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what go give your man for valentines day? boozy cherries, of course…

january30 boozy cherries

thank you for the idea btw… I love your blog!

january30 boozy cherries on stick

i’ve seen recipes for this before.  always wanted to make them. never do. typical me.

then it dawned on me when i saw them on my pinterest page…

valentine’s day is near.

what a better gift than booze and food in one! (ok, at least for my husband and i… no judging please).

BOOZY BOURBON CHERRIES (according to the recipe girl)

3 1/2 c. bourbon

2/3 c. granulated white sugar

4 c. fresh sweet cherries, washed, pitted and stems removed

“in medium saucepan, bring the bourbon and sugar to a simmer over low heat.  simmer and stir until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the heat and let sit for at least 15 min.  pack your cherries into two 25oz jars (or three smaller ones).  snuggle them into the jars nice and tight without smashing the cherries.  pour the syrup over the cherries in each jar until it covers the fruit completely. if you have any leftover syrup, you can use it to make a cocktail.  place the lids on tight and store the cherries in the refrigerator.  they should be used within one year.”

crown royal and diet coke is my drink of choice.  if you are friend of mine, you know that already.  when i’m in restaurants i like them to add a cherry (or two) to my drink.  just because.  kind of like a combination of my brother’s roy rogers, and my parents manhattans at the tacoma country club when we were kids.  i can imagine if you mixed them both together it might tast like this.

ok, off topic… big surprise.

when i was in hermosa beach with brookie a few weeks ago, i ventured out one night on my own while she was either studying or seeing her boyfriend (or doing both as she would claim… right).  i found the cutest little bar.

january30 mermaid bar sigh


and it had “cocktails” underneath.

the outside was painted all black and there were valet drivers and it looked fancy and shady at the same time.  my kind of place.  where you would meet people with good stories.   i was so curious.  walked in.  sat at the bar.  alone.  totally cool.  felt 21.  haha.  it was a mixture of young and hip suntanned kids, old locals, and harley dudes with their beach blonde babes.  awesome people watching.

i ordered my usual and when i asked for a cherry or two… the bartender told me she had the perfect thing for me.  um, ok. i waited patiently while i looked around.  i noticed the red, old fashioned, cut glass candle holders.  totally reminded me of my grandparents.  note to self… go find some at the thrift store.  red.  for v-day.

january30 mermaid bar cherries

booze soaked cherries. my dream come true.  i can’t wait to go back.  i told greg i would stay in hermosa beach just to have a cocktail there.

january30 mermaid bar drink

cheers to saturday nights.

i might just have to have a cocktail.  just because.

happy saturday.


i love it when i get a sign i’ve been waiting for. thanks God, and Lisa Rinna…

art lisa rinna art instagram

so, i wake up this morning (ok, i was actually laying back down after taking my kid to school… you caught me… exhausted… didn’t sleep last night… don’t know why… as my aunt says “your committee in your head must be keeping you awake”… yep, too much thinking, not enough sleeping), and my cousin, kim ohlson, texted me this photo.


a piece of art i painted (with rascal flats lyrics on it) was on Lisa Rinna’s instagram page!

this is similar to the painting (as each one is painted individually) i gave to our daughter when she went off to CA this year to chase her dreams.  and she is chasing them i tell you.  so proud of that girl of ours.


how cool is this?

i love love love Lisa Rinna.

i’ve loved her since reading about her shop (never got to see it, but dreamed about the clothes in it for a long time). i’ve watched her on Days Of Our Lives forever.  and she is my favorite wife on RHOBH.  yes, i am a reality junkie.  i know who is real… and this girl has got it going on!!!

anyway, it’s weird how things happens.  i was just talking about quitting facebook the other day.  and getting back into instagram.  not that i was ever really into instagram.  it’s apparent from looking at it.  i think i have about 10 photos on there from the past 5 years…haha..  it started with getting an account to stalk my kids in middle school so i knew they were being appropriate on social media.  but now i love that it is like one big photo album of your life.  and that is soooo up my alley.  i am fresh from returning from CA as i just helped brookie move into a new place.  i felt renewed.  i was ready to make changes.  i was ready to paint.  i kept saying all week, “i’ll update it.  i’ll do it tomorrow.  i really will….”.  then life gets in the way.  old habits form.

well, not now!

