Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

i’m obsessed with baseball tee’s…



i wish i had this for tonight.

because i am at home.

yes, on a friday night.

home alone.  greg at work until tomorrow night.  kids at friends homes.  and i am painting away.  but it would be so much for fun to paint in this tee.  I am going to order it in the new year.  available at www.skreened.com.


i do have wine though.

and i do have this tee.

i ordered it a few months back from www.keep.com.  love love love it.  wear it all of the time.  people ask where i got it.  i tell them i saw it on facebook and for the first time in my life got out my wallet and said “that is mine!”.




then there is this favorite.

i am a california girl.  born in laguna beach.  i had to have it.  once i found out brooke would be moving to california next fall, i ordered it for her.  and of course i said to myself, “why not… get one for yourself.”  and i did.  from www.saltandpeppertees.com.  my favorite part is the story of the girls who own this company.  i’m jealous.  i wish i had done that when i was younger.  dream big… reach for the stars!



and last but not least, my fav that i do not own yet.

i am waiting for baseball season to start.  the actual games.  so i can wear it with my converse sneakers and rolled up jeans.  i will be pulling up www.skreened.com in a month or two and will wait patiently for my favorite UPS man.  yay.

happy friday.