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world’s BEST popcorn (according to my family)…

photo (107)

trust me.  it is!

i just made a batch the other night for the kids and their friends.  and it’s all gone today!  i wish i had doubled the recipe.  probably best i didn’t do that.  maybe i should not have eaten so much at each sitting.  but it was so darn good.  i just couldn’t resist!  don’t worry, the kids got a little bit.  haha


1 (3oz) microwave bag of tender white microwave popcorn (no butter flavor)

1 1/2 c. dry roasted peanuts

6 Tblsp. unsalted butter

1 c. white chocolate chips

3/4 c. light brown sugar

1/3 c. light corn syrup

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 c. creamy peanut butter (i like jif)

preheat oven to 250.  line cookie sheet with foil or parchment paper for easy cleaning.  pop popcorn and spread over baking sheet.  sprinkle peanuts over top.  set aside.  in pan, melt butter, white choc chips, brown sugar, corn syrup, salt and peanut butter.  stir until smooth.  pour over popcorn and peanuts.  bake for 15 min.  toss to coat.  bake another 15 min.  stir.  cool slightly.  you will be eating it already at this point trying to convince yourself you need to taste test it.

side note: if i don’t have unsalted butter on hand (like the other night) i use regular butter and reduce the salt by half (just a few shakes of salt is all i used on this batch because i used dry roasted peanuts with sea salt.

oh, and the cute glass cookie jar container in the photo is from pier 1 (  i have a few of them.  i write cute sayings on them and give them out as gifts.  the table runner is from pier 1 also, but from years ago.  love that print.  and last but certainly not least, the bowls are from my all time favorite store in the world…. anthropologie (  make sure you visit their sites… such cute kitchen stuff right now.


happy thursday.


love life and it will love you right back. but make sure you have the right people with you along the way…


couldn’t have said it better myself.  thanks amy poehler.

no, there is no hidden meaning in this post.

i was just hanging out with our kids this afternoon and the topic of “friends” came up.  i love when they share with me.  i sometimes feel for their generation and the impact social media has on friendships.  good and bad.  i just say… “day by day”.  that’s how you roll in life.  have dreams.  choose the right people in your corner.  and day by day you will get where you dream of going.  simple as that.

happy wednesday.



there’s still time for a “summer bucket list”, right?…


1. road trip to oregon

voodoo doughnuts in portland.  maple bar with bacon on top.

i’m salivating right now… yep, they are THAT good.

july28emerald downs

2. bet on “the gray horse”

at emerald downs in renton.

greg and I used to go on dates there 25 years ago.  our kids love it when we take them…  it’s been a few years since we’ve done that.  and I win just about every time when I bet on the gray horse.  seriously.

july28family vacation movie

3.  movie night

or day time.  i dont’ care.  i just know i want to see THIS movie with ALL 4 of us.  and have buttered popcorn and diet coke.

the original vacation movie with chevy chase was our family favorite when i was a kid.  i want our kids to have a family favorite of our own.  hoping it will beat our favorites so far… elf, step brothers, employee of the month… you get our humor.

july28safeco field

4. baseball in seattle

a mariners game.

just one this year.  love the outdoors.  love the fresh air.  love smelling the garlic fries (although hate the taste).  love the cold beer.  love the fans.  love it all.


5. something homemade

i love this box.  i saw it on pinterest.   i’m going to make my kids each one that fits their personality.  i’m thinking brooke will like the one above.  mason talks about going to college in cali so maybe they will both be the same.

either way, for some reason i’m feeling really sentimental lately and want to do something for my kids… from my heart.

5 weeks until brookie goes to college.

i’d better get started on this little bucket list of mine.

happy tuesday.


nordstrom. SAM. valentino. oscar. gucci. you rocked it brookie…

Nordstrom Designer Preview Fall 2015

yep.  that’s our brooke camille.

Nordstrom Designer Preview Fall 2015

she walked in the 2015 Nordstrom designer preview show last night.

at pier 91 in seattle.

benefitting the SAM seatte art museum.

one lucky girl.