this was my sign.  this morning.  changes are happening.  thanks, lisa (even though you have no idea who i am and how much of an influence this one post of yours made in my life).  funny how people we have never met send us in a direction we didn’t realize we were going to take so soon.

so, i’m back.

on instagram. and painting. and dreaming my dreams.

just for fun… thought you might like to see a few pieces i have hanging around my own home…

photo (41)

the original Fisher Family Vintage.

what started it all.  my style has changed a little.  the bottles aren’t so jug-like. and more information fits on the story.

email me if you are interested in one.  i have a few openings left for 2016.

photo (114)

i love painting these little framed pieces.  it reminds me that when our kids are home (and husband too), i will always be able to say, “party of 4, please”.  I like that.

art lisa rinna doorway

this is what you see when you leave our home.  next to the front door.  next to the coat rack that is piled with baseball caps, scarves and rain coats.  and the beautiful ceramic cross my mom bought me when i turned 40.  she took me to laguna beach, my birth place, and drove me around to my old house, the hospital where i was born, and the bar that my dad went to after she delivered me… and he bought everyone a drink.  um, these days, there’s no way the husband gets to leave the bedside to go for drinks after the baby is born…haha.  after the fun trip down memory lane, she took me to san juan capistrano.  i saw this cross in the window of a store.  it has a leather cord.  i fell in love.  she bought it for me.  and it has been hanging next to that door ever since. almost 12 years.

art lisa rinna apple

one day i was watching oprah.  and gwyneth paltrow came on her show.  she had just had a baby.  and had named her apple.  and she told the story why.  i loved it.  and i painted this.  yes, many years ago.  one day i hope to give it to her.  it’s been in our bar room, hanging on the wall since that day.  anyone know gwyneth?  if so, give her my email address.

art lisa rinna family2

i love my family. and they love us too. most of the time.  haha.  i’ve painted a few of these for people that have the same feeling.  love it.  it sits on my bookshelf, next to a photo i just bought in venice beach.  i love buying art from locals when i travel.  the artist/photographer was one of the vendors on the side of the skate path.  and i loved this piece.  and if you look closely, you will see a butterfly.  when my dad passed away last year i was told to look for white butterflies passing by.  it would mean my dad was near.  funny thing is i see them all of the time.  greg’s mom sent me a beautiful basket of all white flowers and this sparkly gold butterfly was pinned on top.  she then passed away suddenly.  a shock to our family a few months back.  and that butterfly has been on our book shelf every day since.  it might not be white, but it’s sparkly and happy… and i love it.

art lisa rinna He loves me

this is a little piece i made a long long long time ago from pages from one of my kids story books.  i cut them out and glued them on.  a reminder that He loves us all.

art lisa rinna just another day at the beach2

this piece hangs way up high in my office/studio. about 10 years ago this guy commissioned me to make a very large painting for his girlfriend.  i was so excited.  because he offered me a lot of money compared to what i was making those days.  he gave me his number.  i painted the piece. and he never answered his phone. ever. talk about a sad moment. i always assume people are good on their word.  my parents taught us that was important.  keep you word.  oh well.  lesson learned.  i covered the flower on her swim cap with sequins and put more blonde in her hair and called her “brooke”.  and now it is mine.  how lucky am i?

art lisa rinna kitchen art

i have a red wall in our kitchen.  I’ve repainted all of our walls a cool taupe color.  but for some reason this one wall did not get painted over at the time.  i must have liked red.  now i can’t remember the paint color on the other walls.  i guess this one will just remain red.  i cover it up a lot with art and photos. this is what hangs there now.

art lisa rinna now serving beer

this piece hangs in our bar room (which is technically our living room but we never used it so we turned it into a bar room with tv, games, bar and the usual mess… yep, right as you walk into the door).  i made a few of these for a show years ago and pulled this one aside.  it was mine.  i knew it as i was painting it.

art lisa rinna wealthy

don’t get me wrong.  i love money. it can buy fun vacations to see my daughter… and lots of converse sneakers… and the little white convertible bug i dream about that my husband says “one day, dear”.

i did a painting for someone as a thank you from garth brooks.  it was a very personal piece with lots of information on the recipients life and all of his accomplishments.  it was really really cool. i don’t talk about my celebrity work much because they don’t like me posting the actual art.  it’s always personal.  word art.  but i loved the story because i worked with one of his guys to get it finished in time. then shipped it to an airport that garth would be arriving at for a layover so he could sign it. then it went to the place it was meant to be.  when i saw this quote i loved it.  when i saw who said it, i loved it more.

