Daily Archives: May 28, 2016

art friday turned into art saturday. for this week, at least…


fun IS good for you.

i’m trying to pretend that balancing driving to school, back from school, to school again, trying to find him a ride home from school the second time of the day, to baseball 45 minutes away with no carpooling options, trying to paint in the parking lot of a baseball field with the wind blowing and occasional rain showers….

my daily routine.  you get it if you are a mom.

especially if you work from your own home.  yes, i am supposed to be moving into my studio garage in tacoma. i keep saying any day now.  but reality says it will be two more weeks.  all i know if we move in 60 days and i cannot have a studio in my condo.  or at least i do not want a studio in my condo.  i want to go somewhere.  crank some music on my headphones.  and paint big.  huge canvases.  with a saying.  a simple saying.  and maybe glitter it.  or not.  but just venture out into new territory.

may282016choose happy

this piece is getting “glittered up” in two weeks.  i can’t wait!


and then there is the FAMILY VINTAGE art.

my favorite of all favorites.

because i am a writer.  a story teller.  a legend keeper.  i love when i can create a story to be passed down from one generation to the next and it tells them a little bit about where they came from… in wine (or other) terms.  love.

i’ve painted for a few fun celebrities.  wish i could share.  but no can do.  some things are kept private in this world.  but what i love is they have the same story.  a deep love of their family.


WINE art.  BEER art. (also have whiskey, vodka, gin, water and sports drinks).


and sometimes i meet someone in life that just deserves a mini piece of wine art because they treated me well. for no reason. just because they are a kind person.  the world need more people like this.

may282016 4

of course i love love love celebrating family numbers.  ours is 4.  i guess 5 now if you count the cat.  maybe i’ll make him a little one for his space in the house.  fyi… this piece is 36×36″.  it hangs above our sofa in our bar room.  and yes, there is a hole in it.  boys playing football inside.  that’s what happens.  we’ve had a few cuts and scrapes in our family along the way so this perfectly describes the 4 of us.  still hanging in there.  wouldn’t have it any other way.

may282016 fisher party of 4

i have made many of these 8×10″ famed pieces.  one of my favorite sayings is  “Fisher, Party of Four!”.  that means we are all here.  all four of us.

may282016 keimmay282016 toilet papermay282016bbeingafamily



and random requests are always fun.

may282016lifeshouldnotbeajourney woohoo

especially if it end with WOO HOO, WHAT A RIDE!

may282016 just trust me God

and my most requested little piece of art…. JUST TRUST ME. -GOD.  who doesn’t need a little God in their life?  this piece is my original.  first one.  it sits on our entry table next to some of my favorite things.  and quite a few people who enter my home order one before leaving.

hope you have a happy memorial day weekend.  stay safe.  love the one’s you are with.

happy saturday.