Daily Archives: August 11, 2015

seattle seahawks day…


the day started out with these 3 boys.

seattle seahawks. spring training. 2015.

brooke had to stay back since she was helping out at the church vacation bible study with the little kids.  love her generosity and love for kids.  we missed her.  especially me.  i truly did need her to hang out with me while the boys acted like 10 year olds…. yes all 4 of them.  like kids in a candy store.  football does that to the male species you know!


greg just couldn’t resist joining them.

yes, i had to stay back and take the photo.

where is the “male” review team.  chippendales should do something for training day with the seahawks.

my opinion for what it’s worth.

i think i’ll mention that to my friend that works there for next year.  i’m sure she will agree with me.


all i wanted was a photo with me in it to prove i went.

i got one.

in my tight tshirt (as this morning i noticed all of my seahawks gear is winter attire) with rolled up sleeves.  oh how i miss my 20 year old arms…haha.

we sat on the hill while mason and his buddies walked around looking for autographs…

… and the cheerleaders again.

oh, by the way, greg hates selfies.  and i love them.  so, i got one shot.  that was it.  negotiations saved for later in the day when it came to picking a lunch spot.


what a great day!

happy monday.