art lisa rinna wondeful

notice anything wrong with this piece?  no, it’s not the broken piece of glass i had to take out after it fell off the wall.  yep, “wonderful” is misspelled.  so it hangs in our home.  on the wall.  has for years.  it makes me laugh every time i look at it.  reminds me we aren’t perfect.  and the funny party is that a few people have offered to buy it from me.  no.  it’s mine.  my original piece of flubbed up art.

art lisa rinna woo hoo bathroom

and this one hangs over our tub.  the tub used by me… oh, and my son with epsom salts after a long baseball weekend… and our cat.  yes, our cat loves to take baths.  hilarious.  funny cat.  i love the saying on this.  i read it every morning when i get ready.  chocolate and martinis?  sure, why not.  i’ve made quite a few of these for the girls in our area (40th, 50th, even 60th bdays).  just adjust the hair color, drink and dessert choice.  fun.

art lisa rinna brookes comment 2

as i end this post, i have to put this photo up from my computer.  it’s a little blurry.  just snapped it from my cel phone.  look…. brooke (fisher_brooke) left lisa rinna a message.  my heart is melting.  thanks brookie.  and lisa, I’m sorry to hear about your dad.  maybe one day i can put him into a story for you on canvas.

happy thursday.



oh my, how i love pie…



doesn’t everyone love pie?

if you were born anywhere before or in 1964, i guarantee you have “pie” stories.

my grandma loved pie. my mom makes the best pies ever. she has many recipes from her friends for pies from around the country. people have stories about their pies. cookbooks have entire sections devoted to pie.

pie is back!

as a matter of fact, my grandma betsy used to take me to knapps restaurant in tacoma, wa back in the day.  we would have a cup of soup, a half of sandwich and a piece of pie.  we would take one or two bites and ask for to-go boxes.  i swear we both ate our pie pieces in our cars on our way home…haha.

in the past it was all homemade.

now boxed crusts and funky new style crusts have taken over.  and pies are served with ice cream inside (not just on top).  and there are fried pies.  and the kind of pies you get at the supermarket in little bags that you will never, ever look at the calorie content on the back.  pie is pie.  it’s just good.  eat it.

so, when asked what one pie i would want at this moment…


coconut cream pie, of course.  well, at least my version of it.


35 ritz crackers (i use one sleeve of reduced fat version because that’s what’s in our pantry at all times)

5 Tblsp. butter, melted

3 c. vanilla ice cream, softened (i like plain old fashioned vanilla ice cream. no vanilla bean.  no ultra creamy, fancy type.  just the original.  even better if it comes in a box, not a round carton.  but that’s just me.  use whatever vanilla you like)

2/3 c. sweetened shredded coconut, not toasted

1 box (3.4 oz) coconut cream instant pudding mix

3/4 c. milk (i use 1% because that’s what we drink but i’ll bet it would be really yummy with 2%)

1 c. whipping cream

3 tsp. sugar

1 c. sweetened shredded coconut, toasted

crush ritz crackers in food processor.  mix with butter.  press into bottom and up sides of pie plate.  mix ice cream, non toasted coconut, pudding mix and mil together until creamy.  pour into pie crust.  place in freezer.  whip cream until peaks form.  add sugar half way through to sweeten.  while you are doing this, put 1 c. coconut on parchment paper on cookie sheet and broil.  watch closely.  it only takes a minute or two.  do not over toast.  cool.  after coconut is cooled, top pie with whipped cream and then toasted coconut.  return to freezer until ready to eat.

side note… you can make this pie and put in a regular pie crust or even an oreo pie crust.  but the ritz cracker (sweet/salt thing) is what i like.  the photo above is the one i made for my mom… she likes the regular crust.  that’s her generation.

happy wednesday.


the best place to eat cake…


why not. don’t mind if i do.

