resolution time again…



that’s just funny.

my resolution you ask?

should be eat healthier, work out, become organized, etc. etc. etc.

but it’s a simple one this year.

only 2 things…

laugh more.  and write personal letters/thank you notes.

that’s it.

i think i can do it.

wait, it’s only 2 things… I KNOW I CAN DO IT.

the laughter burns calories (that checks off the eating healthier and going to the gym… right?) and i believe in “the hand written note”.  i quit sending them years ago.  laziness i suppose.  i would write a note in a card, then go to the grocery store and spend $100 on groceries but forget the stamps. then bring the card home.  in the meantime it would fall between the seats in my car only to be found months later when i decided to actually clean my car in those spots where you just don’t clean (you know it, don’t pretend you clean by your seatbelts on the floor every week).  then i would find the card and it would be bent and months after the fact of why i wrote the card and i still didn’t have a stamp…. oh, it goes on an on.  anyway, i’m getting stamps and stationery this month.  and guess what?  you might actually get a letter or card from me.  wow.

happy wednesday… and happy new year!


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