studio in my condo.  or at least i do not want a studio in my condo.  i want to go somewhere.  crank some music on my headphones.  and paint big.  huge canvases.  with a saying.  a simple saying.  and maybe glitter it.  or not.  but just venture out into new territory.

may282016choose happy

this piece is getting “glittered up” in two weeks.  i can’t wait!


and then there is the FAMILY VINTAGE art.

my favorite of all favorites.

because i am a writer.  a story teller.  a legend keeper.  i love when i can create a story to be passed down from one generation to the next and it tells them a little bit about where they came from… in wine (or other) terms.  love.

i’ve painted for a few fun celebrities.  wish i could share.  but no can do.  some things are kept private in this world.  but what i love is they have the same story.  a deep love of their family.


WINE art.  BEER art. (also have whiskey, vodka, gin, water and sports drinks).


and sometimes i meet someone in life that just deserves a mini piece of wine art because they treated me well. for no reason. just because they are a kind person.  the world need more people like this.

may282016 4

of course i love love love celebrating family numbers.  ours is 4.  i guess 5 now if you count the cat.  maybe i’ll make him a little one for his space in the house.  fyi… this piece is 36×36″.  it hangs above our sofa in our bar room.  and yes, there is a hole in it.  boys playing football inside.  that’s what happens.  we’ve had a few cuts and scrapes in our family along the way so this perfectly describes the 4 of us.  still hanging in there.  wouldn’t have it any other way.

may282016 fisher party of 4

i have made many of these 8×10″ famed pieces.  one of my favorite sayings is  “Fisher, Party of Four!”.  that means we are all here.  all four of us.

may282016 keimmay282016 toilet papermay282016bbeingafamily



and random requests are always fun.

may282016lifeshouldnotbeajourney woohoo

especially if it end with WOO HOO, WHAT A RIDE!

may282016 just trust me God

and my most requested little piece of art…. JUST TRUST ME. -GOD.  who doesn’t need a little God in their life?  this piece is my original.  first one.  it sits on our entry table next to some of my favorite things.  and quite a few people who enter my home order one before leaving.

hope you have a happy memorial day weekend.  stay safe.  love the one’s you are with.

happy saturday.


she’s home. they’re gone…


she’s home.

my heart is soooooo happy.


i tried to hang the cutest garland.  the cat ate it.

i baked a cake. betty crocker. white on white. lots of sprinkles.

balloons hung. thanks target for the cute polka dot balloons.

then i picked her up from the airport at midnight.  we drove with the top down.  we talked the whole way.  so much to talk about.  covered two months in 40 minutes.  that works.


first thing she did when she woke up?  took a peek at the book sarah sundin sent her.  what perfect timing.


then off they drove.

to visit grandparents and friends.

happy as can be.

um,. yes, i noticed that finger mason.  good one.  i’m kind of thinking i need to frame this photo.  it is exactly how i feel these days…. let it go!!!

i have until 4am on monday morning with her.  minus the hours she will be gone tonight visiting friends.  and i don’t mind.  i was in college too.  that’s important.  most of her friends are home for the summer.  but she is going back to CA to pursue her dreams… and get her chemistry summer class completed.  good girl.  i can’t even tell you how proud we are of her.

you go girl!!!!!

happy saturday.


cinco de mayo. happy de mio (me with an o). and ramblings of an artistic housewife with lots on her plate…

cinco de mayo 2016.

my favorite meal of the year.  i don’t care if it comes from taco bell, moctezumas or my kitchen.

when brooke was in my tummy all i ate were green apples, 7up, finger jello and…. tacos.

hard corn shells with refried beans, sour cream, non fat thousand island dressing by kraft, shredded cheddar and shredded lettuce.  in that order.  no substitutions.  that was the year greg informed me later that he stopped at drive thru on the way home for work for months on end.  haha.  and yes, i still eat them that way.  ask my family.


i guess you could call me taco belle.

if i can’t have my tacos that way, then i have to go to moctezumas (our local Mexican food joint) and get the steak street tacos with cilantro and onions on flour tortillas… and a side of sour cream and a raspberry margarita.  OR… the crunch wrap is back at taco bell.  the best thing ever!!!  trust me.  mason and i eat them after baseball in the summer.  they are only $1.  and filled with corn chips.  in no way way are any of these options healthy… ok, maybe the lettuce.  hah.  i am aware of that.  they are just darn good.  truth.

