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you’ve got a friend in her…


that was then.

wish i had a photo from birth.  they were each others first visitors.


this is now.

brooke and ally.

friends for life!

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (from the motion picture Toy Story)

By Lyle Lovett, Randy Newman

You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me

You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got troubles, and I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and can see it through
‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me

Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Bigger and stronger too, maybe
But none of them will ever love you
The way I do, it’s me and you, boy
And as the years go by
Our friendship will never die
You’re gonna see it’s our destiny
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me.

see you in a few weeks girls!!!

happy Wednesday!


oh how i love you…


i have to make one of these.

and hand it to brookie as she heads back to school after her holiday break.

and yes, i will make mason one too.

would greg want one?

ok, now i’ve got a project on my hand.

maybe i will turn this into a “ladies night out” project/fundraiser.

i’ll keep you posted if i do.

thanks to  for a fun idea.

happy tuesday.


girls weekend in seattle starts in 18 hours…


finally.  the end of the week.  been waiting all year for this weekend.

girls weekend starts in less than 18 hours by the time i post this.

i go away every year with 4 other girls.  sometimes it’s 3 of us.  sometimes it’s all 5 of us.

we’ve done this weekend trip for years.  and we’ve got some stories, i tell ya.

we’ve had lots of people hint they’d like to join us, but we’ve been doing it so long that nobody else would even understand our awkward traditions.  they took years to develop.

this year it’s just 4 of us because 1 is in florida at an expense paid trip to Kenny chesney.  we all agreed we’d be there too.  we will send her photos.

our only rule is we go somewhere we have never stayed before.  roll the dice.  pick a hotel.  hope it’s nice. bring pajamas and something to drink for wee hours when stores are closed.  we learned early on that we do not need to bring food.  one year we had to take two trips from the car to the room for all of our luggage, food, drinks, gifts and yes, a crockpot.  no valet.  one person in the group did not want to tip a valet when “we could do it ourselves”.  as we almost passed out doing so, we agreed, no more food.  seattle has lots of places to get food.  haha.  lesson learned.  oh boy, i wish i could tell you the lessons we’ve learned.  but sworn to secrecy of all “girls weekends away”.  pinky swear!

as usual i am unprepared.

well, maybe more prepared than last year though.

i did buy new pajamas and i got cash and i have my crown royal and diet coke all ready to go.  and got someone to drive my kid around in case he needs help.  and the husband will be home by evening to have guy time all weekend.

here’s my list….

of things i wish i’d bought.  but didn’t.

oh well.  maybe next year.


cutest charger ever.  my phone dies every year.  you’d think i’d learn.


money.  wish i’d saved a little bit more.  ha.  every year i say this.  i need to buy myself a cute little piggy bank for our weekend away and cash it in at the end of the year.  glad the atm was invented.  girls best friend in seattle!


november7where chefs eat

i saw this book at anthropologie in palm desert a year ago.  almost bought it.  thought it would be fun to find some of these old school places on my travels.  note to self… look for the book again.  and buy it this time.


i want!!!  i am a picture taking fanatic.  according to my family.  somewhere


the cutest weekender bag.  the girl in the photo looks so happy.  she must be on a vacation.  and not in seattle.  her outfit is certainly for the more sunny areas of the world.


forecast is rain.  all weekend long.  crap.


in case of rain.  and believe me it does every year.  hmmm… maybe we should try these weekend away trips in the summer.  make note of that for next year.  my crown and diet is packed.  i take no responsibility for my actions.  just kidding, kids.  i’m a good girl.  m hm.  trust me.  actually, funny thing is we spend more time in our pajamas, drinking wine and talking all night than anything else.  we just like to pretend we are gangster!  that is why i always pack warm cozy socks.  and how cute are these? +


coffee.  that is exactly what i will need when i wake up.

hot coffee.  one stevia.  a little cream.

and quiet everyone while i take a sip or two…

… then i’ m ready to roll for day 2 in the city.

can’t wait to get this weekend started!


happy Friday.


the best clam dip ever. thank you lois fisher (aka grandma lois)…


it’s the holiday season.

and i am feeling nostalgic.

i miss greg’s mom, lois.

