Daily Archives: November 21, 2015

i am crafty. i’ll bet you are too…


i’m going out to the beach this winter and gathering rocks.  lots of rocks.  heart shaped.  wishing ones with circles.  all kinds.  and i’m making a bowl of these.  and when someone needs a few words of encouragement (including myself) i will give them away one by one through the year.  then gather more when they are gone.

thanks for the idea: www.bravegirlsclub.com

november20glassontablewith photos

our kitchen table is round.  it’s chocolate brown.  and white leather chairs.  i love it.  but the table has a huge piece of glass on top.  i’m always washing it.  then it dawned on me… wouldn’t it always be sparkly clean if i put a whole bunch of black and white photos underneath the glass?  well, maybe.  at least it wouldn’t look as dirty or smudged.

thanks for the idea: www.isuwannee.com

november20watches onwinebottle

i love watches.  so does greg.  what a fabulous idea for our bedroom or bathroom.  that way we can see what we actually have.  and wear them all.

thanks for the idea:  tetinotte.com

november20photos in frame

love love love this idea.  photos in one frame.  i need to do this for brookie for Christmas.  maybe one for my mom too for all of the CA trips we take.  we have such great memories and photos.  but the photos just sit in a box.  i need to get them out quick and get started on this project.  maybe even one for mason of all of his sports over the last 15 years.  love!

thanks for the idea: tatertotsandjello.com


speaking of gifts.  i just found brookie’s G-EASY ticket from last years concert.  well, it’s actually a print out from the computer.  why don’t they hand out tickets like they used to.  remember all of those years when you had to actually stand in line and pay for one with cash?  and if you couldn’t get one,  you had to call radio stations for hours hoping you’d win a ticket or two (um, I never won.  that’s a bummer).  but i’ve always wanted to do this for her.  i wish i’d saved my old concert tickets and i’d decorate my house with tickets from fleetwood mac, poison, brett michaels, some random country guy who is probably famous now that we went to see on a whim, hewey lewis, neil diamond (haha…  my ex boyfriends mom took me), keith urban, and so many others i can’t even remember now because i’m so angry i didn’t save the tickets.  this could also be cool for washington state football tickets and seahawks tickets too!

p.s.  i swear i did go to some really cool concerts.  i just can’t remember.  it’s been too long.

thanks for the idea:  www.pinterest.com (forgot to write the name of the site down, but you can find it)


i’m so excited to get crafty again.

happy friday.