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happy birthday mason…

brooke bmason

happy happy birthday to my sweet baby boy.

14 years and 364 days ago my water broke.

arriving at the hospital, they told me if i waited until morning i could have a pumpkin hat for my halloween baby.

i love free.  ok.  give me something for the pain.

sent everyone home.  took a nap.  they woke me up.  i took a shower.  put on makeup.  and the family arrived.

perfect birth.  (ok, maybe if you’d asked me at the time it probably hurt a little..haha)

mason was welcomed into our world as we watched martha stewart make popcorn balls on tv.

and yes, he got a pumpkin cap.

i wish i could post photos.  but my old phone and my old computer both crashed and i am frantically trying to retrieve them.  and all of our hard copy photos are packed away for our move that appears to be happening next year apparently.

anyway, i love this kid with all of my heart.

he’s strong.  he puts family first.  he is athletic.  he is smart.  he is kind.  he has a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend and not think twice to ask his family to do the same for his friends.  he has a lot of friends.  he likes all flavors of doritos.  and yes, he loves pumpkin pie (with lots of whip cream).  he is calm and casual.  he’s funny.  he likes to make others laugh.  he likes to include anyone who might be sitting out.  he’s nurturing (we always say he will be a great dad one day).  he’s social.  very social.  he’s quiet around adults but crazy around his friends.  he loves baseball.  and just discovered this year he loves tennis.  he loves all water sports.  he loves basketball.  ok, he likes sports a lot.  he knows sports statistics unlike anyone else i know.  he has an amazing memory.  he cheers on the UW huskies.  he cheers on the cougs when i beg him.  he loves 30 for 30 shows and inspirational tv on his sports heroes.  he loves our cat.  he has a knack for memorizing rap songs and singing the lyrics to me.  i seriously don’t know how he memorizes them.  teachers have commented on his memory of music. he even knows lyrics from my generation.  he wakes up happy (most days).  he kisses his finger and swipes mine and says he loves me every morning before he leaves.  when he hugs me i know he really means it.  he has crazy hair… since birth.  he is honest.  he is fun.  he is an all around amazingly cool guy.  you are lucky if you get to be his friend.

happy 15th  MAY MAY.

FFFF always and forever,



ps.. all of your grandparents called today.  and gramp b and grandma lois are smiling down from heaven.

you are loved!

“f” is for friday and fudge (hot fudge, that is)…


a day truly deserved!




so, why not whip up some homemade hot fudge sauce.

ok, make some boozy caramel sauce too.

pick up some vanilla ice cream.

and a can of spray whip cream.

and a jar of cherries.

and wait for your kids to come home with their candy tomorrow night and top your sundae with their treats!

here are my personal recipes for ice cream toppings.

oh, and i like mine with gummy bears sprinkled on top.  just sayin.  in case you invite me over.



1 c. sugar

1/3 c. cocoa

2 Tblsp. flour

1/4 tsp. salt

1 c. boiling water

1 Tblsp. butter

1 tsp. vanilla

mix together the sugar, cocoa, flour and salt.  add 1 c. boiling water.  cook over medium heat until thick.  remove from heat and add vanilla.  serve hot, warm or cold.


1/4 c. butter

1/2 c. light brown sugar

2 Tblsp. light corn syrup

1/2 c. heavy whipping cream

1 Tblsp. Maker’s Mark bourbon

pinch of salt

melt butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and cream in saucepan.  keep on medium heat for at least 5 minutes, stirring frequently.  if it starts to boil, turn it down.  once it thickens, add bourbon and a tiny pinch of salt.  stir.  cool.  refrigerate overnight.


happy friday.


it’s halloween in 2 days? nobody told me…


and it’s also mason’s 15th bday.

we used to have huge parties at our house.  lots of people came.  opened our doors every halloween for over 10 years.  sandwiches, chips, pop & adult bevies… and a cake made of anything other than cake mix.  one year donuts.  one year twinkies.  one year swiss rolls.  one year oreos.  never real cake.  now he has grown up.  he’s a man.  not really… still my baby.

holy cow.  where did time go?

i do know one thing…

everyone in our family gets a donut on their birthday.


whether i have to go to the store in the pouring down rain the night before to choose from the ones that were left, or if i can get my act together and get up at 5:00am and go get a fresh one, they will get woken up with a donut and a lit candle on top.

and yes, i do sing to them.  whether they like it or not.  i think they secretly love it.

it’s my one tradition i never forget.

(thank you for reminding me)


omg.  yes.  gotta make some of these.  way cool.



if they are lucky i will make these too.  yummo.



just noticed we don’t have one pumpkin on the porch this year.

what is my problem?

with brooke in college, greg working 2 hours away, and mason having a big social life… do i really need to carve a pumpkin?

i might just carve a pineapple.



swamp juice.  this one’s for me.

