Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

homecoming photos from a mom…

mason homecoming corsagemason homecoming corsage dadmason homecoming corsage 3 girls

the corsage goes on perfect.  because the bracelet was beaded and stretchy and sparkly… easy for the wrist.  the boutonniere on the other hand… oh boy.  that was a whole different story.  bless his heart for smiling through it all.   it looked simple.  it wasn’t.  trust me.  we all tried.  one of my favorite photos was of three girls trying to get it on him.  priceless.

mason homecoming boys  mason homecoming girls spandex mason homecoming group white background

everyone had their fancies on.  loved the guys dress code with vans sneakers.  and the girls rocked their nike spandex under their gorgeous dresses.  hair and makeup so pretty.  loved to hear how the girls worked on themselves for hours while laughing together.  makes me remember those days.

this is when I wish I had a fancy camera.

note to self… fancy camera on Christmas list this year!!

mason homecomingf

they made the cutest couple.

a beautiful night.

amazing kids (ok, young adults).

really sweet parents.

i couldn’t have wished more for his first high school dance.

happy monday.