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i’m all about the app, ’bout the app…


the “app”etizer, that is!

here’s a great one for Christmas.

i make it every year.  it gets devoured real quick.  it’s that good.

i’m hoping to get my cookbooks attached to this site in the next two months.  it’s called APPETIZERS & DESSERTS… WHO NEEDS DINNER?  my kind of cooking.  this recipe is on page. 20 for those of you that have one.  until then, here’s the recipe.



1 whole wheel of brie (Trader Joe’s or Costco has the creamiest, smoothest, delicious… and best priced)

1 c. Kahlua

1 c. brown sugar, packed

1 c. chopped pecans

preheat oven to 350.  slice top off brie and place in a super cute, oven safe dish..  bake for 10-15 minutes.  while baking, bring Kahlua and brown sugar to a boil in a pan.  reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  add the pecans.  remove from heat.  take brie out of oven and pour Kahlua mixture over top.  sprinkle additional pecans over top just for fun.  serve with crackers.  it’s great hot or at room temperature.  enjoy!

happy wednesday.


i want a cool, hip home for the holidays…


why can’t my home look this cute during the holidays?

1. i am finishing up art that is being delivered tomorrow.  I paint like a crazy person the entire month of December and swear I will not do it again the following year.  and I do.  I just do.

2. everything we own seems to be a hand-me-down from my childhood.  funny thing is, my mom brings over her old Christmas things every year.  do I want them?  sure.  why not?  they have total memories.  so, each year we just add more and more old stuff.  funny.

3.  my house is not white inside.  once I decided I needed a dark red wall.  now it’s too hard to cover.  so, the rest of the walls are a great taupe color by restoration hardware.  and the one wall, yes the one you see when you enter our home, is red.  bright red.  ok, sure, that’s really no excuse now that i think of it…. one red wall would be perfect for the photo above!

4. we are trying to move.  yes, we want to put our home on the market in the next few months.  and I ask myself, “why put all that effort into decorating so beautifully… save it for our new place”… of course i probably won’t do it there either.

5. we have 4 Christmases every year.  yep, just like the movie with vince Vaughn and reece witherspoon.  just like that.  no lie.  and it used to bother me spending hours upon hours riding in the car.  and i would wrap the gifts to the person we were visiting 10 minutes before leaving.  and i would be all hot and sweaty by the time we left.  that’s another reason why our own home gets a bit neglected.  that reminds me… must watch 4 Christmases this week!

i think you get it.

i want to be ultra cool and hip.

but this year, once again, my home is just filled with a lot of my childhood history…. and love.  and that is good enough for me.

happy tuesday.


photo pinned from www.thehandmadehome.net