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Christmas on the beach…


i am a beach girl at heart.

don’t get me wrong, i love my Christmas moments in the pacific northwest… but oh this photo above makes me want to spend Christmas on the beach… in an old vw bus (make mine turquoise)… while i play a guitar (I guess i’d better learn how)… with champagne uncorked… and a bright beach blanket… and summer clothes on… and beat up leather puffs to sit on… and fun shiny objects just sitting there doing nothing other than making me smile.

now, that would be my dream Christmas.  with my family, of course.

love the idea

happy wednesday.


oh night divine…

december21oh night divine

so many wonderful songs this time of year.

we just listened to a few of the classics in our car on the way out to dinner.  brooke wanted steak.  a good steak.  hadn’t had “real food” (as she calls it) for months.  just as we were leaving our house, my mom and her husband stopped by.  what amazing timing.  they hadn’t eaten.  so we all went out.  for “good food”.  it was nice spending time with family.

and the awesome thing is, when we got back into the car, the same Christmas music was on.  waiting for us.

it brought back some nice memories.

when i was a little girl, our family used to go to midnight church on Christmas eve.  technically it was 11pm, but by the time they sang the last song it was midnight.  every year they would end the service by singing Silent Night.  i would look over at my mom and she would have tears in her eyes.  or at least i think she did.  she wouldn’t let us see them.  i know she was missing her baby.  our little sister.  but she would sing and smile at us.

now that i am older, i get it.

i love that song.

it brings tears to my eyes.

the true meaning of Christmas.  the birth of Jesus.

and being happy for what we have.  and missing those that are no longer with us.  this will be greg’s first Christmas without his mom.  and i know that is okay.  and we are all ok.  and this is the circle of life.

but i will sit back and reflect this year at some point and thank God.  thank him a lot.

so, when those parking lots are full of angry drivers and the stores have long lines… i have changed my bad attitude to… thinking it is really special that people take time out of their hectic schedules to remember someone else.  after all, who would go to target, costco or the mall this week.  most people are there to spend their hard earned money and valuable time to do something nice for someone else.  and that’s pretty cool.

i like that thought.

wishing everyone a little happy this time of year.

happy monday.


hello yellow…


i love yellow.  because brooke went through a “yellow” stage when she was little.  she had to wear these yellow jeans every day.  she sees them in photos now and asks why i would dress her like that.  um, hello.  yellow.  your choice.

and she used to sing…  you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are GREG (after her dad) to mason when he was a baby.

so, you ask why i like yellow?

memories of her childhood.  the sun.  it’s a happy color.  just that.

sign available on

december17artists i like book

what a great book.  i want it.


i ate lemon pudding cake throughout my whole pregnancy with mason.  even named it “pregnant with mason lemon dessert”

(it’s in my cookbook.  and yes, I have a bout 20 left in stock if anyone needs a Christmas gift.  just email me)

note to self:  make that dessert soon. very soon.

or go to the store and buy lemon gelato.

can make your own if you like.  sounds kind of easy.

thanks for the recipe


i’m smiling just looking at these.

must buy at

fyi… that’s a website i will be spending money on next year.  love the home stuff.


i know i might possibly be the most unorganized person in my home.

hey, you try working out of your home.  easiest to just have one messy place that only i know where things are.  and that is my studio/office in a nutshell.

but i’m good when it comes to organizing for others.  and that makes me happy.  so i might need this.

note to future bosses… i am very organized in the work place!  just wanted to let you know.


love love love.

and it’s from my favorite shop in my favorite town in the world.

thanks tuvalu in laguna beach, ca.

coming to see you next month…


well, it’s raining outside.  again.  like every other day this week.

that’s washington state for you.

maybe i should have put this on my Christmas list.

thanks for making the rain fun


well, i have 10 hours to decorate our home for broooke’s arrival.

gotta get making the popcorn cake i posted about yesterday.

happy thursday.


