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mmmmmm, burgers…


i want this now.

just printed off the recipe at

my favorite meal is a great burger.  i dream about them.  i talk about them.  i wish i could eat them 5 nights a week.  but i can’t.

so, when i promised the kids i would try one new recipe this week… of course it has to be a burger… and this one is it!  i’m sure the family will call me “super mom”.

happy wednesday.


ok, yes you can get a tattoo…


she’s 18.

she would have done it anyway.

so we did it together.


we talked it over.

and I liked her idea best.

little matching crosses on our wrists.


but guess what?

18 year olds don’t know EVERYTHING….

yes, you need your drivers license or some form of id to get a tattoo.  she almost started crying.  she apologized over and over.  i told her it was no biggie… no need to apologize.  i was still getting my tattoo.  and yes, i got mine.  she said she didn’t bring her purse since i was paying for it.  she didn’t think she needed money.  but you still need identification.  so she drove all the way home.  yes, without a license (no judging please).  and yes, learned a valuable lesson to always have it on her.


matching crosses.

she told me every time she looked at it…

she would remember…

to bring her purse.


the whole point was to REMEMBER EACH OTHER as she goes off to college this fall.

oh, well.  she does need to remember her purse too.

lesson learned.

i’ll never forget that day.

good times.

i wonder what tattoo mason will want when he turns 18.  hahahaha.

happy tuesday.




say “cheese”…


omG…. so true!

i went through my phase of “fake butter in a tub” in college.  truthfully i just didn’t know the difference.  and i was poor.  and i don’t even recall eating much butter.  the only time i purchased real butter was when we made popcorn (in our 70’s air popper… the one with the dome lid and you melt the butter on top as it’s popping).  my dad always said “ONLY use real butter, and a slight shake or two of salt when making popcorn. no subsitutions.”

i just went through a conversation about “fake friends” with my kids.  that was interesting to say the least.  haha.  good news is that they do know who their true friends are.


and cheese…



i’ve said it over and over again…

i like appetizers and desserts.

my new fav.  originally found in southern CA last fall.  just found it locally.  i’m very excited.  garlic basil cheese.  delish.

i say always go for the “real stuff”…. butter, friends and cheese!

happy friday.



well said…


i love to quote people in my artwork.

of course i have a few of my own quotes.

but not all are appropriate…haha.

as i wait for our daughter to finish her last few weeks of high school, i was inspired to paint a few pieces that had sayings i would like to say to her.

most sold at my art party the other day.

but at least i can have this photo to give her.

happy thursday.


we might be moving???



i want these bar stools.  even better yet, by a pool, at a bar….


we’ve been wanting to sell our home for awhile.

brooke goes to college this fall.  greg got a new job 2 hours north.  and mason plays baseball 40 minutes away.  and me?  well, i can paint anywhere.

why do we live in a house with a big yard?  with weeding that is never ending?  and a living room that nobody uses?

times change.  we are in a new season.

and my personal dream is to rent a little beach house somewhere.

so, today when greg and i just happened to be having coffee at a little coffee shop by our house.  let me say it isn’t very often we both go out for coffee.  and this dear old friend of mine walked in.  and we got to chatting.  and she said a friend of hers is looking to move to our area with their kids.  really?  do things happen like this out of the blue?  this is the perfect home for a family with little kids.  our neighborhood is amazing.  filled with kids, fun families.  the kind like we all grew up in … it’s gated so you can play all night until your parents call you in.  and everyone knows each other.  you can borrow sugar and t.p. from the person next door…haha.

oh, boy.  this sounds like we need to stay!  but, it’s time.  time for a new phase in life.

so, we will see.

until then, i got on pinterest and found a few fun things i want in my new place.  and i don’t want to forget.  because they are so cool…




















that’s a start.

i’ll let you know what happens with our home 🙂

happy monday.


