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my 2015 list of teen guy gifts…

every year i ask mason, “what do you want for Christmas?”.  his response, “i don’t know.”

why do i keep asking?  i keep getting the same answer.

and no, he is not getting a car!!!!!  you’d be surprised how many kids at 15 have a car in their garage or driveway waiting for their license.  nope.  not our kid.  he’s saved enough money for a car with bad tires and an engine that probably won’t start…haha.  but we are working on that.  he’s making money wherever he can.  next week he’s working for one of his grandpa’s hauling tree branches from our last storm.  way to go mason sterling!

oh, back to Christmas.  i have seen people ask on fb what to get their kids for their birthdays. i figured i’d just find some cool stuff (according to me, his mom) and post it now and then i will have it for reference for Christmas and birthday.  and fyi, these things are not the typical wish list items  you see on tv (ie: hover board, phones, electronics, etc)… these were carefully found.  hehe

so this year i’ve taken it on myself to do a little fun research on what do kids at age 15 want/need.  they already have cel phones,  game consoles, clothes on their back, socks on their feet (well, some of his are good… many have holes in them… better add to this list below).  they have no idea that when we were kids we got pajamas and clothes and coloring books for Christmas.  oh, and matching slippers.  and then one good present.  not that expensive, but something we wanted so so so bad.  i remember my first record player.  it came with an album from Ronco.  my favorite song was disco duck.  then my parents took me to the mall to get a couple of records… ACDC,  Fleetwood Mac and Shaun Cassidy were my first 3 picks.

ok, back to boys gifts…

here you go.  you are welcome.  i think.


we love the seattle seahawks.  how about this?  it comes with fake muscles.  i like it.  the open arms allow your kid to play video games for hours.  that was a joke!


december8tux sweats

i can’ totally see my kid in this.  although he would not want it to count as a Christmas gift.  i’m pretty sure.  still, it’s funny… and could come in handy some day.


december8baseball chair

how cool is this chair?  i think we would need two.  one for mason and one for greg.



cat tees?

oh yes.  i’ve got to get one of these for him.  there are so many to choose from.  but i liked “cool cat” and “kitty mcmuffin” the best.  you probably won’t understand if you don’t have a cat.



hydro flask.  every athlete at brooke’s college uses these.  she bought one for mason for his birthday in blue.  gotta get the wide mouth one.  holds ice and cold water for hours.  he wants another one for baseball season.  they are kind of spendy for water bottles, but trust me, they work better than any other bottle on the market.  i want one in white for myself.  after all, i’m sitting in the sun watching them play sports.  i deserve to be hydreated.  right?

oh, and buy stickers.  they put stickers all over them in southern cal.  the kind like skateboarders put on their boards.

www.amazon.com  or  www.REI.com


i did order these for the kids.  shhhhh.  don’t worry, they never read this. i think they look cool.  and if they don’t like them, i will use them.  good plan.



my dad (who was a dentist) would be proud i’ve included a toothbrush in my list.  love this.  a toothbrush and a water fountain in one.



my kids lose flash drives all of the time.  ok, so do i.  how about this one.  it’s a bracelet.  if they keep it on their wrist, they won’t bother you at 9pm at night asking you to run to office depot to get one for their project due in the morning.  they are cheap too!  stocking stuffer?



slammo.  they compare it to volleyball for some reason.  not sure why.  oh well.  my kids love games.  they play this type of stuff in our neighborhood all of the time.  and like bringing games to the beach in the summer.  i’m pretty sure greg and i might have an actual chance at winning something with this.  ok, who are we kidding?  they will crush us!



I keep telling my boy that chicks dig guys that play the guitar.  one year we gave both of the kids guitars.  do they use them?  no.  but maybe he will read this and hear about the “picking up chicks” part and will start playing.


december8french fry holder

i should probably buy one of these for each of the family members.  they love French fries and ketchup.  i’ve always said that if my car ever went over an embankment i would live for weeks just fine off of the fries and gummy bears between my car seats.  i know it’s gross.  i challenge you to see what’s down there in your car.  i rest my case.


december8frosted flakes

speaking of food… this is mason’s new fav cereal.  and for some reason i think it’s healthier by the advertising.  um, hello… isn’t it sugar coated???  oh well.  energy clusters.  that sounds good for him.  we always wrap up cereal as gifts.  it’s a fisher thing.

www.fredmeyer.com  or your local grocery store.

december8God socks

God socks.  that’s what i call them.  i love these.  makes me feel like he’d be protected at all times.  after all, his socks are very holy (get it… lots of holes…he’s 15 and very active).  these are what we are also getting for his youth group leader.


december8dorito socks

of course you can find really fun socks here too…


december8 bose speaker

our kids saw these when they were with their grandma in palm desert over thanksgiving.  she waited to get them.  then the price went up.  yes, the prices on black friday are generally lower than the next week.  but today on line, they are on sale again.  i sent a photo to my mom.  if they both get them, can you imagine how loud our house will be over the holidays?  rap music.  country music.  Christian music.  top 40.  and once in a blue moon we get 70’s and 80’s classics.  yes.



yes, this is a towel warmer.  yes, my kids love warm towels.  do you know that years ago i used to put their towels in the dreyer to heat them up at night if they took a bath.  i don’t know what i was thinking.  and yes, i’m thinking they’ve forgotten about that super power of mine (warm towel mom).  hopefully.  if not, i will be glad to say you can get this brookstone one with their Christmas money.



i listened to the radio the other day.  it was on the Christian station.  i was absolutely in awe of this guy and what he had to say about boys.  and his sons.  and what we should be teaching them that for some reason we forget because life is busy.  i immediately ordered this book.  told my neighbor about it.  she ordered two for her sons.  then i bought the last one at our local bookstore for mason’s youthgroup leader.  then i told my mom about it.  she ordered one for my nephew.  then i posted about it on facebook and people are going wild.  i say we support this amazing dad and thank jonathan catherman for the fun advice for our boys.

www.amazon.com (or if you live in Gig Harbor, WA please support our local Christian bookstore, Dightman’s… they will get it for you if you call them at (253)858-9477)


well, that’s it for tonight.

i haven’t washed my hair in 3 days and have a party tomorrow.  yes, i did shower in case you were wondering.  i’m sure there are tons of things my son would like.  and to be honest with you, he actually appreciates most gifts given to him.  he has a big heart.  and if you are reading this mason… i’ll try to go to your fav stores for you… VANS, ZOOMIES, TARGET, SPORTS STORES OF ALL KINDS, etc.

happy wednesday.