(thanks for the idea pinterest)

photo (106)

layer 1: bake white cake according to box in 9×11 pan. cool.

layer 2: layer with boxed ice cream.  the kind that comes in a box is easy to cut into thick slabs and place over cake.  plus I love that old fashioned kind of ice cream.  we always had it as kids.  choose your own flavor.  we had chocolate chip.

layer 3: spray on whipped cream from a can.  i hope you find it necessary to keep a can on hand at all times like i do.  you never know who is going to stop by.  and if it’s someone’s kid, i swear you will look like the best mom in the world.  we keep it in our fridge all year long. feel free to spray in mouth too.  when nobody’s watching.

layer 4: strawberries.  or if you don’t have fresh fruit, feel free to top with sprinkles or malt balls or crushed girl scout cookies.  whatever floats your boat.


in bed.

with tv on.

happy tuesday.


sorry i was gone so long…


i had a date with netflix.

well kind of.

i was helping our daughter find, and move into a new place in santa monica.  a friend of ours graciously offered her son’s condo to us for a week or two.  had no idea it would take 3 weeks.  and i don’t think they did either.  i owe a debt of gratitude to this family.  one, for making it affordable for us to stay.  and, two, for giving my daughter and i three weeks out of our lives we will never forget.  thank you from the bottom of my heart.  and hers too.


three weeks.   well, let me tell you… a lot can happen in 3 weeks….

our son started driving in driver’s ed…


…no bills were paid while i was gone because i am the one who pays them (insert heavy sign and “uh oh, gotta make some calls today”).  we met some pretty colorful characters while in CA house hunting (a sweetheart neamed “kitten”… a landlord that had police visit during the move in and back up police called to assist (yes, she got her deposit back)… a dj that works nights in clubs but would teach her to surf during the day… two girls that wanted to make triple sure she was 420 friendly… yep, that’s pot, marijuana, and i think i got the numbers correct, they were worried she might be too young for them…  a place that lets their dogs poop inside their house and you walk around it or pick it up yourself…  a person that hadn’t cleaned in months and made my house at home look spotless…  a grandma who was lonely…  a mom who missed her daughters and was renting their rooms out (i wonder if they know)…  a single mom with two kids who might have really just wanted a babysitter…. oh, i could go on.  los angeles.  hollywood.  venice beach.  santa monica.  looked everywhere.

 and every night we came home to our cute little condo… two blocks from the beach… with netflix and wine as my entertainment while she did homework.  loads of homework.

and i landed on the show FIXER UPPER.

chip and Joanna gaines.  quite possible the cutest couple from texas.  with 4 of the cutest kids.  and a decorating style that seems to be a bit of country, modern, hip, sweet and based one each individual client.  i fell in love.  watched every episode.  wanted her wardrobe.  wanted my kids to be young again.  wanted their goats (i had goats as a kid and for some reason i’m missing them now…haha).  just truly enjoyed their story.

a few of the things i wanted are available on their website

jan25magnoliamarket sign

love love love Joanna’s personal style…

jan25magnolia bracelet

leather bracelet.  Joanna wears on the show.  love it. want it. need it.   $66

jan25magnolia beloved necklace

“beloved” necklace.  so sweet and simple.  unfortunately “out of stock”.  made by a local waco, tx artist so i put my name on the “to be notified when it comes back in stock” list.

jan25magnolia destressed leather tote

distressed leather tote.  it comes in a few shapes and sizes.  i’m not picky!  $175 – $350

jan25magnolia tube earrings

metal tube earrings.  i have got to own these. birthday is less than 2 months away.  hint.  $34


love love love the gaines family home style…

jan25magnolia family rules sign

everyone needs a “family rules” sign.  and these seem to be very important rules for our family also. $155

jan25magnolia format pot

it’s apparent i love black and white with pops of color.  these pots are so darn cute.  from $6 ea.

jan25magnolia metal magazine rack

metal wall pockets.  for files.  for magazines.  for whatever.  i like.  i want.  $68

jan25magnolia home sign

and I’ve fallen completely in love with this one. the shiplap sign.  they design a lot of their homes with “shiplap”.  i didn’t even know what that word was until i watched this show.  now i know what many of my waterfront home friends have in their home.  so, if i can’t have a waterfront home right now, i can have some shiplap.  HOME.  the perfect word.  $96

jan25magnolia kids

how cute are their kids?

jan25magnolia chip and joanna

and how cute are they?

i suggest you go to the store now.  get some snacks.  some wine (or if you don’t drink, some milkshake makings).  and settle in for hours of binge watching this show.

you will be glad you did.

happy monday.


food porn. you are welcome…


food porn. that’s what they call it. food through media that makes you wish you had that delectable item in your hands. right now!

