celebrate good times. come on…


yes, we are celebrating!

started out today waking up to remembering it’s my cousin’s birthday.  ok, technically she’s my cousin’s wife. but we all call each other cousins. so many of us.

our “family thing” is eating raw cookie dough. no feedback on the “raw egg” thing please. we’ve eaten it for years and not one person has ever felt any weird consequences.  seriously.  just good tasting fun!

we’ve celebrated a birthday with a raw cookie dough cake with 40 spoons placed into it.  we’ve served raw cookie dough balls on silver platters at the beach house during the summer.  we call it “appetizers”.  awesome!  we just really like raw cookie dough.

so, we celebrate you, cousin shelli with “no raw egg” chocolate chip cookie dough.  we are in CA now so no cooking for us.  just college classes during day for brookie and searching for a roommate all day via my computer while texting her info.


guess what?

she found a roomie today!

and we are celebrating tonight with fish tacos under the heat lamp outside… and a hot homemade chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, whip cream and a fancy little green mint piece on top.

for tonight we will have sweet dreams!

happy friday.


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