Daily Archives: August 18, 2015

i know that feeling…


this describes me today.

(art found on www.laurenconrad.com…. one of my fav sites).

husband home. day off… for him.

freshman orientation for youngest at a new high school.

dorm room and clothes shopping for oldest near seattle.  everything needed for the room (and trying to figure out how to ship to CA next week) and so many cute clothes.  after all size small just looks cute anyway.  dang, i wish i was a size small.   oh well, this body proves i gave birth to two awesome kids!  take that!!!

eating lunch in the car… on the freeway… in rush hour… with tomatoes and guacamole dripping all over my newly cleaned shirt and white jeans.

grumpy kid at home that needed to eat… and why couldn’t husband have gotten him lunch while we were gone… “he was busy playing with friends, greg says”… ya, but he has to eat.  that’s why he gets grumpy.  remember last week when this happened??? which led to eating out again… calories racking up… tummy aching.

now house is quiet.

not even sure where everyone is.

makes me want to crawl in bed and eat cupcakes!

after all, i already blew my calorie intake for the day by 4pm.

and i want a sleeping eye mask like the one above.

mamma said there’d be days like this.

happy monday.