Daily Archives: May 10, 2016

is there such thing as a mother’s day hangover…


after reading this… i suppose there is a  mother’s day hangover.



we went out to brunch.

buffet at the HUB in gig harbor.

after a few days in the 80’s it decided to sprinkle and remain around 60ish.

not what brooke had in mind with her CA outfits she brought home.  what started as a sparkly silver romper turned into flannel and a beanie for her.  and hoodie for me.  and of course my mom was in her cute fuschia attire.  but we were going to the horse races afterwards and we wanted to be warm.


trying to get a photo of mason these days proves tough.  walk away and turn real quickly and take the photo.  it works every time.  we always laugh about it.  now why can’t he just smile and get it over with in the first place.  gotta love that kid.  and brooke always knows what i’m up to so she just smiles and waits.  yes.  you know it’s coming girl.

best part of this photo is that i love it.  total random looking shot.  i am going to turn it into black and white and blow it up and frame it.  my artsy style.  i’m more about the story behind the photo.  not really into the posing types.  you have probably noticed that’s why we never take studio or professional photos.  the ones we took years ago sit in albums.  these are the kind i actually frame for our house.  someone’s usually laughing in it.  priceless moments.  love.


it’s just one day of the year.  one moment or two in photos.  then it’s gone until next year.

mother’s day.

i love it any way i can take it!

oh, side note… we did not end up going to the horse races.  brooke and i dropped mason at home for some video game playing.  and we went out to the mall.  it’s her birthday next saturday.  i let her pick out some fun stuff.  and i’m wrapping it all up and sending it down to CA in a birthday box.  everyone loves a package in the mail on their birthday.  it will even include a white cake mix with thick fudge frosting in a tub.  a tradition of her grandfather’s who is no longer with us.  a must on every birthday since i was a kid.


oh, did i mention mother’s day was also our anniversary this year?

23 years!

i love this old photo of us from our dating days.  perms. gold necklaces.  did what we want.  when we wanted.  those were the days.  kind of like the new chapter of our lives as our kids grow up.  funny how that goes.  congrats to us.

he worked all day but was home for the salmon dinner the kids and i made.  he was then promoted to bbq guy, while the kids set the outdoor table up.  and complained about the cold weather… as i just sat there in my sweatshirt and slippers and sipped my wine and smiled.

the perfect mother’s day for sure.

in our own typical fisher fashion.

happy monday.