Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

i want x 10 (for paris)…


i want to go to paris sooooo bad.

vanessa and colleen and i have been talking about it for years.

4 days.  first class.  champagne.  giggles.  special girl time.

i’m ready any time you girls can schedule all 6 of our kids’ schools, sports, driving lessons and social lives.  haha

i’m going to order my passport case this weekend.



i will board the flight in style.  can you imagine how easy it would be to find this color among all of the black luggage?



after sipping my champagne i will immediately pull out my faux fur travel pillow.  ahhhhhhhhh.



and put on my aviator sleep mask.  and snooze.

ok, i admit… we will chat and laugh and eat and drink and plan and laugh some more on how crazy it is to only go to paris for 4 days.  who does that?  we do.



as soon as we arrive, i will ship out these miracle travel treats…  chocolate covered espresso beans.  the best hidden travel secret.  of course we will sip coffee with them… or drink a glass of French wine.  whatever tickles our fancy.

oh, by the way, these are good for everyday little pick me ups.  our friend owns the company.  trust me.  they are God’s gift to tired women!  maybe i should market them as that!!



and i will charge my phone.  i don’t even know if this will work over there… but it sure is cute!

www.shopwaitingonmartha.com (ps… one of my favorite gift websites)


and i will put on my fancy tshirt for dinner.  maybe a pair of black leather 5 pocket pants?  ok, those that know me, it will be with a pair of jeans.  maybe i can find some cute black shoes on our trip to go with that tee.



after dinner… and wine… and touring the night life.  haha.  we are 50.  can we stay up that late?  “can we do it? yes we can!” (i think that was a quote from some cartoon my kids used to watch.)  i would need this key chain to remember that you can find “your place” in 4 days, anywhere if want to bad enough.



then i’d hop in my comfy pj’s.  and miraculously transform into the girl above.  i want a pair of these.  they were one of oprah’s favorite things awhile back.  i’m pretty sure oprah knows comfort!



and we will drink champagne, eat chocolate covered gummy bears and talk the night away.

then get up and do the same thing the next day!

oh, i can’t wait for that trip.

happy wednesday.