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so many photos…



i’m working on a project for brooke’s 18th birthday.  in may.

looking through hundreds of old photos.  spending hours reminiscing about the past.  little kids.  seems like so long ago… yet, just yesterday.


and it dawned on me…

why aren’t these photos framed?  why aren’t they hanging in my home for me to look at every day.


i just need to figure out a fun way to hang them.


do i want them framed in black?  or white?


or make a piece of art out of them?


what rooms do i put them in?  more than one?


or do i try a new project?  this one looks fun. and i can print it out at home.  how cool is that?

all i know is i need to at least start forming a small pile of the ones i want to look at every day.  then i will decide what project to take on.  i’ve got hours of pile making looking at me.  and i can’t wait.

happy wednesday.


p.s. you can find these ideas (and the creator of them) on my pinterest site…


yay. i’m back…



Fisher Forced Family fun.

i thought it was only appropriate to start my new blog with a photo of our family.   my happy place.  my most prized possession.

you see, i had a blog for YEARS.  i paid every few months when they reminded me.  that’s how i roll.  yes, i am unorganized.  but i figure i have a lot of other great qualities about me, so this one tiny thing is not a big deal.  at least to me.  anyway, a few month go my father got sick.  long story.  i will introduce you to his memory later.  i sat with him.  i listened to hours upon hours of great stories.  i learned the importance of “time”.  he passed.  i grieved.  i am still sad.  but my website did not know.  and they canceled my blog.  the one that had years of photos and memories and stories.  i cried for that too.

then i realized… the memories are in my head.  i have photos on my phone and in my computer.  i can tell the stories to my kids as i remember them.  and i kind of like that!

we traveled to CA this past thanksgiving.  the 4 of us.  and celebrated my dad’s life with some of his family.  oh boy, do i have some great stories now.  and funny how their dad had different scenarios than his brother, my dad.  we laughed.  we celebrated.  we shed a tear.  then we gave thanks for family.


my husband and kids know i’ll never force them.  i don’t have to.  FFFF is just part of us now.

can’t wait for our next FFFF adventure.

photo (10)photo (10)photo (10)

happy tuesday.