Daily Archives: August 1, 2015

i can’t wait for tomorrow…


greg will be back from his 30th HS reunion.

mason will be on his way to Young Life camp.

brooke said she would go with us.  yep, leave her guy and her friends for a day or two.  that’s big!  trust me.

the 3 of us to the beach we go… and will bring happy thoughts of mason with us.

can’t wait.

it’s been one looooooong week alone this past week.  kids out and about and greg gone.  i’m looking forward to someone to talk to.  the cat just “meow’s”.  hope they are ready for some wife conversations over iced apple crown royal and light cranberry juice… and mom conversations over smores.  cuz that’s all i have packed.  oh, and a swim suit and two air mattresses to float on (i get one and they have to fight over the other).  yay for tomorrow.

happy saturday.