Daily Archives: December 5, 2015

i’m dreaming of a fisher Christmas…


‘dreaming’ is the key word here.

a fisher Christmas consists of whatever i happen to do to make it festive at the time.

each year it is different.

one year we had a hula hoop tree with lights hanging from the ceiling (thought it was a good idea at the time… should have just bought a tree).

most years we have fresh cut trees. we buy from our friends tree lot.  i like to support local families.  and to be honest with you, i feel sorry for the trees that are already cut down.  they need a home.  i don’t like to think of the ones that don’t get chosen by a family.  makes me sad.  every tree deserves a happy home.

last year someone gave us a fake tree they didn’t want anymore.  apparently they wanted a bigger one.  well, we live in a ranch style home.  not much room for a huge tree.  so we said yes, thank you.  yep, that’s the one we are using this year.

but i thought i’d do a little dreaming… just for fun… of what i’d like to see in my home one day.

just one Christmas morning i’d like to wake up with a decorated kitchen… instead of dishes in the sink from the casserole i insisted on making at midnight on Christmas eve after wrapping all of the presents.

thanks for the idea  www.vanessaandvalentine.com


i’ve always wanted a deer head, or big blue marlin, on my mantel.

i think it’s cool.

no animal would be hurt in making it though.

thanks for the idea  www.pinterest.com


just once i’d like to make cookies that looked like these.  and tasted delicious.

thanks for the idea  www.sweetapolita.com


but I know i could make these.  it appears all i have to do is go to the store and buy oreos, candy canes and white chocolate.

I could so handle that project.

thanks for the recipe  www.pinkcakeplate.com


and why can’t my gifts look like this?

although i do have to admit, i buy really cute wrapping paper.  but then neglect the ribbon because a) it’s so expensive and b) it’s usually past midnight on Christmas eve when i am wrapping.  so what’s the point?  unless you are photographing your home for a magazine.  and that probably won’t be happening here this year.  haha

thanks for the pretty gift ideas  www.gatherandfeast.com  and  www.polyvore.com


i know this is random.  and i’m not really sure what i would do with it.  but i think this garland of pom pom’s are so much fun.  they remind me of when i was a kid.  we actually put tinsel on our tree.  along with strung popcorn.  that we did ourselves.  and pricked our fingers on the needles.  and actually popped our own popcorn.  the microwave was not invented yet.  i loved our family trees.  we all had our own ornaments as kids.  we loved opening that box every year.  well, at least i did.

thanks for the fun idea  www.auntpeaches.com


i want. i want. i want.

a big fireplace like my grandpa and grandma had.

and someone to come over and hang something fabulous like this.

thanks for the dream  www.desiretoinspire.net



oh ya.

peppermint cheesecake cake.

need i say more?

thanks for the photo and recipe  www.myrecipes.com

now, can someone make this for me and bring it over.  with a bottle of champagne.


any way you look at Christmas, it’s truly a time of giving thanks to God.  and remembering those you love.  and loving those you are with.  and finding meaning in the simple things.

happy thursday.