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art tells a lot about a person…


i love art.

i’m sure you’ve figured that out by now.

you can tell a lot about a person by the art they display in their home.

or the pieces they wish they had.

speaking of coveting art…

these are 7 pieces of art that i love.,,, and wish i had.

especially this one.  i love love love doughnuts.

as a matter of fact if i was given the chance to take one last bite of any food in the world it would probably be a voodoo doughnut from portland, oregon… definitely the maple bar topped with bacon.  sweet and salt.  yum.

and if i owned this piece of art, i would hang it in my kitchen.

and i’d put doughnuts under a glass dome for display… and an occasional tasting when friends stopped by.


“whatever” has been my word of the week.

it makes me giggle.


i love palm springs.

one day i will live there.  greg and the kids agreed.  hopefully soon.

and i want a cute little bungalow with a pool and a big blow up swan.

and lots of palm trees.


i’ve always loved this piece.

simple…  pedicure and pool.  really?  does it get any better than that?


and i want this sign to hang directly above my white leather king size bed.

and yes, i will occasionally eat a piece of cake in bed.


and this will hang over my bar cart on our patio.


that’s the way i want to roll.

i think my choice in art says it all.

happy wednesday.


ps… if you want to know where i found the art above… go to my pinterest page.  easy as that.




bet you didn’t know my aunt was friends with frank.  and his buddies.


frank sinatra had it right.

i love the old way of success.

which by the way… still works.

not sure some people will ever have to understand that one.

some buy it.  some get closer in relationships to get it.  some steal it.

the world is a different place now.

but in the end you will have to work for it to keep it.

just sayin.

happy tuesday.


3 ingredient dip and 5 fun girls…


last friday i was invited out to alderbrook resort on hood canal.

for those of you who do not know where that is… i suggest you google it, book a room or cottage and go there asap.

i asked what i could bring.

they said “just yourself”.

i mentioned that i needed to post recipes on my blog all week for brooke.  so they suggested i bring an appetizer to share.

sounded great.

until 5 minutes before i had to leave.


in typical tracy fashion, i didn’t pick anything up.

but these three ingredients are always in our fridge…buddig ham (it hangs in a little bag in the deli section.  under $1.  cheap and yummy), whipped cream cheese (gotta use the tried and true Philadelphia brand cream cheese) and green onions.

this recipe originally comes from my friend stacey who is a gourmet cook.  we always ask her to bring it to our girls getaways and she begs to make her fancies, but we say… “the dip” is fancy enough.


1 pkg Buddig ham, cut into little pieces

1 large containger Philadelphia whipped cream cheese

4-5 thin green onions, chopped

mix all together and chill in a bowl at least one hour.  my kids like it served with ritz crackers.  yummmmm.

okay, back to my weekend story…


these are my friends.  my alderbrook friends.

i love them.  my mom behind me.  my aunt to the right and her two lifelong friends in the middle.  let’s just say we are all lifetime friends.  whenever i hear they are at alderbrook (at their cute little cottages) i am thrilled to be asked to join them.  i think they think i’m fun.  sometimes i forget to be fun.  and they remind me.

we drink wine.  we eat appetizers outside and watch all of the hotel guests.  we watch bill gates sea plane come in (he has a little place (haha… it’s a huge compound next door).  we chat about life (they are soooo full of knowledge and tidbits of advice).  they give me “mom” tips.  i give them “ipad and iPhone” tips (they think i know everything about electronics… i have an old iPhone 4 and they all have 5’s and 6’s and don’t even know the difference).  they talk about their marriages (as 3 of them have lost their husbands in the past few years).  they talk about the importance of relationships with their children (3 of them have lost a child over the years… including my mom).  they show me how to dress up polar fleece with pearls, crisp white shirts and cashmere sweaters tied around the neck.  they keep me up to date on people we know.  they talk about upcoming vacations (you see, they have all traveled the world many times… they tell me i will get to travel one day… hmmm… when?).  and we laugh.  the most important of all.  laughter.   oh, and they make funny faces while i take selfies of us.  and they laugh about that too.


every time i visit “my girls”… a quick trip to the union store down the road is a must.

cutest little hole in the wall.  you will drive right on by if you blink.  hammock out front.  cars stopping for the hidden secrets inside.  homemade yummies…


it’s filled with fresh baked pies in little mason jars,  “my mom’s potato salad is better than your mom’s potato salad”, pasta salads, horseradish deviled eggs, warm out of the oven french baguettes, brownies, lemon bars and hot, melt in your mouth muffins.  and don’t forget the daily specials… we saw prime rib!

