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tshirts… yes. no. yes?


years ago i had a tshirt line.

(oh, and i was younger and had dark brown hair.. haha)

it was a line of inspirational sayings for college girls.

i loved it.  it was my third child.

but things happened along the way.

always wished it could have worked out the way i imagined.

i believed in it.

a company in florida said yes (start designing).


yes. they wanted it.

how about maternity.



jan 11 its a coug baby

amazon said yes.

thank you


and girls wore them.  (thank you model lauren smith.)

they said yes.

thanks girls.

but then one day it was no.

just no.

no to all of it?


i worked so hard.

i was so proud.

i said yes.  why couldn’t they keep saying yes?

so, i just went back to painting.  what i knew.

because i did not know the tshirt business.

or so i thought.

creative differences i would call it.


i just got a call.

YES.  maybe?


someone new took over the college line.

and they want to talk.  maybe.  hopefully.

i hear they say timing is everything.

and oprah always says success is when preparation meets opportunity.

i’m prepared this time.

and i think there is an opportunity.

go figure.

can you see me jumping up and down.  and laughing.  and cheering it on?

now i’m older.

and wiser.

and riskier.

and quicker.

and certainly more ready to roll!

stay tuned.

you just might see the T.FISHER tee’s in your college campus stores soon.

oh, by the way… how convenient.  perfect timing.  maybe God was waiting for me to have a college kid to wear one!


since this is the last time brooke modeled one for me.

note: braces on teeth.  yep, years have flown by.

can’t wait to see what the next step is in this journey of mine.

happy tuesday.




prom. baseball. now time for nap (pretty please with sugar on top).


prom 2015.

couldn’t have asked for better date…. and weather!


the girls.


yes, the boys are handsome too… just didn’t take a photo of their whole group.  oops.

lots of stories and history.

most of them she’s known her whole life.

and i love all of their parents.  two of the dads were actually in my own graduating class.  funny.

brooke’s prom and her date’s prom were on the same night so they went to his prom.  he chose everything.  the total gentleman.  “let me take care of it all…. dinner, friends, rides, picking her up, etc…. you just get the perfect dress.”  wow.

the dress.

oh the dress… didn’t we just spend an arm and a leg on another “the dress” for a different prom only a few weeks ago?  so, she found this one.  and bought it.  the only one she tried on.  the one she loved.  and i admit, she took our breath away.  what happened to our little baby?


this group was so much fun.

good kids.

she had the best evening ever.


she stayed out til 5:00am.  yep.  we were okay with that.

she wanted to stay out “all night”.

um, isn’t 5:00am ALL NIGHT???

no later than 5:00!


because she had to be in seattle at 9:00am the next morning for a model assignment.  don’t worry.  she got to nap when she got home.  one of life’s lessons… how to manage fun and work.  she will need to know how to do these things next year in college.

oh, and i forgot to mention her date is on some all district/state/something like that lacrosse team (aka… awesome lacrosse player) and he had a game the next day.  hahahaha.  i truly felt for the two.

but the fun of the night was worth it they said.


as brooke was getting ready for prom, mason came home from his second game of the day.

he was so happy.  had to tell us all about the game… or at least the last inning.

he was so excited that he forgot he hates posing for photos!

they were down by two points going in to final inning.

two outs.

mason up to bat.

he hit a single…

and scored two runs!!!


and they went on to actually win the game and place second in the tournament the next day.  they would have placed first but one bad inning did them in.  as greg says… “that’s baseball!”.

baseball blaze 2ndplace

he loves his team.

he’s the new kid.

the team has been playing for a few years.  they brought on 3 new players this year.  mason being one of them.

and he proved himself this weekend.  that’s for sure.

so, you wonder why i’m tired and need a nap…

but no.

no nap.

i’m painting.

because i’m behind on email.  way behind.  and missed some jobs that i shouldn’t have.  and i’m sorry.  but i love being a mom.  and if you are a mom you will understand.  sometimes our kids just get in the way of life…

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

oh, gotta run…

off to seattle to get brooke from her job (so she has a carpool rider in rush hour… my gift to her).

i hope i can have a nap later this week.  i think i deserve it.

happy monday.