valentine’s day is just 4 days away. seriously…

feb10 champs in a can

champs in a can. it doesn’t get better than this.

one of my fav things to keep in the fridge. you never know who will stop by. or when a celebration might occur. and don’t forget to stock up this summer and load them into a big silver ice bowl with colorful straws for your friends. super fun poured over sherbet. and of course perfect for valentine’s day.

available at target. you are welcome.

feb10 buy me a whiskey

since we are on the topic of valentine’s day and drinks at the moment…

i adore this photo. i don’t know if it’s stitched onto a nightie, a satin pillow case, or a cami.

i personally think it would be an adorable pillow or a hankie.

follow @wildfoxcouture on instagram. i promise you will love it.

my kind of style.

feb10 kiss me socks

i’d wear these socks with a silky nightie. i would. if nobody saw. haha

thanks to rob Kardashian for his amazing sock line.  love love love

you can find it @arthurgeorge87

feb10 vs pjs

although the socks would be cuter with these fun pj’s from victorias secret.

ya, “sexy” is cool for a night or two… but “fun” is better.

feb10 ring pops

go ahead and bring out your inner girly girl.

ring pops.

you can find them almost everywhere this time of year.

if you can’t find the heart shaped ones, buy the big diamond shaped strawberry ones. delish.

feb10 cocktail cherries

you can dip your rings into your cocktail.

and don’t forget the bourbon cocktail cherries from jack rudy cocktail co.

i found then @hudsongracesf.  another one of my fav places to look.

feb10 icon grill sundae

we are trying to get away (just the two of us) to seattle for the night. just waiting to see if my ear infection heals by then. yep, that’s fun for all on valentine’s day.

but if we make it, i’m surprising greg with dessert at the icon grill. my favorite little place in seattle for a fancy burger, a stiff cocktail and the world famous hot fudge sundae, of course. they come to your table with ice cream scoops in a homemade cookie crust that tastes like a decadent version of a fortune cookie. it probably has some fancy name. then they pour hot fudge on top. as much as you like. then there are the toppings… fresh cut strawberries, colorful sprinkles, homemade whip cream… and a few other toppings i can’t remember. see, it’s been too long since i was there last.

love the icon grill. if you are ever in seattle, go there for the sundae for sure.


well, my bubble bath is poured. house is empty. and i’m off to take some ibuprofen and get a good night sleep. need this ear problem to be fixed within four days. pretty please.

happy wednesday.


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