Christmas ideas for the girly girls in your life (college age)…


brooke comes home in 3 days.


i’ve already done a lot of my holiday shopping.  when we were in CA visiting her it was easy.  she’s a true CA girl.

but in the meantime it was fun looking on line and finding some other things that might just come in handy this Christmas or maybe for her birthday in may.  and some of these items i actually  bought her.  but can’t tell you because there is a slight chance she’s reading this.


first thing she said to me the other night when we were facetiming… “mom, please get me some snuggy pajamas so i can stay warm in my bed when i come home… and food.  get good food.”  (enter code SHIP50 for free shipping on orders over $50)


do your kids believe that when they cannot find any of their chargers for their phone that yours is theirs… no matter what… even if you need to use it…?  thank goodness for hsn today.  saw these on tv and snagged them right away.  they can bling them up with skateboarding stickers like they do to their water bottles.


bose speakers.  yep.  so everyone can blast their music from their rooms during Christmas break.  that’s ok, i’ll take them here under my roof for two weeks any way i can.  love those kids of mine… and most of their music.  or  or


while we are talking about electronics…. aren’t these the cutest little things you’ve ever seen?  phone bling.  and they are less than $2 each.  worth ordering even if they don’t look like the photo. who can turn down a cute kitty.  and i hear elephants are supposed to bring good luck.


usb drives as jewelry?  well, hello.  why not?


chocolate gummy bears.  i don’t have to say another word!

find them at your local mall candy shop and buy them by the pound.  or go to


she just can’t eat chocolate gummie bears all day long.  well, maybe not.  haha.  she’s a great little cook but what an awesome idea.  they have a trader joes on every street corner around her neighborhood.  well, practically. (although it said unavailable…. i’m going to drive to our local trader joes this week)

december14completely blesseddecember9alex

alex and ani.  I love their jewelry.  every time i go into nordstrom, it’s the first thing i see as i walk in.  and it makes me happy. i think i’m going to get brookie and i matching bracelets this year.  good luck is a great statement for 2016!  and “completely blessed” is exactly how i feel this year.  i just wish they had one that said “lotto winner” (and it came with a winning lotto ticket).  or

december14coordinates bracelet

i think this is the sweetest idea.  coordinate bracelets.  you can engrave your addresses where you have lived (or meaningful places) to your jewelry.  love.  love.  love.  or lots of custom ones on


brooke always said she wanted to marry a mlb player one day.   until then, she can wear this tee while watching college games.  oh, did i mention i had a slight fascination with those cute baseball boys when i was in college?


she always talks about getting a little fish of her own.  the kids gave me one for Christmas last year.  he is a blue beta fish.  his name is russel wilson.  yep, after the seattle seahawks quarterback.  and yes, he’s still with us.  isn’t this the cutest fish tank?  hmmmm… maybe when i go back to CA with her in January to set up her place.


these are so cute.  i love anything from Nordstrom.  and she does too.  their home department is so much fun to walk into.  especially in the big cities.  or if you are in tacoma, wa please see my friend theresa and buy something!!  she works on commission.


everyone needs notepads.  everyone.


and pencils.  lots of pencils.  with happy sayings on them.


brooke has an instax camera.  i actually bought it at our local michaels craft store.  they were on sale.  she uses it all of the time and hangs the photos from black and white string and little fun clips.  while searching online,  i found this instax printer.  it can take any of your smart phone photos and print onto that type of paper.  love it.  or go to your local michaels craft store and support your crafty friends.


i think lockets are so special.  my parents gave me one when i was little.

  december14wastatenecklace december14westcoastwildchild

i have this thing about “supporting your local businesses”.  people in our area have been very good to me.  and i like to return the favor.  frankie boutique is one of the cutest little shops in gig harbor.  brooke finds many items on each visit.  as a matter of fact, we bought her CA necklace there for her graduation.  and it dawned on me she does not have a WA one. (type in frankie boutique and “like” them)


i know.  this is a lot more than what i posted for the boy section.  buy hey, shopping for girls is so much more fun.  admit it.  oh, and in case she is reading this… brooke, you are not getting everything on this post…haha.

