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i want x 10 (for paris)…


i want to go to paris sooooo bad.

vanessa and colleen and i have been talking about it for years.

4 days.  first class.  champagne.  giggles.  special girl time.

i’m ready any time you girls can schedule all 6 of our kids’ schools, sports, driving lessons and social lives.  haha

i’m going to order my passport case this weekend.


i will board the flight in style.  can you imagine how easy it would be to find this color among all of the black luggage?


after sipping my champagne i will immediately pull out my faux fur travel pillow.  ahhhhhhhhh.


and put on my aviator sleep mask.  and snooze.

ok, i admit… we will chat and laugh and eat and drink and plan and laugh some more on how crazy it is to only go to paris for 4 days.  who does that?  we do.


as soon as we arrive, i will ship out these miracle travel treats…  chocolate covered espresso beans.  the best hidden travel secret.  of course we will sip coffee with them… or drink a glass of French wine.  whatever tickles our fancy.

oh, by the way, these are good for everyday little pick me ups.  our friend owns the company.  trust me.  they are God’s gift to tired women!  maybe i should market them as that!!


and i will charge my phone.  i don’t even know if this will work over there… but it sure is cute! (ps… one of my favorite gift websites)


and i will put on my fancy tshirt for dinner.  maybe a pair of black leather 5 pocket pants?  ok, those that know me, it will be with a pair of jeans.  maybe i can find some cute black shoes on our trip to go with that tee.


after dinner… and wine… and touring the night life.  haha.  we are 50.  can we stay up that late?  “can we do it? yes we can!” (i think that was a quote from some cartoon my kids used to watch.)  i would need this key chain to remember that you can find “your place” in 4 days, anywhere if want to bad enough.


then i’d hop in my comfy pj’s.  and miraculously transform into the girl above.  i want a pair of these.  they were one of oprah’s favorite things awhile back.  i’m pretty sure oprah knows comfort!


and we will drink champagne, eat chocolate covered gummy bears and talk the night away.

then get up and do the same thing the next day!

oh, i can’t wait for that trip.

happy wednesday.



homecoming photos from a mom…

mason homecoming corsagemason homecoming corsage dadmason homecoming corsage 3 girls

the corsage goes on perfect.  because the bracelet was beaded and stretchy and sparkly… easy for the wrist.  the boutonniere on the other hand… oh boy.  that was a whole different story.  bless his heart for smiling through it all.   it looked simple.  it wasn’t.  trust me.  we all tried.  one of my favorite photos was of three girls trying to get it on him.  priceless.

mason homecoming boys  mason homecoming girls spandex mason homecoming group white background

everyone had their fancies on.  loved the guys dress code with vans sneakers.  and the girls rocked their nike spandex under their gorgeous dresses.  hair and makeup so pretty.  loved to hear how the girls worked on themselves for hours while laughing together.  makes me remember those days.

this is when I wish I had a fancy camera.

note to self… fancy camera on Christmas list this year!!

mason homecomingf

they made the cutest couple.

a beautiful night.

amazing kids (ok, young adults).

really sweet parents.

i couldn’t have wished more for his first high school dance.

happy monday.



cheers to friday…




remember the days of going out to the clubs?

not leaving your house until 10:00pm?

wearing heels, sparkles and lots of hair spray?

getting that pay check and cashing it into small change so it looks like you have more?

playing really loud music?

talking to your friends on the phone to make sure you aren’t wearing the same thing?


those days have passed.

ok, once in awhile i can get my party on.  yes, I can.

but tonight.

it’s me and the bubbly… aka bubble bath!

and quite possibly a hot cider with a shot of rum.  just what the doctor would order, i’m sure.

i can’t wait for this nasty cold to be over.

happy friday.








wine helps make moving easier… or so that’s what i’m hoping for…


packing boxes.

not even sure what we are doing.

except sweating and laughing.

just want to scale down.

and travel more.

and not have a big huge yard to mow.

or thousands of weeds to pull.

even though it scares me (because this is what we’ve known for over 10 years), it’s time to have some fun.

and get our first kid through college.

and visit her more often.

and to spend evenings and weekends with our second kid at his sporting events and activities and watching him grow up.

it’s just time.

we are just going to go for it!

so, please excuse the mess.

i have wine in the fridge chilling (white) and in the pantry (red) in case you stop by.

happy tuesday.



sick. day 5. help…


day 5.

antibiotics. ear drop. pain killers.

and i’m still “mom of the year”.

who would have thought.

you need a ride home from the game (of the team you aren’t even going to their school)?

you need a bow tie instead of a tie for tomorrow nights homecoming?

you need me to ship you some tampons and snacks in a care package?  don’t they have a drug store some where in los angeles?

you need me to check the mail for something that is coming to you from a company i never worked for?

“i will be home 5 minutes before we take him to his party tomorrow night for the dance!!”  um, so i need to get him ready, fill the car with gas and make sure i have directions to someones house i’ve never been to before?

you need that same tennis tshirt washed every day this week?  i smelled the arm pits last night and decided it was ok.

the cat pooped.  again?  and i should take it out every time?  i didn’t even vote to get a cat.  funny how the cat poops 10 minutes after he leaves for school.

homemade cookies?  i know they taste better.  but we have store bought in the pantry.  oh, you need them by tomorrow and i will be judges as a mom.  by other perfect moms?

we are out of tp?  does anyone realize there is a store just a few short blocks away?

manicure?  i’d love one.  oh, no time?  that figures.


only 5 more days of antibiotics.  and hopefully i will be able to hear and sleep again.  prayers please.

happy friday.


ps… mom, thanks for stopping by today with the thermometer (because i know we have one and do not know where it could possibly be, and the soup…. yes…. soup!).  i always need my mom.  i love my mom.