Daily Archives: September 3, 2015

he’s a freshman? in high school? already???


best photo i could get.  in my pajamas.  outside.  with neighbors driving by.


freshman.  in high school.  today.

and yes, he lost a bet… so he had to wear this shirt.

you might recognize it from big brother last season.  we all laughed at it on tv.  then mason found it at our local good will.  are you kidding me?  no.  he did.  and he bought it.  and he wore it the first day of high school.  a new high school.  where he only knew 10 people.

but he knew he was going to love this day.  he asked brooke to drive him to school.  in her convertible.  just the two of them.  explaining i could have the morning for coffee…. um, helllllllooooo…… I love driving the first day of school… you are my babies!!!  i don’t mind.  i love it.  but i knew they thought they were doing me a huge favor.

so i sat at home.  coffee in hand.  good morning America on tv.  and it was all right.  they were ok.  i was ok.  it would all be ok.

oh, forgot to mention i met 3 of my friends for bloody marys for lunch.  that made it better.  for sure.

gotta love these kids of ours.

you rock mason and brooke!

happy wednesday.