laundry. it never ends. not even on vacation…


don’t hate.

this really isn’t a typical vacation at all.

this is the cutest laundry place i’ve ever seen.  $2.50 a load.  $1.75 to dry.  And i can sit in the front window and people watch.  this is actually very therapeutic. i’d love to find one of these back home… but what’s the point… we have a washer and dreyer… and it’s rainy back home… and of course there is no other place i can think of with a cute pink sign and a view of palm trees anywhere in washington state.

notes to self:  1. it would be okay to move here.. even if it’s just for the laundry place!  2.  buy new panties… hers  are so cute. i must treat myself more often!!


laundry tip… these fresh linen dreyer sheets are from target. they smell yummy!!  thought you might want to know that for your next trip to target.


brookie is in class.  Spending the day in santa monica on roomie interviews.  i dare you to find the right roommate for the right price in this big city!

i met a lady last night at a bar.  she was waiting for her husband to join her.  so we chatted.  i was picking up takeout.  what a sweet thing… she gave me her sons number, who apparently has 50 or more friends in that area… thanks angel lady.  then got a late night text from a friend… she’s got the feelers out.  and connections!!  thank you angel friend…  i’m making you an angel painting when i get home… the angel  will have a “pink Hollywood” heart on her (inside joke only you would understand).

i hadn’t mentioned this was a stressful process because my friends and family wouldn’t understand.  it’s harder than they know.  i’m her mom and want the best for her.  i’m supposed to protect her.  i’m supposed to be her cheerleader.

so, i’ve turned my scared, lonely, anxious attitude into…. Come on girl!! Don’t quit!! Just pretend you are on vacation!!

so i am,

on vacation.

in a pink door laundromat.

with David Bowie music blaring.

now doesn’t that sound better?

happy Wednesday!


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