Daily Archives: February 11, 2015

here comes valentine’s day…


in richer (the years when we didn’t have kids or a house payment and went out to dinner at fancy restaurants every weekend, wearing new clothes we just bought for the occasion).

in poorer (this past year as he has climbed the ladder to get the job he’s been waiting for.  and me spending a fair part of my time hanging out with my dad before he passed away over the summer.   yep, finally getting back to the normal… hopefully back to richer… and getting our daughter off to school this coming fall).

in sickness (men with the common flu/cold are the worst.  i got it and stayed in bed for two days.  spent $10 on over the counter meds.  i even managed to get in the car a few times for the kids… in my pajamas… and even made sure they had food they could make themselves… he insisted on going to the emergency room because he thought his appendix was rupturing and saw 3 doctors leading up to being diagnosed with “the flu that everyone in town had” that he got from me).

and in health (thank God every day for our health).

till death do us part (we are hoping to live to 100 so we can get the opportunity to meet our grandchildren and vacation frequently… or just live in a cool nursing home with a pool, cinema, bowling alley, pizza parlor, salon, masseuse, etc… I need to open a place like that).

married since 1993.

2 kids.

and still together.

i think we did good.

oh, forgot to mention… in 21 years of marriage i have always planned valentine’s day (probably to meet my own girl expectations).  this year he did it.  all.  with a few hints from me of course.  i can’t wait to see what’s in store this saturday.

happy Wednesday.