Monthly Archives: January 2016

yes, i’m in CA. thank you for asking…


she is why.  our brooke camille.

got her into her new college.  now just searching for the “appropriate” place to live.

it’s unlike like all of our friends’ stories… get kid in college. kid goes straight to dorm on campus that is secure and safe and full of kids their same age.  then join greek system.  just pay bill every month and they graduate in 4 years and everyone is happy.

um, not our path.  not even close.   i wish.

but we’ve got a kid who has already traveled to South Korea at 16, and has now left her safety net of her previous college and lacrosse and friends to get her dental hygienist requirements and to find an agent.  not the easy way.  but the kind of way that we’ve told her will make a great story one day!!

the boys are bacheloring it at home with frozen salisbury steaks, pizza and the occasional salad.  i want to personally thank all of our friends who are pampering them… i owe you!!!  oh, and I forgot… drivers ed started last week.  gotta get a photo of that!! oh boy…

us girls are flying by the seat of our pants with yogurt, fruit, cheese, crackers and lots of starbucks coffee to keep us going.


thanks NOVOGRATZ family for the advice.  David Bowie definitely had some great words to tell.

we are truly on an adventure we will never forget.

right, brookie?

i can’t wait to post some photos that will make you smile.  and laugh.  give me a few days to get her settled.  trust me.  we’ve met some amazingly unique people along the way.

happy tuesday.


January 1, 2016…



i slept in.  got my husband to go to mcdonalds and get us all breakfast.  made coffee.  watched tv.  stayed in my pajamas most of the day. eventually went to target for useless items.  had a bloody mary with a friend.  went out to dinner with my husband, kids and two tag a longs.  got all four of us to coordinate our calendars for the next two weeks since i will be with brooke soaking up some sun (while she goes to college, looks for a roommate and finds an agent in los angeles).  resuscitated our fish back to life.  punished the cat.  paid some bills.  and now i intend to pour a hot bubble bath with my new jo malone bath oil (thanks mom) and pour myself a glass of wine.  then put on my big fluffy white seahawks robe and turn on the boob tube (as my dad used to call it).

i think i’ve had a terrific day… according to my standards.

happy friday.

and happy new year.