when you look up, you will see old school water skis on the ceiling.  classic!


oh, and almost forgot… the famous deer head looking at you when you get your scoop of ice cream!


it comes in all forms.

i learn so much about life with these ladies.  be strong.  but also be a lady.  think big.  but take advice.  love.  and be loved.

thank you for the weekend my friends.

happy monday.



beer bread is what’s for dinner tonight…

beer bread

i’m making brooke a little hand made cookbook to take to college with her.  she has a few fav recipes and i figured i’d share some of them on my site these next few days.

only 2 more weeks until she leaves.

so much to do…

and that’s when i find myself baking.

beer bread.

one of our family favorites!

yep, i’m a carb person.  so, if i’m going to eat it… it better be delicious!!!


4 c. bisquick

1/3 c. sugar

2 Tblsp. melted butter

1 12 oz. beer (i usually use coors light because that’s what greg drinks and it’s usually somewhere in our refrigerator… last time i looked it was in the vegetable drawer…haha)

preheat oven to 375.  grease bottom of loaf pan.  in bowl, mix bisquick, sugar and butter.  add beer and mix until gloppy (i love that word).  pour into greased pan.  bake for 45 min, or until toothpick comes out clean.  then, when it’s about half way done, i drizzle with a little bit of honey and bake for remaining time.  trust me… it’s soooooo good!

our family loves it with a salmon dinner.  i promise to post that recipe soon.

happy wednesday.



i know that feeling…


this describes me today.

(art found on…. one of my fav sites).

husband home. day off… for him.

freshman orientation for youngest at a new high school.

dorm room and clothes shopping for oldest near seattle.  everything needed for the room (and trying to figure out how to ship to CA next week) and so many cute clothes.  after all size small just looks cute anyway.  dang, i wish i was a size small.   oh well, this body proves i gave birth to two awesome kids!  take that!!!

eating lunch in the car… on the freeway… in rush hour… with tomatoes and guacamole dripping all over my newly cleaned shirt and white jeans.

grumpy kid at home that needed to eat… and why couldn’t husband have gotten him lunch while we were gone… “he was busy playing with friends, greg says”… ya, but he has to eat.  that’s why he gets grumpy.  remember last week when this happened??? which led to eating out again… calories racking up… tummy aching.

now house is quiet.

not even sure where everyone is.

makes me want to crawl in bed and eat cupcakes!

after all, i already blew my calorie intake for the day by 4pm.

and i want a sleeping eye mask like the one above.

mamma said there’d be days like this.

happy monday.


blue and green m&m’s and an evening with my girl…

august 15 seahawks

i love the seahawks.

yes i do.

august 15 fish

brooke asked me last night if i wanted to watch the seahawks preseason game with her last night.

what??? she was staying home???

that never happens these days.

with 2 weeks left before college, she needs to be out and about.  yes, i’m trying my hardest not to tear up.

so i said “YES!” to an evening with her.

and russell wilson (our fish).

we made cookies (recipe below) and watched the game.


a few people have private messaged me for the recipe so here it is…

MONSTER COOKIES (seahawks style)

1/4 c. sugar

1/2 c. brown sugar

1/2 c. butter, softened

3 eggs

1 c. peanut butter (i like jif creamy)

2 tsp. vanilla

1 small canister quaker oats (about 5-6 c.  ok to use quick or regular)

2 tsp. baking soda

1 c. mini chocolate chips

1 to 2 c. m&m’s (for seahaws use the blue, green and brown ones for the cookies… and eat the rest)

Preheat oven to 350.  Mix sugars and butter in bowl.  Add eggs.  Mix.  Add peanut butter and vanilla.  Mix.  Pour in oats and sprinkle in baking soda.  Mix.  add chocolate chips and m&m’s.  And if my kids aren’t eating them i add pecans!!  but that’s only for me. Refrigerate for 30  minutes.  Roll into balls size of golf balls.  place on ungreased cookie sheet.  bake for 11 min.  YUM!!!  oh, side note… once cooled we like to freeze them.  they are soooo good frozen… cold and chewy!  it’s a fisher thing.


well, we ate some cookies and watched the first half.

then she got a call.

yep, left to watch the second half with a friend.

so i invited a friend over and we sat and opened a bottle of wine and watched the second half.

the perfect evening.

happy saturday.