Monthly Archives: June 2015

it’s HOT here. time for an adult root beer float!

photo (98)

it feels like it is 120 degrees out!!!

and we do not have air conditioning.  i always ask why people who lived in WA would have AC, but then a few weeks out of the year i get it.

taco salad is cooling in fridge.

and root beer popsicles with vanilla in the middle are in freezer.

rum is in pantry.

i’m ready for my adult root beer float!

happy monday.


saltandpeppertees… love love love. it’s the CA girl in me.


i love this tee.

i ordered one for myself months ago.  and got brooke one of her own.

we wear them all of the time.

love love love these tee’s.

i’m telling you… go to and get one.

or two or three.

tshirt 2tshirt 3tshirt 5

it’s hard to choose just one.

i can’t wait to order more…

tshirt 4tshirt 7tshirt 6

and i’m getting the cap for this summer too.

love my beach days.

and my CA soul.

happy wednesday.