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art tells a lot about a person…


i love art.

i’m sure you’ve figured that out by now.

you can tell a lot about a person by the art they display in their home.

or the pieces they wish they had.

speaking of coveting art…

these are 7 pieces of art that i love.,,, and wish i had.

especially this one.  i love love love doughnuts.

as a matter of fact if i was given the chance to take one last bite of any food in the world it would probably be a voodoo doughnut from portland, oregon… definitely the maple bar topped with bacon.  sweet and salt.  yum.

and if i owned this piece of art, i would hang it in my kitchen.

and i’d put doughnuts under a glass dome for display… and an occasional tasting when friends stopped by.


“whatever” has been my word of the week.

it makes me giggle.


i love palm springs.

one day i will live there.  greg and the kids agreed.  hopefully soon.

and i want a cute little bungalow with a pool and a big blow up swan.

and lots of palm trees.


i’ve always loved this piece.

simple…  pedicure and pool.  really?  does it get any better than that?


and i want this sign to hang directly above my white leather king size bed.

and yes, i will occasionally eat a piece of cake in bed.


and this will hang over my bar cart on our patio.


that’s the way i want to roll.

i think my choice in art says it all.

happy wednesday.


ps… if you want to know where i found the art above… go to my pinterest page.  easy as that.


time to love ME…


slept in.

sipped an iced coffee (with one stevia and a little cream).

put on work out pants and tank.

didn’t work out.

cleaned kitchen.

did laundry.  lots of laundry.

got brooke and her friend to take mason to baseball.

cleaned bathroom.

just starting painting.  one piece to finish.  4 more to start.

I should paint the words above on a canvas.  good reminder for us “moms” that do it all… for everyone else.

opened up the windows in our home.

and saw this on the novogratz facebook page.

thank you.  i think i will love me today.

happy tuesday.


tshirts… yes. no. yes?


years ago i had a tshirt line.

(oh, and i was younger and had dark brown hair.. haha)

it was a line of inspirational sayings for college girls.

i loved it.  it was my third child.

but things happened along the way.

always wished it could have worked out the way i imagined.

i believed in it.

a company in florida said yes (start designing).


yes. they wanted it.

how about maternity.



jan 11 its a coug baby

amazon said yes.

thank you


and girls wore them.  (thank you model lauren smith.)

they said yes.

thanks girls.

but then one day it was no.

just no.

no to all of it?


i worked so hard.

i was so proud.

i said yes.  why couldn’t they keep saying yes?

so, i just went back to painting.  what i knew.

because i did not know the tshirt business.

or so i thought.

creative differences i would call it.


i just got a call.

YES.  maybe?


someone new took over the college line.

and they want to talk.  maybe.  hopefully.

i hear they say timing is everything.

and oprah always says success is when preparation meets opportunity.

i’m prepared this time.

and i think there is an opportunity.

go figure.

can you see me jumping up and down.  and laughing.  and cheering it on?

now i’m older.

and wiser.

and riskier.

and quicker.

and certainly more ready to roll!

stay tuned.

you just might see the T.FISHER tee’s in your college campus stores soon.

oh, by the way… how convenient.  perfect timing.  maybe God was waiting for me to have a college kid to wear one!


since this is the last time brooke modeled one for me.

note: braces on teeth.  yep, years have flown by.

can’t wait to see what the next step is in this journey of mine.

happy tuesday.




why do kids only get a time out…


i want a time out.

can’t use the car.

can’t come out of my room.

can’t answer the phone.

just “don’t do anything”… you hear me???

sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

happy friday.


ps….. I just discovered this artist… ASHLEY LONGSHORE.  my new favorite obsession.  take a peek at her art.  you will love it too.  I promise.