Daily Archives: October 20, 2015

vacation plans made. i love the desert…

october19palm desertg

palm desert here i come.

can’t wait to see my brookie baby.

just a few more weeks.

when i looked for new fun palm springs art, this popped up.  it was for a show a few years back that donated proceeds of the evening to a the artists cause.  and that is a great thing in itself.  barbie was featured all over the springs.  loved it.  wish i’d been there.  hilarious.  tongue and cheek art is lost these days.  everyone is afraid to paint humor.  afraid of what others say.  hey, people  use the “f” word all of the time.  people need to lighten up.  art is art.  if you don’t like it, that’s okay.  if you like it, then buy it and help support your local artist.

october19palm desertcoctober19palm desertboctober19palm desertc

this year i want to buy a fun blow up toy for the pool.

so many fun choices.

www.bigwords.com and www.sugarandcloth.com

october19palm desert kate spade

then i’m going to walk the strip.  okay, that sounds bad.  what i meant to say is… take my walk down el paseo and daydream about all of the fancy things i want to buy one day.

if i won lotto, i swear i would still like the same quirky things.

might just have to see how much these kate spade polka dot glasses are.

www.katespade.com  and  www.amazon.com

october19palm deserta

then there is cocktail time by the pool with my friends.

best part of these friends, is that i am the youngest one at the table by at least 20 years.

way to bring back my youth.

and i always try out a new recipe on the crew.

this year… lobster rolls!

cute, little ones.  bite size.  adorable.



well, that’s it.

enough about dreaming of my trip.

time to take mason to baseball practice.

and i’d better get painting.

i have an art show at bellarmine high school (ladies night) on thursday, november 12.

yes, i will post art on line too.

happy tuesday.