Daily Archives: August 12, 2015

do cats eat ice cream…


i love our cat, Chance The Rapper.

he’s awesome… 95% of the time.

unless the doorbell rings and he tries to make a run at it.  he’s supposed to be an indoor cat but just doesn’t know it yet.

poor guy.


so, today, the doorbell rings.

two of mason’s cute little girl “friends” (sure) were here at our house to deliver on a bet they had a camp.  i can only imagine what that means.

ice cream.

ben and jerrys.

the name was “pfish food”.

and look at how excited our cat was.

sorry CTR, it’s for mason when he gets home.

thanks girls.

he will love it.

oh, and i might have to try a spoonful just to make sure it’s not poisonous… haha.

happy tuesday.