lois LOVED Christmas.  it was her favorite time of year.  she made sure everyone’s gift was perfect.  she shopped for months.  she called many many many times.  she wrapped them all early (not like me who wraps them after church on Christmas eve praying each kid has an equal amount… and that i can find the scotch tape… all while trying not to tip over my glass of wine that i desperately need).  she even had matching bows, ribbons and tags on all of them (i started off with bows years ago… now just wrap and throw under tree).  she would ask early on what we all wanted.  of course we’d say… “oh, lois… you don’t have to do anything for us.”.  but she did.  and she always bought the perfect gifts.  it was never about the money or making sure everyone had the same amount.  she just made sure each person knew she personally chose that gift as theirs.  every year she gave me a big box of socks.  she collected them all year long.  when i say socks, i mean a lot of socks.  work out socks.  knee high socks.  warm winter socks.  toe socks.  trouser fancy socks.  and always at least one pair of socks that had cocktails or something funny printed on them.  i just ran across the box she gave me last year.  it still has two pair of socks in it i have not worn.  it still has the tag, to: tracy  love: lois.  i just can’t make myself wear the last two pair.  because i know there won’t be any more boxes of socks.

the Lord took lois to heaven quite unexpectedly this year.  we all grieved very hard.

Christmas will not be the same without her.

so, when i was having a craving for a dip the other day, i grabbed my little cookbook and turned to page 5 and there is was…



1 can chopped clams, drained

1 can minced clams, drained (but set aside 1-2 Tblsp. of liquid)

2 8oz. pkg of philadelphia brand cream cheese

1 tsp. garlic salt

1 tsp. garlic powder

mix all ingredients in a bowl.  add the liquid to smooth and make dippable.  you do not want to break your chips while dipping.  that’s important, you know.  feel free to add less or more of the garlic salt and powder to your liking per lois.  i just follow the recipe exactly how she told me and believe me, i’ve never been disappointed.

important note:  must be served with ruffles plain potato chips!  that’s what she said.  lets not tell her i like it with baked lays too.

lois, i know you are watching over us this year.  we promise to keep family strong.  and yes, we will make the dip on Christmas eve.  just like you like it.  and i promise to make greg your spritz cookies he loves.  hugs and kisses to you!!!

so, when i hear people complain about stores putting out Christmas decorations too early, all i can say is… do it!  lois would have loved that!!

happy wednesday.


ps.. i just ordered more cookbooks.  they should be here next week.  email me at if you want one.  $15 each.

7 things i need for my house NOW…


this piece of art. (my fav artist)

Assignment ID: 30104690A Great Homes Brussles - Home / Watertower in Belgium Photo by Andreas Meichsner NYTCREDIT: Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

kitty litter box hider.


omg… want and need in FISHER or FFFF for my kitchen. (don’t understand her language, but LOVE her site)


this gigantic mirror… and white flowers of course.


the sweetest bath mat.  at one of my favorite stores.

november3bathroom photos

awesome photos of our life in one room.  the “thinking room” as my dad used to call it.

i can do this project myself.

november3jackdanielsvase november3chandellier

sure, why not throw in the gorgeous chandelier while i’m at it.

love! (fun website)


can i please just win lotto?????

happy tuesday.


what should i do with all of this candy? said no one ever…


i was looking at this blog today.

i love love love it.  the sides of her site are covered in donuts with sprinkles.  perfect.

i scrolled through recipes.  drooling.  wishing.  wanting someone to make a treat for me.

and it hit me…  that’s what i can do with our left over halloween candy.

i’m going to freeze it and wait until brookie comes home for winter break and i’m going to make this cake for her homecoming.

she will love it.

all you have to do is bake a chocolate cake according to the box.  when it comes out of the oven, poke holes in it.  then drizzle 1 c. caramel sauce and 1 c. chocolate fudge sauce over it.  when it cools, top with a tub of cool whip.  then the ultimate layer is the chopped up candy on top.


happy monday.


sunday. funday. time to chill…



thank God it’s sunday.

i think i’m gonna chill for a little bit.  well deserved.  trust me.

raining outside.  thunder and lightning.  seahawks on tv.

if only i wish i had these few things to help me…


( + +

too bad mason and i have to hop in the car this evening and drive 2 hours for dinner tonight.  but i did hear there will be cake.

mmmmm.  cake.

better get chillin.  the clock is ticking.

happy sunday.