happy monday.


my 2015 list of teen guy gifts…

every year i ask mason, “what do you want for Christmas?”.  his response, “i don’t know.”

why do i keep asking?  i keep getting the same answer.

and no, he is not getting a car!!!!!  you’d be surprised how many kids at 15 have a car in their garage or driveway waiting for their license.  nope.  not our kid.  he’s saved enough money for a car with bad tires and an engine that probably won’t start…haha.  but we are working on that.  he’s making money wherever he can.  next week he’s working for one of his grandpa’s hauling tree branches from our last storm.  way to go mason sterling!

oh, back to Christmas.  i have seen people ask on fb what to get their kids for their birthdays. i figured i’d just find some cool stuff (according to me, his mom) and post it now and then i will have it for reference for Christmas and birthday.  and fyi, these things are not the typical wish list items  you see on tv (ie: hover board, phones, electronics, etc)… these were carefully found.  hehe

so this year i’ve taken it on myself to do a little fun research on what do kids at age 15 want/need.  they already have cel phones,  game consoles, clothes on their back, socks on their feet (well, some of his are good… many have holes in them… better add to this list below).  they have no idea that when we were kids we got pajamas and clothes and coloring books for Christmas.  oh, and matching slippers.  and then one good present.  not that expensive, but something we wanted so so so bad.  i remember my first record player.  it came with an album from Ronco.  my favorite song was disco duck.  then my parents took me to the mall to get a couple of records… ACDC,  Fleetwood Mac and Shaun Cassidy were my first 3 picks.

ok, back to boys gifts…

here you go.  you are welcome.  i think.


we love the seattle seahawks.  how about this?  it comes with fake muscles.  i like it.  the open arms allow your kid to play video games for hours.  that was a joke!

december8tux sweats

i can’ totally see my kid in this.  although he would not want it to count as a Christmas gift.  i’m pretty sure.  still, it’s funny… and could come in handy some day.

december8baseball chair

how cool is this chair?  i think we would need two.  one for mason and one for greg.


cat tees?

oh yes.  i’ve got to get one of these for him.  there are so many to choose from.  but i liked “cool cat” and “kitty mcmuffin” the best.  you probably won’t understand if you don’t have a cat.


hydro flask.  every athlete at brooke’s college uses these.  she bought one for mason for his birthday in blue.  gotta get the wide mouth one.  holds ice and cold water for hours.  he wants another one for baseball season.  they are kind of spendy for water bottles, but trust me, they work better than any other bottle on the market.  i want one in white for myself.  after all, i’m sitting in the sun watching them play sports.  i deserve to be hydreated.  right?

oh, and buy stickers.  they put stickers all over them in southern cal.  the kind like skateboarders put on their boards.  or


i did order these for the kids.  shhhhh.  don’t worry, they never read this. i think they look cool.  and if they don’t like them, i will use them.  good plan.


my dad (who was a dentist) would be proud i’ve included a toothbrush in my list.  love this.  a toothbrush and a water fountain in one.


my kids lose flash drives all of the time.  ok, so do i.  how about this one.  it’s a bracelet.  if they keep it on their wrist, they won’t bother you at 9pm at night asking you to run to office depot to get one for their project due in the morning.  they are cheap too!  stocking stuffer?


slammo.  they compare it to volleyball for some reason.  not sure why.  oh well.  my kids love games.  they play this type of stuff in our neighborhood all of the time.  and like bringing games to the beach in the summer.  i’m pretty sure greg and i might have an actual chance at winning something with this.  ok, who are we kidding?  they will crush us!


