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an angel and a snowman walked into a bar…

ok, that was supposed to be funny.

but actually an angel and a snowman were painted and went to good homes.


this one went to an angel of a gal.  an amazing mom of 4 and a wife to a man that i used to babysit when i was a kid.  funny how we all grow up into adults.  he is a dentist now.  how does that happen.  anyway, she is an angel to many.  and this fit her perfectly.  wish you could read all of the words, but my photography skills aren’t what they used to be.  i need to get a real camera.  these phone cameras just don’t do artwork justice.  merry Christmas bradie and family.  you are loved.


this one went to a family who decorates their home like nobody else i know.  i love it.  we have been known to secretly rearrange their reindeer in their front yard into inappropriate scenes.  all my husband and sons idea.  haha.  i learned when starting this piece that the husband’s father started the decorating tradition with him when he was a young boy.  and he just lost his father.  when i found this poem on line “Let every day be Christmas…” i knew it had to be the focus.  and it’s so true.  merry Christmas gehring family.  enjoy the holidays with all of your fun décor.

both families have said they want to hang these all year round.

i think i need a piece of Christmas art to hang all year round.  great idea.

happy tuesday.


hello yellow…


i love yellow.  because brooke went through a “yellow” stage when she was little.  she had to wear these yellow jeans every day.  she sees them in photos now and asks why i would dress her like that.  um, hello.  yellow.  your choice.

and she used to sing…  you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are GREG (after her dad) to mason when he was a baby.

so, you ask why i like yellow?

memories of her childhood.  the sun.  it’s a happy color.  just that.

sign available on

december17artists i like book

what a great book.  i want it.


i ate lemon pudding cake throughout my whole pregnancy with mason.  even named it “pregnant with mason lemon dessert”

(it’s in my cookbook.  and yes, I have a bout 20 left in stock if anyone needs a Christmas gift.  just email me)

note to self:  make that dessert soon. very soon.

or go to the store and buy lemon gelato.

can make your own if you like.  sounds kind of easy.

thanks for the recipe


i’m smiling just looking at these.

must buy at

fyi… that’s a website i will be spending money on next year.  love the home stuff.


i know i might possibly be the most unorganized person in my home.

hey, you try working out of your home.  easiest to just have one messy place that only i know where things are.  and that is my studio/office in a nutshell.

but i’m good when it comes to organizing for others.  and that makes me happy.  so i might need this.

note to future bosses… i am very organized in the work place!  just wanted to let you know.


love love love.

and it’s from my favorite shop in my favorite town in the world.

thanks tuvalu in laguna beach, ca.

coming to see you next month…


well, it’s raining outside.  again.  like every other day this week.

that’s washington state for you.

maybe i should have put this on my Christmas list.

thanks for making the rain fun


well, i have 10 hours to decorate our home for broooke’s arrival.

gotta get making the popcorn cake i posted about yesterday.

happy thursday.


celebrate with cake…


love this quote.

i actually want to paint it on a canvas for my kitchen some day.

our family loves cake.

don’t quite know when it started but we make lots of cakes.

unless it’s your birthday, you get a donut.

yep.  donut.  not cake.

that’s the way we roll.

december16popcorn canke

brooke comes home tomorrow night.  yay.  yay.  yay.

what a great excuse to make a cake.

i’ve been wanting to make this cake for years.

never do.

but will do now.

she is worth it.

no eggs in the recipe, but… popcorn, marshmallows, butter, m&m’s, pretzels…. hello, does it get any better than this?

i don’t think so.

thanks for the recipe.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

happy wednesday.


i am crafty. i’ll bet you are too…


i’m going out to the beach this winter and gathering rocks.  lots of rocks.  heart shaped.  wishing ones with circles.  all kinds.  and i’m making a bowl of these.  and when someone needs a few words of encouragement (including myself) i will give them away one by one through the year.  then gather more when they are gone.

thanks for the idea:

november20glassontablewith photos

our kitchen table is round.  it’s chocolate brown.  and white leather chairs.  i love it.  but the table has a huge piece of glass on top.  i’m always washing it.  then it dawned on me… wouldn’t it always be sparkly clean if i put a whole bunch of black and white photos underneath the glass?  well, maybe.  at least it wouldn’t look as dirty or smudged.

thanks for the idea:

november20watches onwinebottle

i love watches.  so does greg.  what a fabulous idea for our bedroom or bathroom.  that way we can see what we actually have.  and wear them all.

