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Christmas ideas for the girly girls in your life (college age)…


brooke comes home in 3 days.


i’ve already done a lot of my holiday shopping.  when we were in CA visiting her it was easy.  she’s a true CA girl.

but in the meantime it was fun looking on line and finding some other things that might just come in handy this Christmas or maybe for her birthday in may.  and some of these items i actually  bought her.  but can’t tell you because there is a slight chance she’s reading this.


first thing she said to me the other night when we were facetiming… “mom, please get me some snuggy pajamas so i can stay warm in my bed when i come home… and food.  get good food.”

www.victoriassecret.com  (enter code SHIP50 for free shipping on orders over $50)


do your kids believe that when they cannot find any of their chargers for their phone that yours is theirs… no matter what… even if you need to use it…?  thank goodness for hsn today.  saw these on tv and snagged them right away.  they can bling them up with skateboarding stickers like they do to their water bottles.



bose speakers.  yep.  so everyone can blast their music from their rooms during Christmas break.  that’s ok, i’ll take them here under my roof for two weeks any way i can.  love those kids of mine… and most of their music.

www.target.com  or  www.hsn.com  or  www.bestbuy.com


while we are talking about electronics…. aren’t these the cutest little things you’ve ever seen?  phone bling.  and they are less than $2 each.  worth ordering even if they don’t look like the photo. who can turn down a cute kitty.  and i hear elephants are supposed to bring good luck.



usb drives as jewelry?  well, hello.  why not?



chocolate gummy bears.  i don’t have to say another word!

find them at your local mall candy shop and buy them by the pound.  or go to  www.itsugar.com


she just can’t eat chocolate gummie bears all day long.  well, maybe not.  haha.  she’s a great little cook but what an awesome idea.  they have a trader joes on every street corner around her neighborhood.  well, practically.

www.amazon.com (although it said unavailable…. i’m going to drive to our local trader joes this week)

december14completely blesseddecember9alex

alex and ani.  I love their jewelry.  every time i go into nordstrom, it’s the first thing i see as i walk in.  and it makes me happy. i think i’m going to get brookie and i matching bracelets this year.  good luck is a great statement for 2016!  and “completely blessed” is exactly how i feel this year.  i just wish they had one that said “lotto winner” (and it came with a winning lotto ticket).

www.alexandani.com  or  www.nordstrom.com

december14coordinates bracelet

i think this is the sweetest idea.  coordinate bracelets.  you can engrave your addresses where you have lived (or meaningful places) to your jewelry.  love.  love.  love.

www.shopstyle.com  or lots of custom ones on www.etsy.com


brooke always said she wanted to marry a mlb player one day.   until then, she can wear this tee while watching college games.  oh, did i mention i had a slight fascination with those cute baseball boys when i was in college?



she always talks about getting a little fish of her own.  the kids gave me one for Christmas last year.  he is a blue beta fish.  his name is russel wilson.  yep, after the seattle seahawks quarterback.  and yes, he’s still with us.  isn’t this the cutest fish tank?  hmmmm… maybe when i go back to CA with her in January to set up her place.



these are so cute.  i love anything from Nordstrom.  and she does too.  their home department is so much fun to walk into.  especially in the big cities.  or if you are in tacoma, wa please see my friend theresa and buy something!!  she works on commission.



everyone needs notepads.  everyone.



and pencils.  lots of pencils.  with happy sayings on them.



brooke has an instax camera.  i actually bought it at our local michaels craft store.  they were on sale.  she uses it all of the time and hangs the photos from black and white string and little fun clips.  while searching online,  i found this instax printer.  it can take any of your smart phone photos and print onto that type of paper.  love it.

www.api.shopstyle.com  or go to your local michaels craft store and support your crafty friends.


i think lockets are so special.  my parents gave me one when i was little.


  december14wastatenecklace december14westcoastwildchild

i have this thing about “supporting your local businesses”.  people in our area have been very good to me.  and i like to return the favor.  frankie boutique is one of the cutest little shops in gig harbor.  brooke finds many items on each visit.  as a matter of fact, we bought her CA necklace there for her graduation.  and it dawned on me she does not have a WA one.

www.facebook.com (type in frankie boutique and “like” them)


i know.  this is a lot more than what i posted for the boy section.  buy hey, shopping for girls is so much more fun.  admit it.  oh, and in case she is reading this… brooke, you are not getting everything on this post…haha.

happy monday.