18? alrady?


brooke turned 18 today.

and yes, i presented her with a donut and a candle at 6:00am this morning.  our bday tradition.

in honor of our sweet, kind, amazing daughter, I thought i’d say 18 things i love about her…

she is KIND.  she sticks up for her friends.  she always routes for the underdog.  she has a big heart.  she is a true sweetheart.

she loves her FAMILY.  she puts us first many times when we know she wants to “go out” or “meet friends”.  she likes us.  and loves us.

she is a CHRISTIAN.  she loves God.  and everyone knows that about her.

she has a LAUGH (giggle) like no other.  when you get her started she tilts her head back and lets it go.  her laugh makes others laugh.

she loves ANIMALS.  i swear she’d own a zoo if she could.  or at least 10 dogs and cats if we’d let her.  but she just has one cat (chance the rapper) and one beta fish (Russell Wilson).  she gives them more love than the whole family combined.

she is ARTISTIC.  not sure where she got that..haha.  she is always doodling and drawing.  i find the coolest things around the house.  we were thrilled when she took batik this year.  we’ve got some awesome art on our walls.

she loves to take PICTURES.  her camera is always pointing at something or someone.  i wish one day she’d make a book of her life based on photos and let the reader guess the story.

she wears FLIP FLOPS all year round.  that’s my fault. i do too.  she’s a CA girl at heart.  people ask her all of the time if she is cold and why she’s wearing flip flops… she says “yes, i’m cold, but i like them.”

she is going to COLLEGE this fall.  she chose Whittier College in So Cal.  it’s the perfect place for her. sunshine and beaches.  oh, and great education.

she drives a CONVERTIBLE.  a little Mitsubishi spider.  bought it used from a friend.  her dad took the dents and scratches out.  afraid to show the people that sold it to us because they gave us a great deal due to the dents and scratches.  oh, and she paid cash for half of it.

she MODELS.  her last few jobs paid quite a bit.  but what we love about her is that if her agency has a new photographer that needs to update their books, she will work for free to help them out and update hers.  she knows what it’s like to start out at the bottom and she never forgets the people that have helped her along the way.  she is looking forward to finding an agency in los angeles this summer.  can’t wait to hear all about it.

she loves LACROSSE.  she is an awesome player.  with the right coaches..haha.  inside joke.  she would love to play for her college next year and she mentioned that one day she’d like to coach a team of kids.  she would be so good.  she is inspirational and uplifting.

she loves to TRAVEL.  she has been many places iI’ve only dreamed about.  she loves the different cultures and meeting new people.  she wants to study abroad at least one of her semesters.  i wonder if she’d let me go with her.

she has the prettiest SMILE.  it lights up a room.  when she smiles at you, you know she likes you.  you will never second guess where you stand with her if you make her smile.

she loves TRADITION.  any time we ask her to participate because “it is tradition” she is all on board.  sometimes we just make up tradition because we are having fun and want to continue… so she makes it a tradition for us.  just ask her about our thanksgivings, our FFFF tshirts and donut birthdays… just to mention a few.

she has MANNERS.  she knows when to put her cel phone down.  she always hugs her grandparents when she sees them.  she says “please and thank you” a lot.  she knows which utensils to use when eating.  all of the little things we were taught as kids she somehow knows.  sometimes I think she’s an old soul.

she is FUNNY.  she watches a lot of funny shows on tv.  she loves jokes (and misses her grandpa’s jokes… as she was the only one that listened to them since they went on and on and on).  oh, and she is a prankster.

she loves her BROTHER, mason so much.  they are not only brother and sister; they are friends.  i know that if something ever happened to me that she would take care of him the same way I would.  they actually like hanging out together.  he is going to miss her so much next fall.

she wants a TATTOO for her 18th birthday.  and told us that she is now legal to get one.  and she is going to get one.  what am i to say… i have two myself.  so, today at 3:00pm we are both going in and getting little crosses on our wrists.  that way when we miss each other we can look at our crosses and smile.  no judgement please.

she loves her FRIENDS.  she would do anything for them.  she chooses friends wisely.  she has learned a few lessons on the way.  but if you are her friend, you will know it.  and you are lucky.

she is EVERYTHING we wanted and dreamed of in a daughter.  i know i went over the “18” things…. but i couldn’t help it.  i could have mentioned many more.

we wish her the best in life.  full of fun.  full of laughter.  full of travels.  full of dreams coming true.  GO GET EM GIRL!

FFFF love always,

mom, dad and mason


i want. i want. i want.


that was a long break.

i know.

i needed it.

soooooo much going on.  and these next few weeks i ill update you as much as i can.

but for now, i have to show  you these cute mugs ( i want one so bad!

while looking through pinterest, as i do whenever i’m overwhelmed and in need of calm, i found these.

i must get the “T” mug.

and a “B” mug for brookie’s dorm room (yes, she picked a college, yes i’ll get to that in a day or two).

i’m so excited my creative streak is back.

i missed it a lot.

happy wednesday.