I keep telling my boy that chicks dig guys that play the guitar.  one year we gave both of the kids guitars.  do they use them?  no.  but maybe he will read this and hear about the “picking up chicks” part and will start playing.

december8french fry holder

i should probably buy one of these for each of the family members.  they love French fries and ketchup.  i’ve always said that if my car ever went over an embankment i would live for weeks just fine off of the fries and gummy bears between my car seats.  i know it’s gross.  i challenge you to see what’s down there in your car.  i rest my case.

december8frosted flakes

speaking of food… this is mason’s new fav cereal.  and for some reason i think it’s healthier by the advertising.  um, hello… isn’t it sugar coated???  oh well.  energy clusters.  that sounds good for him.  we always wrap up cereal as gifts.  it’s a fisher thing.  or your local grocery store.

december8God socks

God socks.  that’s what i call them.  i love these.  makes me feel like he’d be protected at all times.  after all, his socks are very holy (get it… lots of holes…he’s 15 and very active).  these are what we are also getting for his youth group leader.

december8dorito socks

of course you can find really fun socks here too…

december8 bose speaker

our kids saw these when they were with their grandma in palm desert over thanksgiving.  she waited to get them.  then the price went up.  yes, the prices on black friday are generally lower than the next week.  but today on line, they are on sale again.  i sent a photo to my mom.  if they both get them, can you imagine how loud our house will be over the holidays?  rap music.  country music.  Christian music.  top 40.  and once in a blue moon we get 70’s and 80’s classics.  yes.


yes, this is a towel warmer.  yes, my kids love warm towels.  do you know that years ago i used to put their towels in the dreyer to heat them up at night if they took a bath.  i don’t know what i was thinking.  and yes, i’m thinking they’ve forgotten about that super power of mine (warm towel mom).  hopefully.  if not, i will be glad to say you can get this brookstone one with their Christmas money.


i listened to the radio the other day.  it was on the Christian station.  i was absolutely in awe of this guy and what he had to say about boys.  and his sons.  and what we should be teaching them that for some reason we forget because life is busy.  i immediately ordered this book.  told my neighbor about it.  she ordered two for her sons.  then i bought the last one at our local bookstore for mason’s youthgroup leader.  then i told my mom about it.  she ordered one for my nephew.  then i posted about it on facebook and people are going wild.  i say we support this amazing dad and thank jonathan catherman for the fun advice for our boys. (or if you live in Gig Harbor, WA please support our local Christian bookstore, Dightman’s… they will get it for you if you call them at (253)858-9477)


well, that’s it for tonight.

i haven’t washed my hair in 3 days and have a party tomorrow.  yes, i did shower in case you were wondering.  i’m sure there are tons of things my son would like.  and to be honest with you, he actually appreciates most gifts given to him.  he has a big heart.  and if you are reading this mason… i’ll try to go to your fav stores for you… VANS, ZOOMIES, TARGET, SPORTS STORES OF ALL KINDS, etc.

happy wednesday.


I can’t wait for our mother/daughter Christmas moment…

brookie comes home in 9 days.


i want to decorate her room.

i always put twinkle lights in my kids rooms.  have since they were little.  it’s a sign of the holidays.

thanks for the idea


and bake her a cake.

our family loves cake.  a lot.  it’s our thing.

thanks for the yummy photo

she has requested “time with mom” and “good food”.

i can do that.

and i can’t wait.

i need those things too.

happy tuesday.


did someone ask me to help plan a PINK party…

december6 happy art

a party?  ok.  a PINK party?  heck ya!!

my aunt called me and asked if i’d help her plan a party for my cousin’s youngest daughter.  her name is Annika.  we call her anni.  she has a heart like no other.  she’s a lover of God.  she’s a friend to many.  she always puts family first.  she loves deeply.  she hugs large.  she would do anything for the ones she loves…. and probably for most strangers if asked.

anni lost her mom a few years ago.  over night.  shocked everyone.  and truthfully i believe it’s what made our empire of women in the family who we are today.  we all do for each other.  anni is the one who grieves openly.  she puts it out on social media.  she talks about her mom all of the time.  I love it.  she’s doing great.  she’s a senior in college.  she’s smart and beautiful (inside and out).  she has a smile and a laugh that draws you in.  so, it was so much fun to hear we are planning a party for her.  cousin Chrissy will be smiling down on us the whole time.  she is so proud of her kids. all 4 of them.  but Annika is the one that actually asked her grammie (my aunt) if we could gather the girls and celebrate her day.  and don’t worry, we will make everything happy and pink.  just the way anni will love it.

