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resolution time again…



that’s just funny.

my resolution you ask?

should be eat healthier, work out, become organized, etc. etc. etc.

but it’s a simple one this year.

only 2 things…

laugh more.  and write personal letters/thank you notes.

that’s it.

i think i can do it.

wait, it’s only 2 things… I KNOW I CAN DO IT.

the laughter burns calories (that checks off the eating healthier and going to the gym… right?) and i believe in “the hand written note”.  i quit sending them years ago.  laziness i suppose.  i would write a note in a card, then go to the grocery store and spend $100 on groceries but forget the stamps. then bring the card home.  in the meantime it would fall between the seats in my car only to be found months later when i decided to actually clean my car in those spots where you just don’t clean (you know it, don’t pretend you clean by your seatbelts on the floor every week).  then i would find the card and it would be bent and months after the fact of why i wrote the card and i still didn’t have a stamp…. oh, it goes on an on.  anyway, i’m getting stamps and stationery this month.  and guess what?  you might actually get a letter or card from me.  wow.

happy wednesday… and happy new year!


i am me. simple as that.


you know when you find those words, phrases and quotes that speak to you instantly?

well, i do that every day.  read words.  share them.  pin them.  write them down.  invent them.  say them.  hear them.  paint them.  it’s what just part of my day being a word artist.

then I came across these 12 words.

and they shouted out to me.

not everyone has to fight to become who/what they want to be.  some settle.  some are born into extreme privilege.  some just don’t care.  but, i find the best of the best are those that had a little “fight” in them and made it to the top.  those are the stories i love to hear.



happy monday.


i want a cool, hip home for the holidays…


why can’t my home look this cute during the holidays?

1. i am finishing up art that is being delivered tomorrow.  I paint like a crazy person the entire month of December and swear I will not do it again the following year.  and I do.  I just do.

2. everything we own seems to be a hand-me-down from my childhood.  funny thing is, my mom brings over her old Christmas things every year.  do I want them?  sure.  why not?  they have total memories.  so, each year we just add more and more old stuff.  funny.

3.  my house is not white inside.  once I decided I needed a dark red wall.  now it’s too hard to cover.  so, the rest of the walls are a great taupe color by restoration hardware.  and the one wall, yes the one you see when you enter our home, is red.  bright red.  ok, sure, that’s really no excuse now that i think of it…. one red wall would be perfect for the photo above!

4. we are trying to move.  yes, we want to put our home on the market in the next few months.  and I ask myself, “why put all that effort into decorating so beautifully… save it for our new place”… of course i probably won’t do it there either.

5. we have 4 Christmases every year.  yep, just like the movie with vince Vaughn and reece witherspoon.  just like that.  no lie.  and it used to bother me spending hours upon hours riding in the car.  and i would wrap the gifts to the person we were visiting 10 minutes before leaving.  and i would be all hot and sweaty by the time we left.  that’s another reason why our own home gets a bit neglected.  that reminds me… must watch 4 Christmases this week!

i think you get it.

i want to be ultra cool and hip.

but this year, once again, my home is just filled with a lot of my childhood history…. and love.  and that is good enough for me.

happy tuesday.


photo pinned from





i’m obsessed with baseball tee’s…



i wish i had this for tonight.

because i am at home.

yes, on a friday night.

home alone.  greg at work until tomorrow night.  kids at friends homes.  and i am painting away.  but it would be so much for fun to paint in this tee.  I am going to order it in the new year.  available at


i do have wine though.

and i do have this tee.

i ordered it a few months back from  love love love it.  wear it all of the time.  people ask where i got it.  i tell them i saw it on facebook and for the first time in my life got out my wallet and said “that is mine!”.




then there is this favorite.

i am a california girl.  born in laguna beach.  i had to have it.  once i found out brooke would be moving to california next fall, i ordered it for her.  and of course i said to myself, “why not… get one for yourself.”  and i did.  from  my favorite part is the story of the girls who own this company.  i’m jealous.  i wish i had done that when i was younger.  dream big… reach for the stars!



and last but not least, my fav that i do not own yet.

i am waiting for baseball season to start.  the actual games.  so i can wear it with my converse sneakers and rolled up jeans.  i will be pulling up in a month or two and will wait patiently for my favorite UPS man.  yay.

happy friday.



8 Christmas ideas within my $50 limit…

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hint hint greg and kids!

years ago my husband and i made a deal that when Christmas came we would only spend $50 on each other.  but the deal is… you have to buy at least two things and one of them should be somewhat sentimental (meaning not all joke items).

Christmas gets too commercial.  now, don’t get me wrong… i’d LOVE to have expensive gifts under the tree waiting for me.  But i’d rather spend our money on the occasional vacation and our kids’ sports (oh boy, that’s a whole different topic all together).  in the end, it make us have to be aware of the money we spend this time of year.  and it is kind of a fun tradition.  we’ve had many friends tell us they wish they could do this.  try it.  it’s fun!  i dare you to try to buy two gifts (or more) for under $50 for your spouse.  it takes some thought and a little time.  and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

1. JAR OF LOVE NOTES.  free!  we have old mason jars in the garage.  i have lots of ribbon and paper somewhere in my studio.  this would probably be my #1 choice of a gift from my family this year.

2. ALEX AND ANI BRACELETS.  i love these.  i actually own a few.  i got the gold “good luck 4 leaf clover” from my friends for my 50th.  and greg and the kids bought me the same one in silver to match my amazing watch (okay, so we don’t have a $50 limit for birthdays… especially 50th).  i like the birthstone and initial ones.  available online ( or at nordstrom (

3. CONVERSE TENNIES.  in tiffany blue.  or turquoise.  whatever you want to name the color… i love them.  fresh.  cute.  reminds me of spring.  perfect for some rolled up jeans and a new white tee.  this is probably what i will receive since my daughter has decided that her size 9 foot fits perfect in my 9.5 shoes (if she ties them tight).  available everywhere at our local mall.  trust me.  i’ve seen them and have tried so hard not to buy them… in hopes i will get some (remember, size 9.5) for Christmas or my bday in march.

4. A GOLDFISH NAMED SHIRLEY.  I spent the night in Seattle a few weeks back with some friends.  We stayed at Hotel Monaco (  Loved it.  A kitsy, fun, funky hotel.  And our room came with a pet.  Her name was Shirley.  She was the biggest goldfish I’ve ever seen.  In a Lucite bowl.  I was so sad when I had to give her back upon checkout.  I am sure you can find one at Petco.

5.  COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS PILLOW.  i’ve been wanting this pillow ever since it came out.  my fav designers of all times, the novogratz family (  I think the words say it all!

6.  AMAZING GRACE.  i love love love this perfume, cologne, whatever it is.  fresh.  soft.  girly.  flirty.  i love it.  i ask for it every year and they get it for me.  i sooooo hope they remember again because i am almost out.  it’s only $10 at sephora at our local mall.

7.  WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE book by oprah winfrey.  who doesn’t love oprah?  she is so inspiring.  for years i subscribed to her magazine and the first thing i did when opening up the mailbox was turn to the last page and read the article, “what i know for sure”.  ironically, it almost always was “right on” for what i was going through in life.  available at amazon (

8.  INITIAL NOTE CARDS.  i have a slight obsession with kate spade products.  do you know it’s the first store (followed close behind by anthropologie and francesca’s) I run to on el oaseo when we arrive in Palm desert every year.  i was so excited to see these are only $25.  i’d want the “T” cards, of course.  available at

well, this got me thinking.  i’d better get to my shopping.  i have a $50 bill to spend on greg.

happy wednesday.