and trust me… hermosa beach has it.


i only wish i had a fancy camera to capture it all. until then, this is my version of food porn in southern CA.


in-n-out burgers!!! need i say more?

this time we ordered single patties and didn’t have “animal style” fries… and we drank water.  that’s healthy. right?!  haha.


no. not technically food porn. sorry. i know you were hoping this would be an oowey gooey char broiled burger, dripping with melted cheese and topped with ripe fresh avocados…..but the best thing we bought for the condo we are staying in (we decided no cooking so we don’t have to clean the kitchen)… is this… the best yogurt and granola from trader joes.  we added frozen organic blueberries and sliced bananas on top. after eating this i almost felt like i could run the path along the beach. i said almost.


this is more like it. california breakfast. egg and bacon homemade burrito with the hottest coffee ever. love it that way. oh, and served with a salsa that is to die for!!

thanks JAVA MAN for welcoming us every morning.


oh ya, they also have homemade cinnamon rolls and hearty oatmeal with locally made granola, raisins and brown sugar. this one’s for the carb lover!



project taco. little hole in the wall. on the pier. only 1 little window with 2 guys inside. always packed so we had to try the grilled fish taco and pot roast taco (never heard of pot roast taco). this photo makes them look huge. they are not. they are street tacos. little. 2-3 bites.

yummmm. the sauces. one of them burned our lips. it was so hot. but we kept laughing and eating because they were addicting. good news is we drank lots of water.


please don’t judge. yes, this is nestle toll house raw cookie dough. and chocolate milk with coffee in it. reminded me of the old school cafeteria milk.  and the cookie dough? it’s a family thing. about  50 of us in our family eat it. and like it. and truthfully don’t care what others think about our quirky behavior. we just eat it and that’s that.





the Rockefeller. OMG.

ate there a few times. one night we split a lobster pot pie. i’m salivating just talking about it. and i’m bummed i didn’t take a photo. we were so hungry that we just dove in!!

we always split meals. then i don’t feel so guilty. and by the way, these photos are making the tacos all look really big. not! i could have eaten more.but on a budget and my jeans were not that loose to begin with.


do you love old school bars? the kind that are so dark inside you can’t read the menu so you just order cocktails?



reminded me of my grandpa and grandma and their manhattans. they would have loved this joint.

i sat at the bar. met a few locals. and ordered my usual “crown and diet”… then the sweet bartender introduced me to these cherries. steeped in liquor. sour cherries. i have to get some of these when i get home for my manhattan/whiskey drinking friends… Yes, edward i’ll get you a jar too!

then there is paisanos pizza.

hey, we were here almost 3 weeks and just decided to have pizza.



order your slice and they heat it in the oven while you stare in awe of celebrity photos.

yes, I’m like that. i got it from my mom. we love celebrity spotting… not that we’d know one if we saw one.



this is what i ordered yesterday at the American Junkie. while watching the seahawks play.  yes, sad day for seattle fans…sat outside. with sunglasses on. and saw this on the menu. steak teriyaki on rice with veggies, fresh avocado a fried egg and sprinkled black sesame seeds on top. that was it. “i’ll take it… oh, and a glass of pinot grigio please”.


brookie and jay joined me. but they got pop!


she got chicken and waffles with jalapeño syrup.


he he got the breakfast burrito and fruit. he is on a college baseball team and he is in training. but i did see him steal a bite of her waffle. oh wait, maybe that was me!


i’m going to end with this photo.

every day i walk down to the beach. 2 blocks. and reflect on the day. and every few days brooke joins me and we go to paradise bowls and get this!!

the bottom layer is some frozen smoothly concoction with seeds and stuff that are supposed to be good for me. then topped with homemade granola, fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey.

a feel good splurge.

ive gotta say, i’ve loved the people iI’ve met here and appreciated the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  most of all the time i’ve spent with my daughter. i will always remember this moment for as long i live.

born in Laguna Beach almost 52 years ago has made me need this in my soul.

see you later hermosa!

happy tuesday.


thanks for the message Steve Jobs…


we’ve been in CA two weeks. the first week it poured down rain. worse than WA state. the second week we found a roommate for brooke and i met a really cool surfer who appears to be famous (in the surfing world) that inspired me to paint. thanks DJ for the inspiration. your story is sooo cool.


