Daily Archives: December 2, 2015

December. i love december. really, i do…

december2 snowman

thanks for photo www.buzzfeed.com

in my dream world i would be on vacation over Christmas.  somewhere sandy.  our tree would be a palm tree.  our snowman would be made out of sand.  we would surf and lay in the sun.  we would barbeque outside each night.  with tiki torches.  we would draw names and give a local homemade gift to each other.  it wouldn’t be about craziness of the malls.  it would be relaxing.  easy.  mellow.  awesome.  and we would take an actual family photo and send it out to friends.

ok, who am i kidding.  we stay home.  the photo gets taken of us, but never printed out onto cute webdesigned paper.  i buy stamps.  lots of holiday stamps.  but they get used for bills throughout the year.   we go to 4 sets of grandparents homes.  i am wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas eve with no bows, while sipping a cocktail, wondering why nobody is helping me.  there is hustle and bustle.  there is crazy.  the kind of crazy they write movies about.  i roll my eyes every year.  hoping to make it through.

but, you know what???

I love december.

it’s full of sweet music.  cookies that only come out this time of year.  kindness in strangers.  Christmas eve church.  singing hymns.  cold nights so i can use our magic fire (gas fireplace.. just flip the switch).  jeans and sweaters hide my insecurities.  i can always say yes to whip cream on my non fat cark chocolate mocha.  sprinkles too.  kids commercials (when we were little we waited anxiously for the Sears catalog to come in the mail so we could circle everything… even the color of toughskin jeans we wanted, because yes, we were getting a pair).   heartwarming commercials.  family commercials.  the promise of snow (ok, keep it in the mountains… i don’t like driving in it).  holiday cards in the mail from people i haven’t seen in years.  we are still on their lists after not sending one of our own for 16 years.  sparkles.  lots of sparkles everywhere.  cozy socks.  bubble baths.  crazy cat sweaters.  holiday gatherings.   waking up to hear if school will be two  hours late due to weather, then going back to bed.  painting personalized santa paintings (lots of them this year).  homemade cinnamon rolls.  with cream cheese icing.  putting out our nativity scene.  hanging stockings (uh oh, not sure this year… we now have a cat… this will be an experiment for sure).  trees (fresh cut. fake. flocked. bedazzled. ornaments from childhood.  any kind of tree.  just love them).  fun wrapping paper (no longer all about red and green).  the bells ringing outside the supermarket and knowing we should always carry extra change in our purses.  hot cider.  cute snow boots.  chap stick in fun flavors.  furry ear muffs.  plaid scarves.  frangos.  santa at the mall (never goes out of style).  pulling out old photos and seeing those we miss.

all reasons to thank God for his faithfulness this past year.

happy wednesday.