thanks for the idea:

november20photos in frame

love love love this idea.  photos in one frame.  i need to do this for brookie for Christmas.  maybe one for my mom too for all of the CA trips we take.  we have such great memories and photos.  but the photos just sit in a box.  i need to get them out quick and get started on this project.  maybe even one for mason of all of his sports over the last 15 years.  love!

thanks for the idea:


speaking of gifts.  i just found brookie’s G-EASY ticket from last years concert.  well, it’s actually a print out from the computer.  why don’t they hand out tickets like they used to.  remember all of those years when you had to actually stand in line and pay for one with cash?  and if you couldn’t get one,  you had to call radio stations for hours hoping you’d win a ticket or two (um, I never won.  that’s a bummer).  but i’ve always wanted to do this for her.  i wish i’d saved my old concert tickets and i’d decorate my house with tickets from fleetwood mac, poison, brett michaels, some random country guy who is probably famous now that we went to see on a whim, hewey lewis, neil diamond (haha…  my ex boyfriends mom took me), keith urban, and so many others i can’t even remember now because i’m so angry i didn’t save the tickets.  this could also be cool for washington state football tickets and seahawks tickets too!

p.s.  i swear i did go to some really cool concerts.  i just can’t remember.  it’s been too long.

thanks for the idea: (forgot to write the name of the site down, but you can find it)


i’m so excited to get crafty again.

happy friday.


5 things i need to get me through the 12th…


since i have said yes to painting for an event on nov.12, i think i will need a few things…

this tee.

love it.

gotta get it.

it says it all… NOPE!

i’m not taking any personal orders until after the 12th.

and yes, i will be able to have a few pieces finished by Christmas for those who are waiting.

just email me at with your request.

i’ll let you know if the answer is “yes” or “nope”.

remember i am just one person.

(photo from pinterest.)


these necklaces will surely help with my prayers for time management.

(photo from pinterest)


i broke my favorite watch the other day.

the one greg gave me years ago for my birthday.

i loved it.  tortoise shell.  funky.  nobody i knew had one like it.  individual.  like me.  insert tears.

so, time for a new watch.

how about a timex for my next piece.

i love bringing back the old school stuff.

and i think this one is adorable.

( website provided this photo…. love love love her site)


i will need some new note cards.

these will be to write all of my thank you’s to friends who will be driving my kid around for me.

no, I have not asked you.  yet.

you will get a text or a call.

i will sound frantic.  then you will know.


i do promise to trade you for some home baked cookies though.  mason has requested i still bake cookies during this crazy time.  ok son… for you… of course.



then i will proceed to do what this mug says.

love it.



wish me luck!

oh, and YES… i will post art for sale after the 12th on this site.

and will also answer my emails regarding special orders at that time also.

happy wednesday.


vacation plans made. i love the desert…

october19palm desertg

palm desert here i come.

can’t wait to see my brookie baby.

just a few more weeks.

when i looked for new fun palm springs art, this popped up.  it was for a show a few years back that donated proceeds of the evening to a the artists cause.  and that is a great thing in itself.  barbie was featured all over the springs.  loved it.  wish i’d been there.  hilarious.  tongue and cheek art is lost these days.  everyone is afraid to paint humor.  afraid of what others say.  hey, people  use the “f” word all of the time.  people need to lighten up.  art is art.  if you don’t like it, that’s okay.  if you like it, then buy it and help support your local artist.

october19palm desertcoctober19palm desertboctober19palm desertc

this year i want to buy a fun blow up toy for the pool.

so many fun choices. and

october19palm desert kate spade

then i’m going to walk the strip.  okay, that sounds bad.  what i meant to say is… take my walk down el paseo and daydream about all of the fancy things i want to buy one day.

if i won lotto, i swear i would still like the same quirky things.

might just have to see how much these kate spade polka dot glasses are.  and

october19palm deserta

then there is cocktail time by the pool with my friends.

best part of these friends, is that i am the youngest one at the table by at least 20 years.

way to bring back my youth.

and i always try out a new recipe on the crew.

this year… lobster rolls!

cute, little ones.  bite size.  adorable.


well, that’s it.

enough about dreaming of my trip.

time to take mason to baseball practice.

and i’d better get painting.

i have an art show at bellarmine high school (ladies night) on thursday, november 12.

yes, i will post art on line too.

happy tuesday.