how much toilet paper can we go thru in 24 hours…


got your attention?

our daughter has been home for only 23 hours.

she ate something and gave us a 45 minute update on her first semester of college.  went out with friends.  came in after i was asleep (i was exhausted after cleaning the house, decorating her room and making her a cake).  left again.  came back for more food.  now gone again overnight.  i think she’ll be back in the morning for more food.

i don’t complain because 1. i am sooooo happy to have her home for two weeks; and 2. i remember coming home from college and doing the same thing in the 80’s.

but the one thing i have noticed is this…

i don’t know what happened but i’ve had to change the tp roll twice.  in 23 hours.

i’m used to just mason and i here at home… and greg on his days in town.  we don’t use much tp.  he’s in school all day.  but for some reason i feel the need to go to Costco tomorrow and buy a huge pack.

not even sure why i’m talking about this.  just an observation.

oh, and did i mention when it needs to be changed everyone just leaves it next to the sink?  yes, the same sink that has a lined garbagecan under it.

oh how i wish they had this funny dinosaur for the back of our toilet.  yep, you get the idea of my decorating style now.

thanks for the fun idea

and welcome home baby girl!!!!!

happy friday.


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