Daily Archives: September 20, 2015

dinner with my bestie…

sept17julie barber

our husbands out of town.

our first two kids off to college in southern california.

our second two kids got homecoming dates to their first high school dances.

time to celebrate us.

the best burgers ever are at DUKES (www.dukeschowderhouse.com).

it’s our place.

to be honest with you, I’ve been going there with greg since we started dating and lived in seattle.  and her husband loves it too.  it’s OUR place.  all 4 of us now.

but the other night it was just us two…

us girls.

we get the mini burgers.  and look how mini they are!

with fries too, of course.

lots of conversation.

many giggles.

one big hug goodbye.

love my time with seahawks Julie.

can’t wait to see you next month, girl.


happy sunday.