may5signabout margarita2016

yep, this about says it all.

did i mention i love tacos???


enough of the cinco de mayo stuff.

here’s what’s up with me…


about two months ago i said i’d be back in a few days.

apparently i needed a BIG break.

why?  you ask…


14 years of raising our children here.  lots of crazy halloween parties (doors were open all night to friends, family and anyone that wanted to celebrate mason’s birthday… while he was out trick-or-treating).  spring princess and cheerleader parties in the large back yard.  neighbors running through sprinklers.  oh those summer nights on the patio under the umbrella and stars (late late night bbq’s, cocktails poured oh so generously, stories shared).  daytime whiffle ball and late night basketball games in the couldesac.  fireworks in the road.  power outages where we all slept in one bed with a computer and a cat (hoping the computer had enough battery for a movie or two and hoping the cat would not sit directly on the computer).  painting with the doors open (before cat) and various neighbors knocking on the door to come in and chat.  wine with my neighbor girls at a moments notice.  i remember the first day we moved in, sweet delores down the road brought us warm homemade banana bread and introduced herself and said she would teach me how to knit.  the first winter we were here i was invited to a snowstorm hot tub party to get to know the neighbor moms (crowded and fun… walked there in my swim suit, towel and snow boots).  snow days sledding on the golf course at the next neighborhood over (coors light and bbq ribs and chicken noodle soup for the kids).  immediate neighbors looking over our fence during the day and inviting us over that night (bring what’s in your fridge).  sporting events at their home on their new tv her husband had to have.  changing our living room into a bar and game room (yep, right as you enter the door).  chalkboard walls in my office and brooke’s room.  sports posters hung many years ago in mason’s room are still there.  my “mom of the year” trophy next to my computer…. and HULA GIRL… our palm tree in front of the house.  greg and the kids planted it when i was in CA for my 40th bday.  i came home to our big front tree ripped out and a little 3′ palm tree in its place.  it is now about 15′ tall (maybe taller). and it has to stay with the house.  we all decided our last photo here would be with our tree.  we will miss her so.

i could go on.

bitter sweet.

but it was time to sell.  the market was high.  and we had some good equity.  we are ready to spend more time visiting brooke and going to the desert and traveling more (NYC and las vegas are first on our list… hilarious but true).  the house is ready for a new family.  they are so cute.  young.  like when we moved in.  a kid and a baby on the way.  us.  years ago.  i know they will love it here.  they have bought into neighbors and a neighborhood that are worth far more than the house.  they are lucky.  we are moving on to condo living.  new.  easy.  no lawn to mow.  pool out front.  simple.  just what we need for our new chapter.  brooke is in college in santa monica, CA now.  not coming home for summer.  she is officially  moved to sunshine and loves it.  and we are hoping to move south in 3 years.  mason is a freshman in high school.  playing baseball all year long.  getting his license in october.  he has so many friends and is so busy.  and greg.  he got a new job a year ago.  and his 2 hour each way  commute is far too much for every day.  luckily his favorite brother has a home 2 miles from his dealership.  it works.  we have date nights on sundays now.  Saturdays and Mondays are open to friends.  it’s what we do now.  to be honest, we have more fun now that ever.  we used to take each other for granted.  like every other 23 year marriage.  changing things up a bit made life a little bit funner (I know that is not a word, but I like it.  it should be a word).


greg even grabbed me out of bed last weekend and said “there’s a white convertible bug for sale… let’s go get it for you”… i didn’t realize he’d let me sleep in and he was on the phone negotiating it for me. he bartered.  they agreed.  he told me to clean out my SUV.  and away we drove.  one  hour late i had a new car.


a cute little white convertible bug.  only 4 seats.  no more carpooling mom.  no more hauling stuff.  just this sweet thing.  love.

and last but not least…


meet my friend angie.

she just opened up her new offices.  she’s a couples/family/child therapist.  i’m sure her title is a lot more specific and i’m not giving her the recognition she deserves.  she’s kind.  she’s a go getter.  she has one heck of a story.  she herself is in a new chapter of happy.