Nordstrom Designer Preview Fall 2015

you know, my favorite oprah quote is…

“luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

The day before Nordstrom's Designer Preview Fashion ShowThe day before Nordstrom's Designer Preview Fashion Show

and they chose three designers for her.

brooke nordstrom show 2015 seattlepi cNordstrom Designer Preview Fall 2015

Gucci.  Oscar De La Renta.

and Velentino (my personal fav from the first photo on this post)… cutest dress ever.  wish it was mine.

she earned that spot by lots of hard work.

and we could not be any more proud of her.

congrats brookie!

the world is yours.

love, mom and dad and mason.

happy friday.







pancakes + oreos = PANOREOS…

photo (139)

want to be the “best mom in the world” this morning?

make your kids some PANOREOS.

photo (138)

just mix up a batch of your favorite pancake mix.

we love krusteaz light and fluffy buttermilk.  pretty much just add water.

melt some butter on a griddle.

place little spoonfuls of batter on the griddle (a little bit bigger than an oreo.  then put an oreo on top.  and finally, pour a little more batter over the oreo.  flip when edges get golden brown.

no need for syrup.

just pick them up and eat them.

or top them with canned spray whip cream (per my kids instructions).

note: if i’m serving them to my husband or friends, I crush a few and sprinkle them over the platter.  it looks pretty.

that’s it.

best mom in the world.

trust me.

happy thursday.


hair full of ribbons, bows, plastic bags and ORIBE….

brooke model july 2oa

yep. that’s our girl.

at the Oribe hair show at the Showbox in SoDo (Seattle).

the 4th one over.  with a big bow in her puffy, ratted out hair.

brooke model july 20

then into curlers and plastic bags.

and a very low cut dress they gave her.  don’t look greg.  haha.

i like the photographer in the back holding up his camera. .

brooke model july 20c

she rocked it.

and i’m so proud of her.

thank you Mark Holloway (1badboi2/instagram).

brooke model july 20f

way to go brookie!

brooke model july 20g

happy wednesday.




shopping. chocolate caramel apples. concert in the park…



american eagle.  american apparel.  forever 21.  for the girls.

nordstrom.  nordstrom rack.   for the moms.


and pike place market for all.

had to take a quick peek at the “gum wall”.







the rocky mountain chocolate factory.

a must when visiting seattle.  or any other city that has these decadent apples.

the “avalanche” is our favorite.

a crisp granny smith apple with peanut butter, white chocolate, rice krispies… and other stuff.  can’t remember.  i eat it too fast.  i promise to take a photo next time!



and i’m so excited to find a recipe on pinterest for their avalanche bars.

our second favorite thing in that shop.

i’ve already printed out the recipe.  i’ll let you know how it goes.

thank you  i’m so glad to have found you.

seattle concert mike posner

and our last stop…

a concert in the park.

announced 24 hours before.

can’t believe we pulled this off.

2 moms.  2 daughters.  9 hours of fun.

thank you mike posner.

you are amazing.

love love love your music.

I am a fan!

oh, did I mention our last stop of the night…

chicken strips, fries, salads and wine at applebees near our house.  haha.

the perfect evening!

can’t wait to find out who the next “concert in the park” will be.  i’m ready for another spontaneous trip to seattle with the girls.

happy wednesday.



time to love ME…


slept in.

sipped an iced coffee (with one stevia and a little cream).

put on work out pants and tank.

didn’t work out.

cleaned kitchen.

did laundry.  lots of laundry.

got brooke and her friend to take mason to baseball.

cleaned bathroom.

just starting painting.  one piece to finish.  4 more to start.

I should paint the words above on a canvas.  good reminder for us “moms” that do it all… for everyone else.

opened up the windows in our home.

and saw this on the novogratz facebook page.

thank you.  i think i will love me today.

happy tuesday.


lemonade. ice cream. a match made in heaven…


i want to make this soon.

anything lemon is right up my alley.

and if you add it to ice cream… oh boy!

takes me back to a trip we took with our family to newport beach in washington state.  yes, when we were asked, i was hoping it was newport beach, ca.  no such luck.  but at least we could drive.  3 hours.

4 families.

4 ocean front condos.

with a pool.

and a huge basketball court.

over 20 bikes… that we rode once. nope.  not doing that again.  just sold our bike rack at our last garage sale.

a huge assortment of junk food.  and booze.  and cards.  and games.  not much cel service.  old school.

all the salt water taffy you could eat.  yes, we all bought some thinking we were the only ones.  no complaints from the kids.

and the best ice cream shop.  ever.  they made their cones to order.  seriously.  and that is where i discovered lemon custard ice cream.  i don’t think i remember much else.  just the sweet, creamy, glorious treat.  and i’ve been craving it ever since.  of course i discovered it on the last day.  probably best for my waist line though.

but truly, i’ve been dreaming about it lately.

then I found  and she had a recipe.  not the same.  but one I know I could make.  and if not, then I will just have to drive 3 hours to that sweet little shop in newport beach.

but i’m going to try it on my own first.

and look for new recipes on her site.  it looks fabulous.  my foodie friends will thank me.

happy tuesday.


ps… YES, i will post some photos of my kids soon.  graduation.  moving up day to HS.  baseball.  beach days.  etc etc etc…. i promise.