december6 pink nails

it was a no brainer that i said YES to help being a party planner.  i was just supposed to plan the pedicure appointments.  that seemed easy enough.  one phone call.  done.  but that’s not my style.

suddenly i find myself out today looking for pink things.  it was so much fun.  i had forgotten how much i like pink!  i think we all need to get our pedicures in various shades of pink.

december6 pink converse

if i had a pair of these i swear i would wear them.  i love them.  pink converse.  yes, please.  hint hint for Christmas to my family perhaps?

december6 pinkflipflopsoldnavy

i think we should get these for everyone attending the party.  cheap.  cute.  who doesn’t need flip flops?

december6 pinkblankety

and if we were wearing flip flops, Annika would be so cold.  she would need a pink furry soft princess blanket to cuddle up in.  after all, the day time pedicure has now turned into a sleepover.

december6 pajamas

i might just have to splurge and get these jammies.  ok, tracy.  this party is not for you.  maybe i’ll get anni the jammies.  everyone likes to receive a victorias secret pink bag.

december6 pink solos cup

how cute are these cups?  pink solo cups.  add white dots.  the kind you buy at the office supply store for your yearly garage sale.  i probably have a few thousand of them somewhere in our garage or our kitchen junk drawer.  just have to find the cups.

www,  this will find solo cups in all colors.  i love google. and i love crafting.

december6 pinkcakeplate

and i love this cake plate.  but that would be for me.  one day.  when i can convince my husband that pink looks great in a kitchen.  i mean, who would even notice.  everything is mismatched around here anyway.

december6 pinkicecreammaker

can you imagine if i bought this and brought it.  haha.  wishful thinking.  but my oh my i want this for my little cottage on the water some day.  some day, pretty please?

december6 pinkricekrispie

hello yum.

december6 pinkrecord

we could play music all night long.  we have old records at our family beach place.  frank Sinatra.  sugar hill gang.  good classics.  actually, brooke has asked for one of these for the past two years.  hmmmm.  possible gift?

december6 unicorn  head

can you imagine if i bought this for Annika?  she would probably hang it above her dorm room bed.  i love it.  now i want a pink room.  can i just please have a pink closet?  with a pink velvet chair?  and a pink unicorn head?

december6 pencils

i need to start thinking of gifts.  these are $12 on etsy.  or if you go to oriental trading you can order them with your own sayings, or personalize with a name.  or


i’m done.

i’m pinked out.

i can hardly wait for the party.

i’ll take one of everything above.  please AND thank you.

happy monday.


ok girls. here’s my “gifts for your grown up guys” 2015 list…

first let me start by saying…

yes, my husband would love a new Porsche, a rolex watch and a trip to every baseball field in the US.

but that’s just not going to happen this year.

what will happen?

something fun.  something that makes him think “i still got it”.  something that makes me remind him he’s a guys-guy and can hang with the best of them.  something for him (and not about me).

december6 bs button

let’s get this party started.  who doesn’t need a BS button.  when he’s sitting in his big chair, watching sports, sipping a beer and the kids are yelling and the solicitors are calling and the employees that work under him are texting… oh, and there’s me in the background too.  i’ll admit.  he could use this!  $8


the beverage dispenser.  i can totally see one of our guys walking around with this on.  filling up their friends… oh, and us ladies.  better put something girlie on one of the sides.  $43


i can’t believe we don’t own this game yet.  we’ve played it with our cousins at the beach.  very inappropriate for kids.  but i’m sure mine have probably seen it… even played it.  gotta pick our battles.  so, we would need the first edition. $10

ps. also available at Walmart.  who doesn’t love going to walmart this time of year.  so entertaining.  and fun.  to all those walmart haters… i say, “try it.  you’ll like it!”


