Daily Archives: October 3, 2015

sick. day 5. help…


day 5.

antibiotics. ear drop. pain killers.

and i’m still “mom of the year”.

who would have thought.

you need a ride home from the game (of the team you aren’t even going to their school)?

you need a bow tie instead of a tie for tomorrow nights homecoming?

you need me to ship you some tampons and snacks in a care package?  don’t they have a drug store some where in los angeles?

you need me to check the mail for something that is coming to you from a company i never worked for?

“i will be home 5 minutes before we take him to his party tomorrow night for the dance!!”  um, so i need to get him ready, fill the car with gas and make sure i have directions to someones house i’ve never been to before?

you need that same tennis tshirt washed every day this week?  i smelled the arm pits last night and decided it was ok.

the cat pooped.  again?  and i should take it out every time?  i didn’t even vote to get a cat.  funny how the cat poops 10 minutes after he leaves for school.

homemade cookies?  i know they taste better.  but we have store bought in the pantry.  oh, you need them by tomorrow and i will be judges as a mom.  by other perfect moms?

we are out of tp?  does anyone realize there is a store just a few short blocks away?

manicure?  i’d love one.  oh, no time?  that figures.


only 5 more days of antibiotics.  and hopefully i will be able to hear and sleep again.  prayers please.

happy friday.


ps… mom, thanks for stopping by today with the thermometer (because i know we have one and do not know where it could possibly be, and the soup…. yes…. soup!).  i always need my mom.  i love my mom.