long story short (not going into details) her place was not what we wanted for her.  yep, we are now looking for a different place to live. please do not text, email or call us to ask the details. only reach out if you know of a place.  thank you.

yes, insert heavy sigh.

we have two days to find the perfect place.

so, i’m going to assume God sent me a message this morning with this Steve Jobs quote.

now off we go….

happy monday.



celebrate good times. come on…


yes, we are celebrating!

started out today waking up to remembering it’s my cousin’s birthday.  ok, technically she’s my cousin’s wife. but we all call each other cousins. so many of us.

our “family thing” is eating raw cookie dough. no feedback on the “raw egg” thing please. we’ve eaten it for years and not one person has ever felt any weird consequences.  seriously.  just good tasting fun!

we’ve celebrated a birthday with a raw cookie dough cake with 40 spoons placed into it.  we’ve served raw cookie dough balls on silver platters at the beach house during the summer.  we call it “appetizers”.  awesome!  we just really like raw cookie dough.

so, we celebrate you, cousin shelli with “no raw egg” chocolate chip cookie dough.  we are in CA now so no cooking for us.  just college classes during day for brookie and searching for a roommate all day via my computer while texting her info.


guess what?

she found a roomie today!

and we are celebrating tonight with fish tacos under the heat lamp outside… and a hot homemade chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, whip cream and a fancy little green mint piece on top.

for tonight we will have sweet dreams!

happy friday.


let your light/life shine – just like glittery pink…


we met this girl the other day.  Kay Sera.  she calls herself “kitten”.

actually brooke met her while looking for a place to live.  seriously.  when they talked on the phone she asked if she’d mind a pink room.  didn’t say how much pink.  she came out to the gate in her pink hair and cute pink dress.  the only thing that wasn’t pink was her bright white smile.  she was so sweet.  she gives back to the community.  she cares.  she has lots of friends.  she’s a good person.  and has branded herself as the pink lady of hollywood.  she’s the real deal.  we only wished she lived closer to brookes college.  the drive was just too far.  and for those naysayers… It’s fun to meet new people and hear their stories.  pink rocks!  it’s a happy color that makes others happy!


pink dog.  pink walls.  pink carpet.  pink refrigerator. pink cupcakes. pink tv. pink guitar.  even pink vacuum.  yay, she vacuums!

and the sweetest, bubbly pink personality.


so, i say to you sweet daughter of mine…

dream big.  shine baby shine!

(oh, mason… don’t worry, we will find you a blue house when it’s your turn to move out.  after all, your mom is an artist and i think it’s just fine to live in color!)

happy thursday.


note: these photos came from google images.

laundry. it never ends. not even on vacation…


don’t hate.

this really isn’t a typical vacation at all.

this is the cutest laundry place i’ve ever seen.  $2.50 a load.  $1.75 to dry.  And i can sit in the front window and people watch.  this is actually very therapeutic. i’d love to find one of these back home… but what’s the point… we have a washer and dreyer… and it’s rainy back home… and of course there is no other place i can think of with a cute pink sign and a view of palm trees anywhere in washington state.

notes to self:  1. it would be okay to move here.. even if it’s just for the laundry place!  2.  buy new panties… hers  are so cute. i must treat myself more often!!


laundry tip… these fresh linen dreyer sheets are from target. they smell yummy!!  thought you might want to know that for your next trip to target.


brookie is in class.  Spending the day in santa monica on roomie interviews.  i dare you to find the right roommate for the right price in this big city!

i met a lady last night at a bar.  she was waiting for her husband to join her.  so we chatted.  i was picking up takeout.  what a sweet thing… she gave me her sons number, who apparently has 50 or more friends in that area… thanks angel lady.  then got a late night text from a friend… she’s got the feelers out.  and connections!!  thank you angel friend…  i’m making you an angel painting when i get home… the angel  will have a “pink Hollywood” heart on her (inside joke only you would understand).

i hadn’t mentioned this was a stressful process because my friends and family wouldn’t understand.  it’s harder than they know.  i’m her mom and want the best for her.  i’m supposed to protect her.  i’m supposed to be her cheerleader.

so, i’ve turned my scared, lonely, anxious attitude into…. Come on girl!! Don’t quit!! Just pretend you are on vacation!!

so i am,

on vacation.

in a pink door laundromat.

with David Bowie music blaring.

now doesn’t that sound better?

happy Wednesday!