Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

someone bring me some champagne…


champs.  i need champs.

i’m hot.  i’m tired.  and my back hurts.

we are moving my office today.  yes, it was supposed to be done weeks ago but you know us…. save it until the last minute.  jeez.  why do i do this to myself.  but the cool thing is, we are working on it together.  and laughing at what we are finding.

things i discovered this week while packing up the home for our move…

let me start off my saying do NOT get a manicure if you are moving.  and don’t wear flip flops.  i did both.  not a good idea.  trust me.

14 years worth of memories take a lot of time to go through.

i want to save everything.  but know i can’t.  taking photos instead.  kind of cool.

i just found the piece of paper i was looking for.  been looking for two months.  it’s worth a vacation.  and that means a trip to see my baby girl.  and guess what, it expired last week.  of course it did.  thank goodness for kind people that are looking into making it happen.  i love kind people.  i try to be one.  and i love when i find other that are the same.  fingers crossed.  wouldn’t it be amazing if i found free airfare too?

our doors are dirty.  every one of them.  magic eraser to the rescue.

do not look above the cupboards in your kitchen.  save that one for the new owners to look at.  haha.  sorry.

just found the bin of all of my kids art.  love it.  love it so much.  i’m going to glue it to a huge canvas and paint around it and make it into a giant piece of art.  i’ll post a photo when i finish that one.

i wish i’d moved my office/studio to another place (besides the den of our home) years ago.  i forgot this room was a real room.  my husband and son could have had a man cave.  or better yet, i could have turned it into a reality tv room.  they would have never entered.

our windows needed cleaning really bad.  i need to have them cleaned more often.  just makes you say ahhhhhh and smile.

found around 50 broken pens and  pencils.  i need to start throwing them away at the exact moment i realize they don’t work.  imagine that.

just because you keep things in bins does not mean you are organized.  i found summer clothes in a bin that was marked “Halloween”.  can’t wait to see what’s in the Christmas bin.  i hope it’s a big bag of cash.

lots of coins add up to lots of dollars.  i just have to take them to coinstar now and see how much we’ve been storing under our beds, sofas and desks.

no matter what, rootbeer and red kool aid do not come out of the carpet.  even though i thought the spots were clean, once furniture gets removed, the spots look even bigger.

and last but not least…

in 14 years of living here i never went out and got myself a cool doorbell like the one above.

bucket list #57.  get a cool doorbell sometime in my life.

now, gotta get back to packing.  can’t wait to see what else i find.

happy monday.