oh yeah.  i might also want one of these.  a bottle opener AND a phone charger all in one.  $16.99


fitbit.  everyone has them.  not my husband.  and mine is missing.  hmmmm… maybe it should never have been taken off of my wrist.  isn’t that the point?  keep in on and keep walking!  i think it would be fun to have matching fitbits.  i know i said this wouldn’t be about me.  but this is romantic.  right?  hey, we’ve been married almost 23 years.  romance comes in many forms.  $79-$148.11  or at for a little bit more (but don’t have to ship… just have to drive 4 miles… and i can get laundry detergent and dishwashing soap there too).

december6get ripped

the isometric exercise trainer.  under the category of “get ripped”.  muscles.  yay.  i might get one of these for both of my men in my life (aka father and son).  $70 (although it said it’s on sale for a few days more for $49.99 on their site)


omG.  have you tried these?  steak burgers from kansas city steaks.  when mason was a baby and i was trying to nurse (oh, is that too much information???  let me tell you, he became a bottle fed baby in no time), i was sitting in front of the tv crying (because that’s what women do when they have a new born in their lap who is crying, a 3 year old running around, and they are sitting on the sofa and nothing fits and they have no gift for their husband for his birthday)… and i turned the station to qvc.  yes, the shopping channel.  no comments please.  admit it… you all stop on that channel from time to time.  anyway, i saw these steak burgers on sale. and i ordered them.  i truthfully at that moment in time did not care if they were good or not..

as if you couldn’t tell by the photo above, they were awesome!  i’m salivating just thinking of them.  note to self:  order more.  quick!  by the way, we ate the whole case in less than a month.  by that time i could fit into my stretchiest pants and get to the store for groceries.  haha.  $34.95-$109.95  or go to


monogrammed cocktail glasses.  double old fashioned ones.  these would look so awesome on our bar.  and very mad men looking.  cool guys serve spirits in cool glasses.  at least they do on tv.

oh, and if I get him 4, lined up they will say FFFF (for our family motto of fisher forced family fun).  $43 (on sale now for $29.99).  two in a set.


greg and I don’t ski.  after back surgery I hung up the skis.  but when we did, we had so much fun.  for the skier guy in your family, these would be fun.  especially if you made them yourself with old skis from the past.  oh, or maybe even water skis.  you could get a lot of wine bottles on a water ski… or a snow board ski.  now we’re talking.  $58


yes, a practical gift.  of course i would make it a little bit more personal with a fun disc that had his initials hanging from it.  your keys and screw driver all in one place.  great college grad gift too.  you could use the screw drivers as weapons in case you are mugged.  i wasn’t actually going there originally, but it is a good idea.  admit it.  $11.99


nba slam dunk mini hoop.  my husband has an office at his work.  although he’s usually out on the floor selling Harley Davidsons this time of year and not sitting in his chair shooting baskets.  but if he did have the time, this would be fabulous.  come to think of it, wouldn’t this be fun to put in your guest bathroom?  oh, maybe you have a fancy home.  but ours is perfect for this type of thing.  ok, maybe that’s weird.  $26.97-$62.44 (those are random prices.  just sayin)


season tickets to the Tacoma Rainiers 2016 baseball games.

or even one game.

it’s our local team.  the seattle mariners move players up from this club.  it’s really cool to watch the new talent.  and it’s like old school baseball we used to go to.  hot dogs and a pop (or beer).  a new cap (things are actually affordable at the team shop).  outdoor fun.  and it’s only 7 minutes away from our home.

gotta support local. for more info.

december6shower squid

and these.  shower squids.  love them.  need to buy as gifts for other people too this year.  i’m so darn tires of all of the crap (sorry for the bad word) in our shower.  there’s stuff everywhere.  little bottles that are free gifts.  big bottles that are actually empty (doesn’t anyone other than me notice that?).  razors that fall on the ground when the water is turned on.

omG.  i need to just get this.  not for a Christmas gift.  a gift for me (the cleaning lady).


