Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

7 things i need for my house NOW…


this piece of art.

www.ashleylongshoreart.com (my fav artist)

Assignment ID: 30104690A Great Homes Brussles - Home / Watertower in Belgium Photo by Andreas Meichsner NYTCREDIT: Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

kitty litter box hider.



omg… want and need in FISHER or FFFF for my kitchen.

www.anoukdekker.nl (don’t understand her language, but LOVE her site)


this gigantic mirror… and white flowers of course.



the sweetest bath mat.  at one of my favorite stores.


november3bathroom photos

awesome photos of our life in one room.  the “thinking room” as my dad used to call it.

i can do this project myself.


november3jackdanielsvase november3chandellier

sure, why not throw in the gorgeous chandelier while i’m at it.


www.zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com (fun website)


can i please just win lotto?????

happy tuesday.


what should i do with all of this candy? said no one ever…


i was looking at this blog today.


i love love love it.  the sides of her site are covered in donuts with sprinkles.  perfect.

i scrolled through recipes.  drooling.  wishing.  wanting someone to make a treat for me.

and it hit me…  that’s what i can do with our left over halloween candy.

i’m going to freeze it and wait until brookie comes home for winter break and i’m going to make this cake for her homecoming.

she will love it.

all you have to do is bake a chocolate cake according to the box.  when it comes out of the oven, poke holes in it.  then drizzle 1 c. caramel sauce and 1 c. chocolate fudge sauce over it.  when it cools, top with a tub of cool whip.  then the ultimate layer is the chopped up candy on top.


happy monday.