and i have taken up her offer to move my artwork into a new place.  a great little studio.  i promise to fill you in later.  it will be happening in the next few weeks.  and i can’t thank her enough for her “push” and her generosity.  it has gotten me back on track and ready to roll out some fun art i’ve been talking about for years.  and I CAN’T WAIT!


that’s it.

that’s why i took a break.

wanted to hang out with my kids.  and go on a few dates with my husband.  time is short.  i needed to celebrate my blessings one by one.

and now it’s about time for more fun to come.

happy thursday.


monkey with a banana. or hamster on a wheel…


art from

i’ve always loved this piece of art.

life has been crazy busy lately.

like a hamster on a wheel.  going round and round and round…

art orders going out.

cookbooks being shipped.

mason made his high school baseball team.

i’m his personal chauffeur until october 31.

sending brookie care packages.

lots of date nights with greg.  every weekend lately he wants to go out.  i’m not complaining.  no cooking.  no dishes.

putting our house on the market finally.  serious this time.  agent at our home today.

trying to figure out where in the heck we will live.

cleaning house. scrubbing showers and toilets. hosing down patio. putting light bulbs in burnt out sockets. changing old hardware and light switch covers. making sure cat doesn’t poop when the agent comes over..haha. new plant on front porch. beauty bark laid. neighbor called to mow tomorrow.. how did grass grow this fast. oh the things we are doing. exhausting.

i could go on and on.

but just typing this makes me tired.

so, if i’m not blogging my usual amount, this is why.

feel free to follow me on instagram @hellotracyfisher.

i post there a lot. making books for my kids out of the photos. long story.

now, it is time to say good night. and settle in for the Bachelor… women tell all.  yes!

happy monday.


one week of good eating…


i have been eating like crap lately. i’m admitting it. and my jeans are tighter than they need to be.

time to get real.

i’m not good at long term commitments on any diet. trust me. i’ve tried a lot of them.

i just want to feel better.

so, i am going to eat healthier. which is i guess anything better than what I’ve been putting in my mouth these past few weeks. yes, i was sick. i wanted comfort food. i didn’t want to prepare anything. but now i’m on the road to recovery.

no more excuses.

i bought yogurt and granola. this will be my sweet tooth helper. no comments from all of you health nuts. it’s better than ice cream. and that’s all i’m going to say about it.

i ate the lemon one before photographing this. and tonight i ate the cherry flavor. both… delish!

one week. that’s what i’m giving it. and on Saturday when we go out with our friends (it’s been on the calendar for two weeks, i will call wine a fruit… it does come from grapes… and grapes are in the produce section. it’s all good.

happy monday.


throwing a party is fun…


we must start with crowns.

every girl (no matter what the age) needs a crown.


let’s get real. we are 50. must start off party with diet coke…


and crown royal.

trust me. it is refreshing. and it keeps you awake.

don’t forget to put out a bowl of maraschinos. because it’s a girly girl thing.

feb25partyfunny napkin

and got get some funny napkins.


great idea for the rafters.  i’ve spent countless hours tying knots then tying bows of ribbon. etc.

why didn’t i ever think of this.


a fun table is a must. love the black and white. you can add any colors you like to it.


and make the table fun.

candy necklaces and ring pops.

use white napkins and put out shapries. let the guests write their own message to the birthday girl.


have everyone contribute to the appetizers.


might i suggest lobster rolls on mini brioche rolls on the menu?  heaven.


and how about a slider and dog bar. dont’ forget the chips, pickles and homemade potato salad.


a photo booth for sure. right?

feb25partycakewithhbdsignfeb25partygreencakedecember16popcorn canke


oh the choices…


although by this time, the booze will be flowing. no woman cares what kind of cake at this point.

just make it cute so when she looks back on the photos she smiles.


throw in a few good questions to get them thinking.

will anyone remember your private baggage you announce?


and if cake wasn’t enough… keep smores makings on hand.

everyone loves a smore at 3:00 am.

feb25partybreakfast napkins

when the guests wake up, make them laugh.


and quickly make bloody marys.

at this time you can get out the left over sliders and hot dogs and chow down.


and throw in some donut balls on some cute skewers too.

sure you could make a wonderful breakfast casserole, but who needs to cook and do dishes.

not us.


at this point you can also serve water. lots and lots of water before you send them on their way.

that’s a wrap!

happy thursday.