of course i had to add one sappy gift.  i want my kids to write in this while their writing still looks like them.  not adult like yet.  i wish i didn’t have to admit that, but they never really write.  they text.  they do everything with voice or touch.  and i know greg would love it.  $12


that’s it for now.

so many cool, fun things that i wanted to show you.  but you have google.  just type in 2015 best men’s Christmas gifts.

this week i will be posting teen gifts.  how fun is that?

until then, go enjoy your sunday.

yay, the seahawks won!!!!!


my 2015 Christmas list. each item under $50…

you probably already know this about our family, but greg and i have had a deal for 18 years.  it started when brooke was born.  suddenly it was more fun to buy gifts for the baby.  the rule is this… each Christmas we have to buy each other at least two gifts.  we can’t go over $50 total.  and they can’t just be goofy gifts.  we have to put a little thought into it.  it’s just what “we” do.  the kids are a whole different story.  but still, we are not a family of massive gift buying.

  i always felt sorry for our kids but then again we have a fun quirky side of our family that i think the kids like more.  for instance, one year we needed a new toilet seat.  greg and i went to target.  wrapped a few rolls of tp around it until it was big and puffy.  then wrapped it in Christmas wrap and a big bow.  the kids could barely handle it.  for two weeks it sat under the tree with their names on it.  they could not figure out what it was.  imagine their surprise when they unwrapped this special gift.  hahahaha.  still laugh about that.

last year i posted some things i like.  and i think brookie peeked.  and told the boys.  because i got a few of those items.

and they said it made gift buying for me a lot easier.

well, in case anyone is “peeking” at my blog, here you go…


i mean really.  doesn’t this just say it all? (also saw at our local ace hardware store in gig harbor)  $12

december5card book

are you like me and have a ton of gift cards, rebate certificates, business cards, etc. in the bottom of your purse and in the ash tray of your car?  well, why didn’t i think of this idea myself?  love it. especially in pink.  $14.66 (it’s on sale… yay)


i love love love this tee.  and it’s from one of my favorite websites.  since i was born in CA., i think i need this.  in size xl.  big and baggy.  $27.95


have you seen my white converse lately?  they are a mess.  dirty (yes, washed 100 times).  worn out.  love them, but need a new pair.  last year greg and the kids got me turquoise ones.  love them.  but this year i’d like a new pair of white.  size 9.5 please.  low top.  they would go great with my CA tee.  hint hint.  $49.95

december5 timex watchdecember5alex and ani

i’ve been talking about getting a timex watch.  love the nostalgia.  and my gold and brown watch broke.  insert very sad face.  it was a tortoise Michael kors watch greg bought me for my 45th bday.  i saw this one as i was ordering my kids a Christmas gift on amazon.  it would look so cute with my gold ALEX and ANI bracelets i wear.  by the way, those bracelets are at nordstrom and under $50.  or this new pineapple one was on pinterest, but i don’t know where to get it.  maybe their website?  ok, i’ll post the photo next to the watch just in case.  $45.55 (watch)  and  $? (bracelet)


well, since we are talking about one of my favorite things… the pineapple.  i love this candle.  as a matter of fact i love anything lauren Conrad suggests.  do you know she like timex watches too?  and she’s from laguna beach?  we could so be friends.

i’d like the pineapple, tuberose or laguna beach scent if i had to choose.  just sayin.  $24

december5cake plate

oh how i love cake plates.  one day i want a big white kitchen with gray marble and lots of cake plates holding cupcakes and fruit.  notice my priority?  cupcakes first.  haha.  we have a home goods store by our house.  let’s just say it is very dangerous for me to enter.  and they have tons of cute cake plate.  ahhhhhh.  $oops, can’t find the price.

december5piggy bank

and a piggy bank.  as cute as this.  so i can save all of the money i find laying around the house, and in the washing machine.  i swear i would save more if i had something cute to put it in.  hey, i might even buy one for each of my kids.  it’s that cute.  $14.66 (not sure i believe this price…. way too cute… should be over $50)


that’s my list.

get shopping family.

oh, that’s right, you can only spend $50.  darn.

happy saturday.