let your light/life shine – just like glittery pink…


we met this girl the other day.  Kay Sera.  she calls herself “kitten”.

actually brooke met her while looking for a place to live.  seriously.  when they talked on the phone she asked if she’d mind a pink room.  didn’t say how much pink.  she came out to the gate in her pink hair and cute pink dress.  the only thing that wasn’t pink was her bright white smile.  she was so sweet.  she gives back to the community.  she cares.  she has lots of friends.  she’s a good person.  and has branded herself as the pink lady of hollywood.  she’s the real deal.  we only wished she lived closer to brookes college.  the drive was just too far.  and for those naysayers… It’s fun to meet new people and hear their stories.  pink rocks!  it’s a happy color that makes others happy!


pink dog.  pink walls.  pink carpet.  pink refrigerator. pink cupcakes. pink tv. pink guitar.  even pink vacuum.  yay, she vacuums!

and the sweetest, bubbly pink personality.


so, i say to you sweet daughter of mine…

dream big.  shine baby shine!

(oh, mason… don’t worry, we will find you a blue house when it’s your turn to move out.  after all, your mom is an artist and i think it’s just fine to live in color!)

happy thursday.


note: these photos came from google images.

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