Daily Archives: February 1, 2016

happy birthday dad…


we had this old sailboat.  my dad would take me out in it.  just the two of us.  every summer.

then boys came into the picture. and speed boats. and bonfires. and he let me go. be with my friends.

ever wish you could relive a moment or two in your life that was good?

ok, i’ll admit, if i had to relive this photo, it would have to be a larger boat with padded seats and we’d be drinking a cold beer… but everything else would be the same.  except i’d have a lot of questions for him. i would want to know more about him. his stories. his dreams. his successes. his lessons. his wisdom…. and whatever happened to the “underpants” found in prosser’s water system? what happened to coyote bazoo and snakey wolf at the end of those long stories? what else pairs well with a pep and a pop (pepperoni sticks and green river pop in a bottle)? what was your secret salmon recipe? did you always think you’d get away with ordering anchovies on half of the pizza even though 5 of us were eating it? did you know we took all of your quarters (just the quarters) out of your dish to go buy candy at the store? …so many questions to ask one day.  when we meet again. i love you. and love that YOU were my dad.

happy birthday dad.

i miss you a lot.