( for recipe)

i love gummy worms.  i love lime.  the only thing i’d do differently is i’d add just a tad (or more) of frozen vodka.



that’s it.

not a very crazy halloween around here this year.

we were invited to a party but greg has to work this weekend.  and he got asked by his old high school buddies to go to the UW football game.  um, i’m a WSU cougar so i don’t usually attend them.  and really, to be honest with you, a rainy, cold college football game with 4 old HS friends really doesn’t sound like my best night ever… so i said no to the couples costume party.  i mean really… who goes to a halloween party alone?  do they?  should i?  i don’t know.  got an offer from a friend to whoop it up somewhere local.  hmmm.

decisions.  decisions.

speaking of decisions.  so proud of my stud kid.  he was invited to a party at his new school by some girls.  he was really excited.  then got invited to another party at his old school also by some girls.  HEY, what’s with the girls???  his friends bailed on him to go to the second party.  and he said he’d already told the first party he’d show up.  wow, didn’t know he had that in him.  stuck with his guns.  i even told him i’d pick him up and drive him to the other party which is in the neighborhood next door.  maybe.  but he said he made a commitment.  and my answer to him was… good boy… you are true to your word… that is one of his strongest traits to be honest with you… and he would have done the same if he were invited to the other party first.   i told  him this is where really cool things happen… like you meet the girl of your dreams… or you make some fun friends… or something… it’s just fun to see what is in store.  have fun. oh, my sweet halloween birthday boy.  i love you.

probably should tell these new girls.  gotta find out who they are first.  haha.

and brooke… our sweet brooke.  called the other night needing costume ideas for a few guy friends of hers.  we searched pinterest and chatted for an hour.  ok, i searched pinterest while she talked and did her thing on the other side of the screen.  i love facetime.  best invention ever!  can’t wait to see what they all wear.

hope your halloween is fun and happy.

when my family is happy, i’m happy.

so, looks like it’s going to be a good one this year.

gotta run… getting ingredients for the swamp juice.  if nothing else, that’s what i’m doing for halloween.

happy thursday.


5 things i need to get me through the 12th…


since i have said yes to painting for an event on nov.12, i think i will need a few things…

this tee.

love it.

gotta get it.

it says it all… NOPE!

i’m not taking any personal orders until after the 12th.

and yes, i will be able to have a few pieces finished by Christmas for those who are waiting.

just email me at with your request.

i’ll let you know if the answer is “yes” or “nope”.

remember i am just one person.

(photo from pinterest.)


these necklaces will surely help with my prayers for time management.

(photo from pinterest)


i broke my favorite watch the other day.

the one greg gave me years ago for my birthday.

i loved it.  tortoise shell.  funky.  nobody i knew had one like it.  individual.  like me.  insert tears.

so, time for a new watch.

how about a timex for my next piece.

i love bringing back the old school stuff.

and i think this one is adorable.

( website provided this photo…. love love love her site)


i will need some new note cards.

these will be to write all of my thank you’s to friends who will be driving my kid around for me.

no, I have not asked you.  yet.

you will get a text or a call.

i will sound frantic.  then you will know.


i do promise to trade you for some home baked cookies though.  mason has requested i still bake cookies during this crazy time.  ok son… for you… of course.



then i will proceed to do what this mug says.

love it.



wish me luck!

oh, and YES… i will post art for sale after the 12th on this site.

and will also answer my emails regarding special orders at that time also.

happy wednesday.


special request… cookies, please!!!


guys weekend starts tomorrow.

greg and mason are going to see brookie.

and her one request…


lots of cookies.

here is one of her requests…


3 Tblsp. butter

1 bag mini marshmallows

5 c. lucky charms cereal

microwave butter and marshmallows for 3 minutes; or until puffy.  remove from microwave and stir in cereal.  fold together gently.  place in lightly buttered 9×13 pan.  cool for a little bit.  take out of pan and cut into squares.  or, just eat straight out of the pan with your fingers and who cares if the lines are perfect.  that’s our way.


yes, i’m also sending MONSTER COOKIES.


i’ve posted the recipe so many times that you can find it if you just go back a little bit.

have fun with the boys!

happy thursday

-tracy  (aka… mom… favorite cookie maker)

vacation plans made. i love the desert…

october19palm desertg

palm desert here i come.

can’t wait to see my brookie baby.

just a few more weeks.

when i looked for new fun palm springs art, this popped up.  it was for a show a few years back that donated proceeds of the evening to a the artists cause.  and that is a great thing in itself.  barbie was featured all over the springs.  loved it.  wish i’d been there.  hilarious.  tongue and cheek art is lost these days.  everyone is afraid to paint humor.  afraid of what others say.  hey, people  use the “f” word all of the time.  people need to lighten up.  art is art.  if you don’t like it, that’s okay.  if you like it, then buy it and help support your local artist.

october19palm desertcoctober19palm desertboctober19palm desertc

this year i want to buy a fun blow up toy for the pool.

so many fun choices. and

october19palm desert kate spade

then i’m going to walk the strip.  okay, that sounds bad.  what i meant to say is… take my walk down el paseo and daydream about all of the fancy things i want to buy one day.

if i won lotto, i swear i would still like the same quirky things.

might just have to see how much these kate spade polka dot glasses are.  and

october19palm deserta

then there is cocktail time by the pool with my friends.

best part of these friends, is that i am the youngest one at the table by at least 20 years.

way to bring back my youth.

and i always try out a new recipe on the crew.

this year… lobster rolls!

cute, little ones.  bite size.  adorable.


well, that’s it.

enough about dreaming of my trip.

time to take mason to baseball practice.

and i’d better get painting.

i have an art show at bellarmine high school (ladies night) on thursday, november 12.

yes, i will post art on line too.

happy tuesday.