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girls weekend in seattle starts in 18 hours…


finally.  the end of the week.  been waiting all year for this weekend.

girls weekend starts in less than 18 hours by the time i post this.

i go away every year with 4 other girls.  sometimes it’s 3 of us.  sometimes it’s all 5 of us.

we’ve done this weekend trip for years.  and we’ve got some stories, i tell ya.

we’ve had lots of people hint they’d like to join us, but we’ve been doing it so long that nobody else would even understand our awkward traditions.  they took years to develop.

this year it’s just 4 of us because 1 is in florida at an expense paid trip to Kenny chesney.  we all agreed we’d be there too.  we will send her photos.

our only rule is we go somewhere we have never stayed before.  roll the dice.  pick a hotel.  hope it’s nice. bring pajamas and something to drink for wee hours when stores are closed.  we learned early on that we do not need to bring food.  one year we had to take two trips from the car to the room for all of our luggage, food, drinks, gifts and yes, a crockpot.  no valet.  one person in the group did not want to tip a valet when “we could do it ourselves”.  as we almost passed out doing so, we agreed, no more food.  seattle has lots of places to get food.  haha.  lesson learned.  oh boy, i wish i could tell you the lessons we’ve learned.  but sworn to secrecy of all “girls weekends away”.  pinky swear!

as usual i am unprepared.

well, maybe more prepared than last year though.

i did buy new pajamas and i got cash and i have my crown royal and diet coke all ready to go.  and got someone to drive my kid around in case he needs help.  and the husband will be home by evening to have guy time all weekend.

here’s my list….

of things i wish i’d bought.  but didn’t.

oh well.  maybe next year.


cutest charger ever.  my phone dies every year.  you’d think i’d learn.



money.  wish i’d saved a little bit more.  ha.  every year i say this.  i need to buy myself a cute little piggy bank for our weekend away and cash it in at the end of the year.  glad the atm was invented.  girls best friend in seattle!

www. housebeautiful.com

november7where chefs eat

i saw this book at anthropologie in palm desert a year ago.  almost bought it.  thought it would be fun to find some of these old school places on my travels.  note to self… look for the book again.  and buy it this time.



i want!!!  i am a picture taking fanatic.  according to my family.

www.pinterest.com  somewhere


the cutest weekender bag.  the girl in the photo looks so happy.  she must be on a vacation.  and not in seattle.  her outfit is certainly for the more sunny areas of the world.



forecast is rain.  all weekend long.  crap.



in case of rain.  and believe me it does every year.  hmmm… maybe we should try these weekend away trips in the summer.  make note of that for next year.  my crown and diet is packed.  i take no responsibility for my actions.  just kidding, kids.  i’m a good girl.  m hm.  trust me.  actually, funny thing is we spend more time in our pajamas, drinking wine and talking all night than anything else.  we just like to pretend we are gangster!  that is why i always pack warm cozy socks.  and how cute are these?

www.buymebrunch.hellosociety.com + www.rstyle.me


coffee.  that is exactly what i will need when i wake up.


hot coffee.  one stevia.  a little cream.

and quiet everyone while i take a sip or two…

… then i’ m ready to roll for day 2 in the city.

can’t wait to get this weekend started!


happy Friday.